My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1174

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1174

Annabel was never going to know that the perfect future Leon had promised her was all a lie—what with giving her a uterus transplant or bringing Cooper to her.

Sadly, she would never know that she was deceived because she lost all her memories after that.

Everything she knew—Cooper, her children, Leon, Jordan—was going to disappear from her mind.

She would turn into someone that even she, herself, did not recognize. From then on, there was no more Annabel, only Anna Yard!

Lying on the operating table, Annabel dreamt of the perfect future she longed to have.

Once the operation was over, her dear Coop would come and get her with their two children, then they would live happily ever after. All the while, she was completely unaware of the ordeal she was about to go through. Cooper closed the laptop gently and the video got cut off.

He could not bear to watch any more of it. He already knew what happened next.

After the computer shut down, the world became quiet in an instant. Hanging his head down, he realized that his face was already covered in tears—tears that had turned cold and were falling onto his laptop, droplet by droplet.

It’s all my fault, Annabel. It’s my fault. What was I doing the whole time?

Going back to that point in time, he believed that Annabel had died. He was even less aware of the existence of his two children. Gathering up a great amount of strength within him, he swallowed the pain that Annabel’s death brought him bit by bit. He closed himself off and trained himself to become stronger.

Seeing the world again through a pair of stone-cold eyes, he realized that the world had always been callous. Everything true, good, and beautiful was no more than an illusion that people used to fool one another.

Almost overnight, he went from the lighthearted and untroubled young Cooper to the future head of the Mitchell Family. His wisdom, foresight, and extraordinary boldness allowed him to become a perfect leader. He guided the Mitchell Family to conquer one peak after the other, but he stepped down at the prime of his life and faded away.

Henceforth, there was no more Cooper Mitchell in the world, only a Fass Michel.

At ten at night, Carmen was fast asleep, but the lights in the living room were still on. Sophia was watching television while petting the new dog and making out with Michael—her hands were full.

Out of nowhere, Cooper rushed into the family’s elevator and headed downstairs. He walked past the living room and out the door as though he did not see the two people who were entangled in each other’s embrace.

Normally, he would have glared at them if he caught them being intimate in front of him.

“Dad!” Jumping up in surprise, Sophia quickly chased after him. “Dad! Where are you going at this hour?”

Cooper did not answer her. After he put on his shoes and opened the door, however, he found Linus already standing outside. It looked like he had been there for quite a while from the snow that had piled up on his hair.

The moment the door opened, their eyes met and Cooper froze momentarily. In a grave tone, Linus asked, “Are you sure, Dad? Are you really going to go look for her?”

Linus had seen that video so he knew what was in it.

Cooper was silent as he stood in the doorway. His eyes shone in the night, but it seemed like he was harboring a great uncertainty in his unwavering body.

He was also aware of what would happen once he revealed himself to Anna.

Meanwhile, Sophia had come running out after putting on her coat. “Dad, what’s wrong?”

She saw the both of them standing at the main entrance with the same grim look on their faces.

Something must have happened, but what could make Dad this serious?

After a brief silence, Cooper turned to Sophia and said, “Darling, bring that corgi to me.”

Sophia was baffled, but she still went to get the corgi. With the corgi in his arms, Cooper forged ahead into the snowy night.

She stared at him from behind for a while before it dawned on her. He’s going to look for her.

Is he going to reveal himself to Anna? But, if he tells her, she will know that Linus and I exist. Will she go against us like she has against her two younger sons? After all, we will also have the right to inherit the Ronney Group.

However, Sophia had not even begun to consider a mother-daughter relationship with Anna.

Michael also watched Cooper leave in silence and did not say anything.

Linus patted Sophia on the shoulder. “Don’t worry. Dad knows what he’s doing.”

“Cooper? What are you doing here?”

At the Yard Residence, the whole family had heard the doorbell ring. Both Callum and Cade came running out of their rooms when they heard that Cooper had dropped by late at night.

Callum had bought the house next to the pigsty and was living there with Anna and Cade. Their two younger brothers lived in another big house.

The two struggled with each other as they went to take a look at the surveillance video where they saw a man standing at their front door. Even though he was dressed in a long down coat that was in an awkward shade of blue, he still stood out and looked like a model. Beneath his hat was a cold and stoic face that showed no emotions.

He even had a corgi in his arms.

Callum and Cade looked at each other.

They had gone to look for Cooper before, but they were always rejected without exception. Other than the last time at the Fletcher Residence, it was impossible to meet him any other time. Even if it was Anna, she could only dream of it.

Why did he come here in the middle of the night?

He even claimed it was to bring the dog back.

Did he really come here to return the dog in the middle of this heavy snowfall?

Anna had not gone to bed yet and was also extremely taken aback by Cooper’s arrival.

Even though she did not know the reason for his visit, he had already come up to their door; they could not leave him waiting there. She had the servants escort Cooper to the parlor room first while she went to change her clothes before going downstairs. Without realizing it, she changed into a prettier outfit and even combed her hair.

“I’ll get it!”

“I’ll go! I’ll go!”

Callum and Cade fought each other as they raced to open the door for Cooper. The both of them wanted to meet the distant and legendary figure again.

The more they found out about him, the more they worshipped him.

Two decades ago, he made Bayside City surrender at his feet. Two decades later, he came back and was still able to make Bayside City succumb to him.

Ten minutes later, Cooper and the Yards were all seated in the living room while the corgi was back in Anna’s embrace.

There was nothing unusual about Cooper. He was still the same with his standoffish tone, but he was not pushing people away like he used to anymore.

“I wasn’t expecting such a late visit from you, Mr. Cooper. It’s a pleasure to have you here. Please drink some tea.” Anna greeted him.

Cooper took a sip of tea. “I returned late today. On my way home, I saw this dog running around outside. When I found out that it was yours, I thought I’d drop by to bring it back.”

He did not sound too nonchalant or eager, and his gaze remained composed. It did not give off the impression that there was anything different about him.

Callum had a thought.

Sophia was the one who stole this dog. How did it end up running around outside? If Cooper came all the way here to return the dog in the middle of the night, could it be because he wants to… bed my mom?

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