My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1200

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1200

Her words had successfully caught everyone’s attention, and heads immediately spun around to stare at Sandra. She was overjoyed to have all the attention on her, and she delightedly began to expose the ‘true colors’ of Cooper’s son. “Cooper’s only son, Linus, is a gay man. He has been dating men for a while now—how disgusting, perverted and dirty of him! He is an embarrassment to our ancestors, and we’d have to consider if our ancestors would ever allow such behavior!”

In response to her words, the crowd began to buzz with excitement once again as they all turned to look at Linus, who stood beside Cooper. They couldn’t believe that the clean, well-groomed man they saw was gay! Some of the people wore expressions of shock on their faces; some glanced at him understandingly; some looked at him pitifully while others simply seemed confused… Cooper hadn’t remarried, and he was unlikely to have any other children. Now, he only had a son and a daughter; his daughter was married and had already given birth to a little girl named Carmen, but Carmen probably shared her surname with the Fletchers. In that case, Linus was Cooper’s only son, yet he was gay! In accordance with Cethos’ traditional beliefs, Cooper’s bloodline had practically come to an end in such a situation.

“Dad.” Linus stood behind Cooper, and his head lowered with guilt. Linus never once thought that this was his fault, but he couldn’t help blaming himself now that his sexual preferences had caused trouble for Cooper. Linus believed that the power of love was sufficient to break through all barriers—he didn’t care if the other person was male or female as long as he liked the person. He would consider getting married and having children if he ever found a woman he liked, but he didn’t wish to get married or have children just yet. In fact, he felt content with everything he had in life right now; Linus had a younger sister and little Carmen to take care of, so he had no desire to start his own family yet. He didn’t want to force himself into anything, but he also didn’t want to make Cooper sad. Dad probably thinks that there is no one to continue his bloodline anymore…

To his surprise, Cooper simply patted him on the shoulder. “I’ll always be proud of you, my son.” Linus broke into a grin right then as he felt his insides bursting with joy. Indeed, Cooper was always supportive of him.

Right then, Cooper’s footsteps came to a halt as he glanced at Sophia, Linus, Michael and all of his other supporters before he spoke. “As long as I have you guys with me, I’m sure my name will be passed down. Regardless of whether you guys are my inheritors, I will try my best to nurture and support all of you. You guys have to work hard—the Mitchell Family’s future is going to depend on all of you!”

All of his men nodded firmly. Cooper had told them the same thing from the very beginning—any capable man stood a chance to be the next family head of the Mitchells, and it didn’t have to be passed down to another family member. In the future, it could either be Linus, Sophia, Sean, Derek or Justin; anyone who could bring the Mitchells to a whole new level and obtain support from the members would become the next family head!

The Mitchell Family was a large family with international members based outside of Cethos. They were a good mix of many cultures; Cethosian values and beliefs were no longer the main drive of the whole family. Cooper’s bloodline wasn’t about to end, and the Mitchell Family didn’t have a lack of inheritors! Some individuals believed in an outdated, feudal system and hoped to stick to it, but others quickly brushed it aside as they didn’t believe in it. Cooper was one of the ones who got rid of such outdated beliefs. He never forced Linus and Sophia to give birth to males; he never insisted that their children would have to take his surname. They could give birth to kids as they wished, and they could get married if they wanted to—it was all up to them. Although Carmen didn’t take Cooper’s surname, he still considered her as part of the Mitchell Family’s new generation. Therefore, he did have inheritors and a granddaughter. How could they claim that his bloodline was about to end?

Cooper continued to walk out of the area, and a large group of people firmly tagged along behind him. Another group glanced around hesitatingly before they followed the crowd as well, and Alex was furious to see this. “You… How dare you guys choose a traitor whose bloodline is about to end?!” He simply couldn’t understand it. Why would these people go along with Cooper even though they know that his bloodline is ending? He has no inheritor; his son is a disgusting gay man, whereas his daughter got married and changed her surname. What’s so great about him?!

