My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1221

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1221

After drinking a gulp of water, Sophia immediately stormed out of her home with her men.

Since it was the weekend, no one was working in the building; this allowed Alex and his family to stir up trouble downstairs again.

In fact, the show they put on this time was as exaggerated as the last.

People were forced to dress up in mourning clothes as they kneeled on the ground and wailed at the top of their voices. Alex and Sandra—who were crying with grief and despair while holding Albert’s memorial tablet with both hands—sat among the crowd, and the whole street was littered with joss papers.

This time, Alex was crying from the bottom of his heart; it was unlike the last time where he tried hard to squeeze out tears.

Both Derek and Albert were his sons, but the son he lost this time was totally different from the son he lost previously.

Derek, the son who ‘died’ last time, was only a human developed from a chromosome he shot out.

In contrast, Albert—the son who ‘died’ this time—was his son! His biological son!

He had tried every way possible to get his son back, but Cooper refused to meet him. He was even willing to give up his family’s fortune in exchange for his son, but Cooper was adamant on not returning his son back to Alex.

It wasn’t until the seven-day search for Albert turned out fruitless did he realize Cooper wanted him to die heirless.

Cooper had trained his illegitimate son to be one of his underlings so that the latter wouldn’t even acknowledge him as his biological father. Now, Cooper even killed his biological son!

He’s such a vicious man!

“Give me back my son, Cooper!”

Alex cried so hard that his voice became hoarse. The heavy snow in severe winter couldn’t impede his determination to demand justice for his son. The young people shivered with cold, and Alex, who was about 60 years old, was no exception.

He finally understood what it was like to feel helpless and hopeless!

His son had died, and his enemy was right in front of him. Even so, he wasn’t powerful enough to fight against his enemy because the latter had connections both in the government and in the underworld. He could only watch helplessly as his only son died with injustice unredressed while the murderer went unpunished. Not only did he have to see his son die earlier than himself, he couldn’t even find his son’s dead body.

As the Mitchell Group’s president, he used to be a powerful big shot in Bayside City. However, he was now reduced to kneeling in the snow and acting like a buffoon to redress the injustice done to his deceased only son!

As Alex looked up at the sky, the ice-cold and pure white snowflakes fell on his face; even his tears froze.

Is this karma?

He had kneeled here last time to ‘demand justice’ for his ‘son’, but he never expected to kneel here once again on this day.

This time, though, he must seek justice for his son even if he had to sacrifice his life for it! Now that his son was gone, it could be said that he would die heirless; he’d rather fight against Cooper at the risk of mutual destruction!

He would never resign himself to fate. Were the authorities going to turn a blind eye to such a serious homicide that happened right in Bayside City?

“My brother! My poor brother!” Sandra wailed at the top of her voice. Holding Albert’s memorial tablet downstairs, she swore tearfully, “Sophia! Cooper! You two will get what you deserve for killing my brother! You two tried to deceive everyone by concealing the truth from those above and below yourselves, but do you think you can cover up your sins forever? You all are a bunch of murderers, and the people have sharp eyes!”

Some passersby gathered around them and quickly took out their cell phones to start a live coverage on ‘The Ex-world Champion Sandra Mitchell’s Daily Show Of Mourning For Her Brother’. However, the weather was too cold, so the passersby didn’t really want to linger around too much. Most of them left, leaving only a few who were hanging on.

Meanwhile, a police car was parked at one side the entire time. The police officers drank hot coffee to warm themselves up while looking at the Mitchells with impatience written all over their faces.

The Mitchells had really become a laughing stock.

They had contacted Derek—Albert’s biological brother—and confirmed that Albert was still alive and undergoing surgery in Africa. They didn’t know what exactly happened, but this was apparently a family matter, so it was inappropriate for the police to step in.

However, Sandra and Alex insisted that Albert had died, and the story about him undergoing surgery in Africa was a lie. They insisted on making a scene downstairs no matter how hard the police tried to persuade and stop them.

