My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1223

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1223

Sandra kept making moves over the past few days and was busy appearing on the news all the time.

“Miss Mitchell, what do you think of your public gaffe that day?”

“Do you have any further plans regarding the doubts voiced on the Internet? Are you going to take any further measures?”

Sandra was surrounded by reporters at the entrance to the Anti-Doping Center in Bayside City right after she came out. Reporters from all major newspapers and magazines came and tried to be the first to interview this newsmaker.

Facing the reporters with composure, Sandra replied, “I’ve never taken any stimulants. I lost control of myself that day because the loss of my only brother left me heartbroken, which led to minor mental issues that can be proved with the medical record issued by the hospital. I’ll definitely go after those who slander me to the end. Also, I’ll never put my brother’s death to rest. I must seek justice for my younger brother so that he can rest in peace.”

After answering these questions, Sandra opened the car door and entered the car while her assistant helped to keep the reporters at bay.

Suddenly, the reporters seemed to have caught sight of someone important. After a commotion, they frantically ran in the same direction, instantly causing Sandra’s side to fall silent.

Sandra looked in that direction to see the reporters surrounding a person. The person entered the Anti-Doping Center without saying a word as Sandra’s car drove off.

Sandra looked at the entrance to the Anti-Doping Center… That person looks like Sophia! What is she doing here? Is she here to report me to the center?

However, Sandra was confident that the stimulants she took would never be discovered, and it was useless even if Sophia reported it to the authorities.

After pondering for a moment, she suddenly asked her assistant, “When will the few reporters arrive?”

Her assistant replied, “The reporters are already in your office.”

“Go to the company right away.”

With that, Sandra’s car sped toward Mitchell’s Technology.

She had made an appointment with several influential foreign journalists to give them an interview.

What these foreign journalists liked best was to seize some negative stories about Cethos and report them overseas. Therefore, they were very interested in the news about a Cethosian world champion who had no way of pressing charges against the unpunished murderer of her younger brother, who died a tragic death.

There were journalists who liked to dig up some cracking stories about developing countries like Cethos and publish them on international platforms since these stories would certainly cause a sensation.

The only younger brother of Sandra Mitchell, the Cethosian world champion who held many world records, died a tragic death. However, Cethosian police ignored his family’s tearful pleas despite knowing who the murderer was!

How dark this country, its society, and its legal system must be!

Many countries that were hostile to Cethos would certainly like this news story since they could seize this opportunity to find fault with Cethos again.

This news story would certainly make a huge splash once it was published!

Presenting herself as one of the weak, Sandra related her version of how her younger brother died a tragic death, how vicious the murderer was, and how the police shielded her enemy.

She felt incredibly smug as she looked at the reporters, who were recording her story with great speed.

This incident would certainly have a huge impact on Cethos’ international reputation once it was made into a big issue. She was a world champion with a global reputation; countless people would definitely side with her!

She wanted to see how the police in Bayside City would shield Cooper when the public outcry escalated. He could hide the truth from the masses in Bayside City, Cethos, but he was nobody once he was abroad!

All these reporters came from overseas, and they were intent on searching for sensational news. Meanwhile, Cethosian police couldn’t do anything even if they knew that these reporters were writing news stories on this incident.

These news reports would create an influence once they were published. By then, it would be possible for Cethos to deal with Cooper under pressure.

After all, Cooper was nothing compared to the country’s dignity!

She already had everything planned.

The interview lasted for half a day. In the end, the reporters left happily after getting satisfying dirt. Sandra wiped her tears away and had them sent to the airport in a special vehicle; she couldn’t relax until she confirmed that they had left the country smoothly.

As long as they left the country, whatever they wrote would be beyond the control of Cethosian and Bayside City’s police departments!

By then, the whole world would know the story about Cooper, the murderer who killed Albert but was shielded by the Cethosian government!

Unbeknownst to her, the reporters were caught at the airport right after the plane they took landed abroad…

Indeed, the Cethosian authorities could do nothing with the foreign journalists who liked to throw mud at Cethos in a bid to make themselves more popular. They could only look on in despair as these reporters wrote up irresponsible stories about the country.

They dared not punish or arrest these reporters, but the latter wouldn’t acknowledge their clarifications; these reporters could make an issue of whatever moves they made. To them, it didn’t matter whether the news stories were true or false, for their purpose was to sling mud at Cethos.

In their eyes, whatever a low-class country and nation like Cethos did was wrong, for its existence itself was the biggest mistake.

A hundred years ago, their ancestors would have invaded Cethos to kill Cethosians, burn the Cethosian palace, and rob the country of its imperial seal.

They no longer dared to enter Cethos and rob the country brazenly, but the thought that the small and weak country their ancestors used to trample underfoot had become powerful filled them with bitterness. Since they could neither war against nor rob the country, they would slander the country and discredit it indirectly!

They were overseas anyway, so the Cethosian authorities couldn’t arrest them.

Just then, a foreign magnate who didn’t wish to be named took the initiative to cozy up to the Cethosian authorities, saying that they were willing to stop a few journalists and solve this matter perfectly.

After sending the journalists away, Sandra waited for the news reports to be published. To her surprise, the news reports remained unpublished despite her pressing them a few times. Instead, the results of her dope test were out.

The Anti-Doping Center quickly announced that Sandra had been confirmed to be using a new type of stimulant.

Miss Edwards, a concerned citizen who was unwilling to disclose her real name, provided the sample of this new type of stimulant. After some comparative tests, it was confirmed beyond doubt that Sandra was taking stimulants.

At the same time, Cethos’ Sports Federation, Universal Games Organizing Committee, and some other organizations made a joint announcement; they had received a tip-off from a concerned citizen who was unwilling to disclose their true name that Sandra had taken stimulants in many major sports events, including the Universal Games. It was verified that Sandra’s use of stimulants was true. After several discussions, these organizations decided to annul all her achievements, including her achievements in the Universal Games. Also, a lifetime ban would be imposed on her.

These organizations also demanded that she hand over the Universal Games gold medals that Sandra had won back then to the athlete who came in second place.

The athlete who won second place was also a Cethosian, so the world title still belonged to Cethos!

Right then, Sandra had become the target of everyone’s hatred.

The journalists Sandra had invited over finally published their news reports as well. However, the news reports weren’t about a Cethosian world champion who had no way to press charges against the unpunished murderer of her younger brother’s tragic death. Instead, they were about the annulment of Sandra’s achievements in the Universal Games due to her long-term use of stimulants.

This was also good stuff for these journalists since Cethos was at fault anyway!

Sandra was stunned, for the news reports were published too quickly. Before she could learn about anything, she was caught unprepared by the change of her identity from a world champion to a liar whom everyone hated!

How is this possible? I’m a world champion!

She had achieved her results in the Universal Games with her own ability… It was true that she took some drugs after that, but she never cheated during the Universal Games!

Why would her achievements in the Universal Games be annulled as well?

This is unfair! There must be an inside story!

Sandra immediately went to Cethos’ Sports Federation to seek justice for herself, but she gained nothing after a few days of negotiation with them. Her champion title was revoked, and the Sports Federation demanded that she hand over the gold medal that was awarded to her back then at once.

She had brought back two gold medals for Cethos by taking part in the Universal Games that year. The two gold medals were displayed in the Mitchell Family’s ancestral hall, so she must keep them!

The next day, someone came knocking at her door to ask for the gold medals themselves. “Hand over the gold medals, Sandra!”

Many visited her to ask for the gold medals, and they were all headed by Sophia.

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