My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1202

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1202

Carmen walked over to Anna’s house almost every day. The young girl often spent her time hanging out there—it was probably because she had the intention of adopting a corgi once she got closer to the family. That day, she dragged Cooper along with her. “Come on, Grandpa. We can invite Miss Beautiful over to my kindergarten’s year-end performance.”

Cooper frowned at this before he turned around and forcefully edged himself away from the exit. He didn’t want to have any interactions with Anna; he didn’t want Carmen talking to Anna either, but Carmen insisted on visiting her house almost every day. Seeing that Cooper refused to go along with her, Carmen stuck her lips out into a pout. “I’m going to start rolling on the ground and throw a tantrum, Grandpa. Are you scared yet?”

Ah, she’s going to throw a tantrum. How scary. Cooper unwillingly followed behind Carmen as the young girl dragged him over to Anna’s house. She was familiar with the route heading toward their place, and she knocked on the door upon her arrival. Both Callum and Cade were home, and they fought to open the door once they realized that Cooper was paying them a visit. In the end, Callum was the one who greeted Cooper with a wide grin on his face. “Do come in, Mr. Mitchell.”

Cooper didn’t want to go in, but Carmen dragged him inside nonetheless. She walked around as if it were her own house, and she quickly went over to the shoe cabinet before pulling out a pair of pink indoor slippers for herself. Then, she got one for Cooper as well.

“Miss Beautiful!” Carmen excitedly ran around in search of Anna. She ran around the place as if she had lived there all her life, and she even brought a corgi into her arms before showing it to Cooper. “Look, Grandpa. Its name is Buns! Look at how adorable its butt is.” Carmen turned the dog around and faced its butt toward Cooper, extending an invitation for Cooper to admire the corgi’s butt with her. Cooper furrowed his brows as he wasn’t interested in looking at a corgi’s butt. He didn’t want to sit around either, but Cade had already walked over with a cup of tea for him. “Don’t worry, Mr. Mitchell. Anne isn’t here today.”

Indeed, Anne wasn’t around that day as she had learned her lesson after getting beaten the last time; she no longer dared to pester Anna any longer. Soon enough, Anna came down from the second floor in a pearl-white long gown that suited her elegant aura. She was dressed in a casual and simple outfit, but it made her look classy and chic at the same time.

“Carry me, Miss Beautiful.” Carmen reached her arms out, and Anna lovingly lifted her up before she walked toward Cooper and sat down beside him on the couch.

“Mr. Mitchell.” Anna felt an inexplicable sense of joy within her when she saw that Cooper had come to visit.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you, Mrs. Yard,” replied Cooper as he nodded without forgetting his manners. After sitting around for a while, Anna made the first move to initiate random topics of conversation with Cooper. Meanwhile, Carmen’s babysitter pulled a small, delicate little basket out. There was a pink cloth draped over the basket, and there were bacon slices wrapped in paper underneath the pink cloth. Oddly enough, there was a ribbon tied around the basket of bacon strips, and there were two odd roses placed in the basket—the roses were even pleasantly scented. What is this odd combination of bacon and roses all about? Cooper wondered.

Carmen slowly placed the cloth over the basket and covered it after she took a peek. She then turned to Cooper before blinking at him with her large, watery eyes. Cooper was a little slow, and he widened his eyes to indicate that he didn’t understand what the young girl meant by that. Carmen responded by looking beside him before winking twice. Cooper got it then—Carmen wanted him to present the bacon as a gift for Anna. He was shocked. How can this young brat steal all the bacon from our house just to give it to someone else?!

However, Anna already saw the pink cane basket in the room, and she eyed it curiously. “Did you bring something delicious over for me again, Carmen?” Carmen dropped by to play with the dogs every once in a while, and she always brought some snacks as a token of appreciation for allowing her to play with the dogs. Since Cooper didn’t make a move, Carmen personally placed the basket on the coffee table. “This is freshly made bacon from our house. My Grandpa came here just to give this to you, Miss Beautiful,” Carmen said in a sweet voice.