It’s so cold today! They must be crazy!

Sandra insisted on stirring up trouble here; she was certain that Albert had died long ago. She found the poison herself and had it tested multiple times to confirm its toxicity before feeding it to Albert herself.

Alex didn’t quite believe her at first, but he couldn’t help being convinced by the ‘pieces of evidence’ Sandra had shown him. Now, he believed that Albert had died as well.

Sophia and Cooper would never clear themselves of the murder charge. She would harass them to the end—even if they had Derek bearing the blame for them!

There were many secrets within the distinguished and wealthy families. With Cooper’s power and influence, perhaps no one dared to care when he killed someone, but she was Sandra—the world champion!

Her reputation was well known to everyone in Cethos, and her influence spanned across the entire globe!

She had to make a big fuss out of this story until the entire world learned about it! By then, Cethos’ government would have to do something with Cooper for the sake of Cethos’ reputation no matter how high his status was!

Once Cooper was gone at that time, Alex would be able to take Cooper’s property as his own as the family head. If Cooper’s family refused to surrender his property, they would go through legal proceedings so that Cooper’s side had to pay a huge amount of money for Albert’s death.

Since Albert was gone, she would be Alex’s only heiress—those properties would be hers! No one would be able to snatch them away from her!

She already had everything planned out; she even contacted the overseas media to amplify the coverage of this story.

She didn’t believe that she couldn’t make a big deal out of this story with her reputation as a world champion!

The Mitchell Group’s only successor was killed, but his murderer went unpunished. What a sensational piece of news this was! This story would certainly make a huge splash!

However, the police thought that this family was simply nuts. They didn’t want to care about them at first, but since so many people were here, they’d have to work overtime lest there was a public security incident, so they could only follow them the whole time.

While Sandra was wailing, an onlooking passerby complained and said, “I really have no idea what they’re trying to do. They’re a degenerate noble family, and she’s an over-the-hill sports figure who is mourning the loss of her younger brother every day…”

“Cooper even appeared on the news bulletin for attending a meeting overseas. They are really far from being a match for him!”

A degenerate noble family? An over-the-hill sports figure?

The vicious words stabbed the haughty and fragile Sandra in the heart, causing the weakest and most sensitive part of her heart to shudder!

Suddenly tossing Albert’s memorial tablet aside, Sandra rushed at the onlooking passerby with bloodshot eyes and a malicious expression. She choked the onlooking passerby right away and yelled, “Shut up, you lowly beast! I’m the noble Young Lady of the Mitchell Family. How dare a humble person like you slander me?”

At the sight of the scene, the police officers immediately came forward to stop Sandra. However, her strength was so great that she rendered the 1.8-meter burly man totally defenseless. The burly man even started rolling his eyes, and two of the police officers that came to his rescue were knocked over.

The scene was chaotic since Sandra couldn’t even be held down by the few police officers. The police were stupefied, for she was like a beast with inexhaustible strength; even a few strong men were no match for her.

She was indeed a world champion!

Suddenly, a group of people in black came and raced into the chaotic crowd, separating the crowd and pinning down Sandra, who was choking the burly man in a state of frenzy. Sandra saw a car parked at the roadside parking space, and Sophia stormed out of the car.

Sandra’s eyes instantly flashed fire when she saw Sophia. Losing her ability to reason, she growled like a beast. “I’ll kill you, Sophia!”

Sophia didn’t even look at her, though. She simply uttered, “Beat her!”

The group of people in black went ahead seemingly to stop Sandra, but they actually beat her into submission before doing anything else.

Sophia, on the other hand, clutched Alex’s collar and dragged him to his feet before saying sternly, “Let me repeat this for the last time, old man—your son is still alive! My Dad is at least 100 times wealthier than you; do you think he’d have designs on that scanty family fortune of yours? You should look at yourself in the mirror! Scram!”

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