My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1210

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1210

Sophia didn’t initially plan on talking to these so-called environmental and animal activists at all, but she couldn’t stop herself from speaking after she thought about how they had tainted Michael’s reputation by blacklisting him as an anti-environmentally friendly person. My husband is the best! Anyone around me who dares to talk bad about him will have to watch out!

Michael did a great deal of charity work, but he simply didn’t announce and publicize all his acts of charity the way Sandra did. Sandra would write a tweet, make a Facebook post, send an announcement to all her groups of friends, and publish articles all over the Internet every time she donated a small sum of money to some charity. Everyone else got tired of her pretentious acts. Michael, on the other hand, secretly donated some funds to the School of Hope, legitimate animal protection organizations, old war veterans, and so on. He performed these acts in a hushed manner, as if he was afraid of others finding out about it.

Sophia got into her car and made her grand departure, while the news reporters and animal and environmental activists were left exchanging awkward glances with one another. They released her statements exactly the way she had phrased them, and although there were still people who disagreed and criticized her, there were also a lot of people who supported her views. Since the Ronney Group had previously promised to switch from natural to artificial fur, Sophia took this opportunity to dominate her area of the market. She expanded the size of her fur factories and made a few agreements with other meat and pharmaceutical factories, so that her factory’s discarded mink could be sent off for use in other producing meat and medicine.

Of course, the news about Sophia was minor in comparison to the large headlines that talked about Sandra. She only enjoyed the spotlight for less than 30 minutes before she ended up foaming at the mouth and getting her limp body carried away in an unsophisticated manner. The reporters captured images and videos of all of this. The Internet had been full of her pretty, charismatic pictures in the swimming pool just moments ago, but it was then covered by all the shocking, high-definition pictures of her spitting foam and losing control of her bladder in front of the public. The entire process of her foaming at the mouth was uploaded as a full video. This attracted a great deal of attention, and the public were all concerned about the issue of her illness.

That night, Sophia went home and had her dinner before she went online to look for articles about Sandra. She only had to scroll for a while to find a huge number of videos showing Sandra jerking, twitching, and spitting white foam out of her mouth. None of the articles revealed the actual cause of her illness, and most of the netizens agreed that her symptoms seemed like she had suffered from an epileptic seizure.

Right then, an account with the nickname ‘Eddie Fletcher’ that was certified as the ‘President of JNS Group’ made a post on Twitter to diss Sandra. ‘Epilepsy? A neurological disease? It seems more like you didn’t handle your use of stimulants well, @Sandra!’

Sandra used stimulants?! The whole country was shocked to hear this. Every athlete that gets addicted to stimulants will surely end up in a terrible state! If Sandra really used stimulants before her match, all her hard work and achievements would no longer be recognized! But did she really use those stimulants? Most of the public suspected that this might be true. It was rare to see a swimmer that could return to her peak performance in a competition after years of being away from the pool, so that made things rather fishy. That was also the reason why many people ended up believing that Sandra used stimulants to enhance her performance.

Sophia scrolled through her Twitter in the living room while she reached one leg out to stroke her pet dog, and every now and then, she patted the cat that was sleeping in her arms. Life is good, she thought. During the nighttime, Cooper would often head over to the living room to spend some time with his little sweetheart before he went to bed. That day, as usual, he sat beside Sophia as he watched the TV. When he switched the channel, a video of Sandra foaming at her mouth appeared on the screen. Cooper frowned at the rather disgusting image as it made him feel nauseous. He quickly switched the channel, only to find Sandra foaming at the mouth filmed from another angle. When he switched it again, the cheap web-series that Harry starred in appeared on the screen. This burns my eyes! Cooper couldn’t find anything better to watch on the TV. It was the peak hour then, so most of the channels were either filled with the news of Sandra’s seizure, or some TV dramas about family fights, love triangles, cheating spouses, and other shows that had Harry in it. Cooper jabbed on the remote for a while longer until he finally arrived at the opera channel to see a rebroadcast of the Spring Festival opera show. It showed Michael’s performance of ‘Mulan Joins the Army’. Finally, something that I can actually bear to watch.

Everyone else was on their phones while Cooper listened to the performance. Sophia received a huge response after dissing Sandra on the Internet, and she soon obtained over 10,000 retweets. Now that she was trending on Twitter, most of her good friends came forward to show their support.

Michael: ‘She could have used expired stimulants.’

Harry: ‘Society is getting worse and worse nowadays. First, they make fake vaccines, and now, they even have fake stimulants! Sigh.’

When Sandra regained consciousness, she found herself in the hospital. Upon turning the TV on, all she saw were pictures and videos of her foaming at her mouth. The news anchor announced, “For now, we do not have any confirmed information regarding the cause of the world champion, Sandra’s, sudden seizure. However, there have been netizens who pointed out that the injection or consumption of expired stimulants may result in such a bodily reaction. Reporters have not gotten a response or statement from Miss Sandra after contacting her.”

Thud! Sandra angrily threw the TV remote across the room. Her assistant and nurses were shocked to see this, but they only quietly tidied the room up as they were too afraid to speak. “Ahhhh!” Sandra began to throw things around the room furiously. She had been informed of her condition the moment she woke up—her muscles had suffered permanent damage, and she wouldn’t be able to do strenuous exercises in the future. This, of course, meant that she wouldn’t be able to go back to swimming. Her legs still felt numb right then. How did all of this happen? Sandra searched around for her phone like a madwoman. She made a call right after she found it. “I’m sorry. The number you’ve dialed is unavailable,” the machine said. Sandra dialed the same number again, checking that it was the right number before she rang it. To her surprise, the number was still unavailable. How’s that possible? I just called this number yesterday!

Right then, someone knocked on the door. As soon as Alex and Mrs. Mitchell stepped in, Sandra immediately cut her crazy act and began to sob softly. They entered the room and comforted Sandra for a while before they exchanged glances with one another. “Sandra, did you really use stimulants?” Alex asked carefully.

Sandra responded with an innocent, helpless stare when she saw the suspicion in his gaze. “I’m your daughter, Dad. I’d never use those stimulants. You have to trust me…” Alex still suspected that Sandra had used them, but he withheld his suspicions and comforted his daughter for a while more. The entire incident was rather odd, but the Mitchell Family would have to conceal this whole issue, regardless if Sandra had actually used stimulants. Ultimately, Sandra had to appear as the perfect world champion to the rest of the public! Perhaps she actually had an epileptic seizure.

While Sandra continued to fake her sobs, she actually knew the truth deep down. Of course I used those stimulants. I hadn’t swam in ages; how else could I have achieved my peak performance without using those drugs? She had her own connections that helped her to get the stimulants, and they indeed increased her strength and stamina by a significant amount. It even allowed her to break her past records. Furthermore, the buyer informed her that there might be side effects, but the buyer also assured her that the contents of the medication wouldn’t show up in any tests. At most, the doctor would think that she had an epileptic seizure. But I didn’t expect myself to have the seizure during the interview itself!

When it came to urine and blood tests, however, Sandra was certain that she’d be able to pass them without any issues. The drugs she used weren’t just regular drugs; she obtained them through some connections she had with an extremely mysterious terrorist organization in Africa. It was the latest, most refined stimulant. The head of that terrorist organization was widely known as ‘Phantom Wolf’.

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