Unfortunately, large groups of people continued to leave with Cooper; there were only a few of them who stayed with Alex. All of a sudden, Dimon turned around and strode toward them. Alex thought that he had finally come to his senses, but Dimon simply stepped forward and gave Sandra a cold glare. “The young lady asked me to pass you a message.” He then gave Sandra a tight slap across the cheek—Sophia was the one who asked Dimon for this favor. The sudden slap left Sandra dumbfounded, but Dimon continued to speak. “The young lady told me to inform you that she recorded everything you said earlier, and it’s all on the Internet now. Good luck, Miss Mitchell.”

Sandra was too shocked by the slap to even say anything; she only came to her senses after Dimon left. What did I even say just now? She felt like her soul had left her body when she realized what she said in the video earlier. “No! Please don’t post it! I’ll never let you go if you share all those videos!” she cried as she quickly grabbed onto Dimon’s arm. He heartlessly shook her off before he chuckled and left.

Although Dimon had always thought that gay men were rather disgusting, that was none of his own business. Since Linus wasn’t a criminal, it didn’t matter if he liked males or females. Sandra, on the other hand, was a lot more disgusting in comparison. She advocated for justice, feminism and the innocence of LGBT individuals in public, but the two-faced woman proceeded to use another person’s sexual preferences to create scandals and gossip in private. She’s too disgusting!

As he watched Cooper and his large group of supporters leaving the place, Alex fell onto the ground weakly. On the other hand, Sandra’s gaze was burning with fury as she watched them leave. The rest of the Mitchell Family members had left by themselves, and only the few of them remained there. Sandra’s eyes were tearing up. I’ve done so much for the Mitchell Family, yet they kicked me away just like that! They cut all ties with me! They’re so heartless! She then dried her tears before standing up. No! I haven’t lost yet! Although I’ve been kicked out of the Mitchell Family, I’m still the person-in-charge for Mitchell’s Technology; many of the Mitchell Family’s production and control rights of their businesses are still being handled by Alex too! I’m Sandra, the world champion. I’ve broken so many world records that still remain undefeated right now. I’m the pride of Cethos; I’m the national treasure of Cethos in sports; and I’m the only athlete that Cethos can place out there in my field. I’ve worked so hard for the sake of Cethos, and I’ve defeated so many unbreakable records. Even if Sophia wants to ruin me, we’d have to see if the Cethos’ Sports Federation will allow her to do that! I haven’t lost yet!

Sandra immediately rushed back to Bayside City on the same day, but she found out that a few of her videos were already spreading like wildfire on the Internet. “Cooper’s only son is a gay man. He has been dating men for a while now; how disgusting, perverted and dirty of him!” she said in one clip. “Women should stay home and care for the kids; they shouldn’t meddle with a man’s business!” she said in another. “Your elegant and classy Young Lady of the Mitchell Family had been molested by her own uncle from a young age; her nudes were spread to everyone; she dated men and had abortions during high school… She’s certainly been an elegant, graceful woman ever since she was conceived!” Sandra’s words sounded more and more ridiculous in each clip, and it gained a huge wave of responses from netizens.

After the comments she made were exposed to the public, Sandra was publicly denounced by feminist and LGBT associations; accusations were also made toward Mitchell’s Technology for being biased against female workers. Furthermore, all of the fake charity donations that Sandra had made in the past were dug out and posted online. Soon enough, letters of complaints flooded the Sports Federation and other related associations like a snowstorm, most of them requesting to strip Sandra off her title. An ambassador of Cethos’ Women and Children Association? An ambassador of the Feminist Organization? Cancel all of it!

Previously, Sandra had made public appearances at parades; she did charity work with the children under Cethos’ Women and Children Association; she gave speeches about feminism… All of that turned into a huge joke now. The public would rather have a dog on stage than have someone as two-faced as Sandra!

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