My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1178

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1178

“Miss Beautiful!” Carmen suddenly called out, drawing Anna’s attention.

“Can we take a photo together? Please?” Carmen looked at her with glistening eyes.

Anna was, of course, willing to do so. Happily, she answered, “Sure!”

Cade, who was standing beside them, quickly said, “Come; I’ll take it for you.”

He had long wanted to take a picture of this cute lolita.

However, Carmen seemed to dislike him a lot. “I have my own photographer.”

With a clear voice, she shouted, “Shae!”

A robot dexterously came over at her command. “I’m here!”

“Take a picture of Miss Beautiful and me!” instructed Carmen.

“Okay!” Shae replied.

With a bubbly expression, Carmen posed for the robot. Anna was puzzled by her action, but she quickly readied herself with a pose. The robot quickly took a picture of them with a ‘click’.

Callum, who heard the news, came and joined the selfie session.

Click! Click! Click! Carmen and the Yards had been taking pictures for a while now. They went to the pavilion and even in the water, shooting dozens of pictures. When Carmen was not paying attention, Callum finally took the opportunity to hold her in his arms. When Carmen pouted, he pouted; when she glared at him, he glared at her too. He even requested special effects and filters.

After they were finally done with the pictures, Shae printed all of the photos. As always, Carmen picked out a few of the ugliest ones to give away, and she kept all the good ones for herself.

Finally, she tidied up her things and left in satisfaction. Before she left, she even said, “Goodbye, Miss Beautiful.”

With a stack of photos in her palm, Anna waved goodbye to her. “Bye.”

On the other hand, Callum and Cade were dividing the photos. The longer they stared at the photos, the cuter Carmen seemed. Oh, how I wish I could hug her again.

When Carmen went back, everyone was busy playing cards, mahjong, and video games. Cooper was the only one who had returned to his room. He did not want to play mahjong nor cards. With nothing to do, he could only go back and deal with his work.

“Grandpa!” Carmen went in and called sweetly.

Cooper knew where she had gone earlier, but since they had people following her, he wasn’t afraid to let her go. After all, the Yard Family wouldn’t dare to do something to her here.

“Where did you go just now?” asked Cooper as he held Carmen in his arms even though he already knew the answer.

Excitedly, Carmen said, “I went to play with Miss Beautiful. Look. We even took pictures together.”

She laid out the pictures, and Cooper saw Anna in it.

With a gentle and lovely smile, Anna was sitting next to Carmen. Even though thirty years had passed, her smile was still as lovely as it had been; her smile could radiate straight into the deepest and softest part of one’s heart.

She was clearly still the same woman. Nothing about her had changed.

Looking at the photo, Cooper couldn’t help but cry.

Noticing her crying grandpa, Carmen said with guilt, “Grandpa, am I so ugly that you have to cry…”

Quickly, Cooper wiped his tears away and said, “No way. How is that possible? Carmen is the prettiest! Grandpa is just happy.”

Only then Carmen was satisfied. Wrapping her arms around Cooper’s neck, she said softly, “I’m giving you a kiss, Grandpa!”

Cooper held her tight and held back his tears.

I’m satisfied with the two little sweethearts of mine…

Since Carmen was with him, Cooper did not want to continue with his work anymore. Putting his work aside, he started building blocks with her.

As they played, they chatted.

“Grandpa, why don’t you find yourself a girlfriend?” asked Carmen like she was a little adult.

Dumbstruck for a moment, Cooper laughed bitterly. “I’m getting old. I don’t want one anymore.”

Carmen did not continue this line of questioning.

However, she was secretly vowing to set Cooper up with someone.

I must find someone like Miss Beautiful for him!

Probably attracted by the loud noises of mahjong, Callum and Cade came over.

“Hey, Sophia. No wonder you’re not online; it turns out you’re playing mahjong here!”

The brothers came excitedly, and they even brought their wallets and phones. It seemed like they wanted to play with them too.

“Go away. Your underwear is so disgusting!” Sophia was disgusted by their arrival, but they were allowed to stay anyway.

Although Ryan, Henry, Callum, and Cade were her little brothers from the same mother, she did not know why she hated Ryan and Henry so much but found that Callum and Cade were adorable even though they stole her pig, cow, and rooster.

It was probably the same feeling Michael had toward Quinton. He obviously hated Quinton, but they were biological brothers after all…

It’s just mahjong; I should let them stay.

Sophia and Linus played against Callum and Cade. It was a match between twins. They were completely immersed in the game, playing until early in the morning. Sophia finally went back to her room after Michael came looking for her numerous times.

In the end, Stanley took her place and continued with the match.

Quinton wanted to play too, but he didn’t have money with him since Michael didn’t give him anything. He also didn’t have his phone either. Now that Michael had gone back to his room, Celine gave him one hundred secretly. It so happened that Linus left too, so Quinton quickly joined the game with the money Celine gave him.

Feeling confident, Stanley slammed his palms onto the mahjong table and announced, “Tonight, we, the Fletchers, are going to make you Yards leave with nothing left. Not even your underwear!”

Upon hearing that, Callum snorted, “You Fletchers love to brag. No one knows who’s going to win yet!”

Although Quinton did not say anything, he had automatically regarded himself as a Fletcher.

He should have been one of them since the beginning…

The final result was that Stanley, Callum, and Cade lost their underwear. The trio left in a hurry in their towel.

On the other hand, Quinton was staring at the pile of cash and the three pairs of underwear in front of him. But, Michael suddenly came out the moment he finished counting the money.

“Wow! That’s a lot of money! I’m confiscating all of it!”

Michael grabbed the money. “You can have the underwear. They are way better than the one you’re wearing.”

Rolling his eyes, Quinton went back to his room to get some rest. However, he found it hard to fall asleep. He opened the window to get some fresh air and took out the tablet Carmen gave him. As he was watching ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’, Michael appeared outside of the window. Coldly, he reached out and took the tablet away.

“You’re only staring at screens all day. Don’t you care about your eyes anymore? Sleep!”

Quinton was rendered speechless by Michael’s action.

Putting the tablet away, Michael did not leave. Instead, he came into his room. He left the tablet by the side and said to Quinton who was on the bed, “Get up. I have something to tell you.”

But, Quinton did not get up. Instead, he covered his head with his blanket, pretending to have fallen asleep.

Michael came inside. He closed the window and shut the door before he asked Hale to stand guard at the door.

The light in the room was off. It was so quiet that one could only hear the sounds of their breathing. After some hesitation, Michael finally said, “If you don’t want to go to Africa with Linus, you can stay in Cethos. Just promise me that you won’t be a killer anymore. I can give you a new identity. It would be better if you were to become a teacher at Bayside University. You’re suitable to be a teacher, and I’m sure you’d be a great one. You have warrants all over the world, but not in Cethos. Just settle down here.”

He looked like someone who made sure that their family was taken care of before leaving for a long trip.

“Justin will be taking care of Celie. Sophia… Linus and Cooper will be looking after her. I’m not even worried about them. The only person I can’t stop worrying about is you.”

Quinton, who was hiding inside the blanket, did not make a sound. However, hot air filled the inside of the blanket, and streaming tears soaked his pillow.

The tears were bitter, and it tasted like ‘regret’.

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