My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1181

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1181

Slap! Sandra slammed her palm hard across Derek’s cheek, leaving behind a scarlet mark.

Instead of fighting back, Derek only touched his face and let out a sigh. “Huh. That was harsh.” Not only was it harsh, but Sandra probably wanted to hit him to death.

Both of them were illegitimate children, but she was being restrained and was struggling with her life right now. Yet, Derek had gone up in the world!

On what grounds? A slap was not enough to express the wrath in Sandra’s heart. Pointing at Derek’s nose, she cursed, “Don’t forget your identity, Derek. Your father is Alex, not Cooper. How can you betray your own father for a traitor? Aren’t you afraid you’d be struck by lightning?”

However, Derek did not want to talk about that with Sandra. After all these years, all that should be said had been said. Whether he was Derek Oak or Derek Mitchell, he had nothing to do with Sandra and Alex.

He turned around and wanted to leave the scene. But, Sandra caught up and stopped him from leaving. Taking out a flash drive from nowhere, she handed it to Derek. Arrogantly, she said, “I’m giving you a chance to redeem yourself. Make a copy of all the confidential info of Dragon Technology. I want all the personal information of the customers, the marketing strategies, and the systems. After you’ve done that, I’ll make sure you’re inside the Mitchell Family’s genealogy record book! I’ll also ask Dad to acknowledge you in public so that you can return to the family.”

Derek took the flash drive and smiled. “Sure.”

Instantly, Sandra was thrilled. As she had expected, no one would be able to resist the temptation of being added into the genealogy record book of the family. Derek was her biological brother, and they were both illegitimate children. Naturally, she knew what Derek wanted. She would wait for Derek to give her a copy of all the information she requested. However, there was no way he would be added to the genealogy record book!

The Mitchell Family belonged to her. If Derek returned to them, there would be one more competitor. His existence was like a reminder to her that she was just an illegitimate child. No matter how hard she tried, she would never be able to get rid of that pathetic status!

However, at this point, Derek, an illegitimate child like herself, was actually becoming more and more successful. Although he only graduated from university not long ago, he was already sitting in the executive position of Dragon Technology. Who gave him the right?

Just like how she had gotten rid of her uncle and mother, she would get rid of Derek sooner or later. Now that he was still somewhat useful to her, she would not do anything to him yet. To make sure that Derek was appeased, Sandra even patted his shoulder and whispered, “Don’t worry. When we finally take over Dragon Technology, I won’t mistreat you.”

Staring at the flash drive in his palm, Derek turned it over and over again as he observed it. He then noticed the logo of Mitchell’s Technology on it, realizing that it was the new product of the company. Feeling its texture with his palm, he frowned and said, “The core technology of this flash drive was left by Uncle Cooper thirty years ago. It has been so many years since then, and you guys never thought of improving it? I’m starting to wonder how Mitchell’s Technology survived with such old technology.”

“Huh?” Sandra did not understand what he was trying to say.

Derek continued, “Is this flash drive waterproof?”

Not knowing why he asked that, Sandra answered, “Not yet—”

Derek hummed in response before she could finish and threw the flash drive into the water.

When it fell into the water, it only made a small splash because it was so small. Staring at the flash drive that sank into the hot spring pool, Derek laughed heartlessly. “How dare you fool around with technology created thirty years ago? It seems like the Mitchell Family is only basking on Uncle Cooper’s past glory and did nothing to improve at all!”

No, in fact, Mitchell’s Technology did improve themselves, but compared to Cooper’s extraordinary insight and business acumen, the Mitchells were nothing. Although they did have some talents, they did not know how to appreciate them. Instead of their employees’ capabilities, the Mitchells focused on their connections. That was why they could not make their talents stay.

At this very moment, Sandra finally realized that she had been fooled by Derek. How dare a petty bastard like him provoke me? “Don’t forget who you are, Derek! You’re just an illegitimate child. Do you think Cooper will ever appreciate you? You’re as petty as a dog in front of him!”

Yet, as if he did not hear her, Derek walked away casually.

“You’re just an illegitimate child! A bastard! You’ll only succeed in life when Dad acknowledges you. Do you hear me?” Sandra was like a repeater repeating those few words, reminding Derek of his identity over and over again. “Cooper and Alex are at odds, and you’re Dad’s illegitimate son. It’s a matter of time before Cooper gets rid of you!” cursed Sandra viciously.

However, Derek had not heard all those words. He was already enjoying the ice cream he bought from the convenience store.

Illegitimate son? He had never forgotten that he was an illegitimate son, and he had never forgotten who his parents were. No one could choose their own birth. Yet, everyone could choose their own future. He used to surrender to his destiny as an illegitimate son who was invisible and who would be useless for the rest of his life.

But, someone told him that there was nothing wrong with being an illegitimate son. He was not born with one limb less than others, and neither was he dumber than the others. He was perfectly fine!

Sophia encouraged him to go back to school and even helped enroll him into Bayside University, where he had learned a great deal alongside Stanley and Sean. By the time he graduated, he was packed with knowledge and skills. His outstanding ability had been acknowledged by everyone, and he had been directly appointed as a senior executive when Dragon Technology was established.

Even Cooper valued him a lot by entrusting him with important responsibilities; he said that he saw his past self in Derek, who had the talent and drive to do things. Sophia was fond of him, and everyone else liked him too. He served in Dragon Technology, and everyone in the company saw what he was capable of; nobody cared who his parents were. It was too bad that Sandra would never understand that. Since young, she worked hard just to make sure that Alex would notice her and acknowledge her.

Staring in the direction where Derek left, Sandra was so infuriated that her fingertips had gone pale. Very well. Since you’re useless to me, then there’s no reason you should stay alive!

While Derek was enjoying his ice cream, Sophia came. They looked content and there was a lot of physical interaction between them as they were talking. Unbeknownst to them, a camera lens was filming them from afar in secret…

When Derek and Sophia were playing around, they felt like high school students again. Back then, they would study together all afternoon after school.

Derek recalled the days when Sophia wanted to practice speaking with real foreigners. He found a high-end restaurant for Sophia to work part-time serving dishes because most of the customers were foreigners. When Sophia found out, she was overjoyed and went to work several weekends in a row. Apart from that, he bought some textbooks on purpose and gave them to Sophia, and even pretended that those were scraps he collected from back home.

As Sophia was eating her ice cream, she let out a sigh. “I wish we could go back to that time!” Unfortunately, she had forgotten all of it.

When Derek remembered what Sandra said to him earlier, he was worried. “I have a hunch that Sandra might lay a hand on me soon. Dragon Technology is like a thorn in the flesh for the Mitchells. They must be trying to find a way to tear us up from within. I’m probably the pawn they want to use.”

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