Cooper felt the muscles in his face twitching as color filled his cheeks. Now that the bacon is already in Anna’s hands, I can’t take it back anymore, can I? Furthermore, she seems pretty glad to see the gift. Despite living a life of luxury, she had never tried it before. “Bacon?” she asked curiously. However, she was even more surprised to see the two roses in the basket when she uncovered the gift. She froze for a moment as she felt her heart fluttering in her chest. “Thank you,” she said gently as she picked the roses up.

Cooper looked extremely embarrassed right then. He abruptly got onto his feet. “Sorry for disturbing,” he muttered as he picked Carmen up and walked out of the house hastily. Carmen acted quickly and picked up one of Anna’s corgis, refusing to let go of it even as her grandfather picked her up.

“Mr. Mitchell, you should leave after having some food!” Callum quickly ran toward the door, but Cooper had already disappeared onto the streets at that point. There seemed to be a huge, dramatic story hidden behind the man’s hasty footsteps.

Coincidentally, the Yards hadn’t had their meal yet, so they washed the bacon and prepared a simple dish of fried bacon. Although the Yards were extremely rich, they had always enjoyed eating simple meals. It was an odd sight for them to see a dish of bacon placed on the middle of the table. None of them had ever tried eating bacon, but Anna felt an oddly familiar sensation as she glanced at the slices of red, salted meat. The bacon melted in her mouth and gave off an extremely special taste. The taste of it felt familiar; it felt like it had awakened something deep within her. She felt like she had tasted it somewhere, but she simply couldn’t remember where. Could I have tasted this in my past life? This texture and taste… Even the saltiness of this bacon feels familiar.

“Mom!” Cade called for his mother and snapped her out of her daydream as he realized that she was acting in a rather odd manner. Anna only realized that her cheeks were soaking wet with tears when she came back to her senses. “Sorry. I forgot my manners.” She quickly dried her tears. While she usually didn’t have much of an appetite, she surprisingly wolfed down two bowls of rice before she quietly went up to her room after that.

Callum and Cade exchanged glances with one another after watching her leave the table. Just by looking into each other’s eyes, they both knew what the other was thinking. Their mother was acting really weird as of late; she had been daydreaming a lot, and she even had nightmares from time to time. What’s going on? She always acts a little strange after seeing that guy, Cooper.

Meanwhile, Cooper was acting odd as well after he arrived home. Sophia gave him a warm greeting when he first entered. “Come over and watch some TV with me, Daddy. This channel is showing ‘The Winter Breakthrough’ again.” Everyone was huddled in front of the TV just then, but Cooper remained silent as he placed Carmen down. He then walked up to his room and stayed inside for a long time. Sophia found this odd, and she soon found out that Carmen had brought Cooper over to Anna’s house. This infuriated Sophia, and she immediately gave Carmen a harsh scolding. “No more playing at the Yard Residence from now on! Look at you—you even brought their dog home! Take it back!”

Carmen put on the most innocent expression she had. “Why? Miss Beautiful is so nice to me. I want to play with her!”

Sophia gave it some thought before she responded to Carmen’s words by saying, “That’s because… Miss Beautiful is an angel, and you’re just a normal human. Humans can’t be friends with angels!” Michael, who had been patting Celine’s baby’s back for her to burp, burst into laughter when he heard Sophia’s sorry excuse.

To their surprise, Carmen was dissatisfied with this excuse. “Daddy said that Mommy’s an angel too! I’m Mommy’s baby, so I’m an angel too! Angels and angels can be friends!” she cried indignantly.

Sophia’s eyes widened as she realized that she had no way to argue against this. Meanwhile, Carmen began to tear up in a pitiful manner. “Mommy, you used to call me an angel too… Have you been lying to me this whole time? Does that mean I’m not an angel?”

Sophia was utterly speechless.

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