My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1257

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1257

Staring at his empty arms, Theo seemed desolated. Upon seeing that, Justin immediately carried his daughter to Theo and placed her in his arms. “Come, you may hug her. They’re the same.”

Theo looked up at Justin and recognized that he was Celine’s husband. He had also met Nathan in the past.

Now, his son and daughter had grown up and had their own families.

Sadly, Elizabeth couldn’t see that.

Elizabeth, are you seeing this?

Elizabeth, it’s all my fault…

Michael stayed at Fletcher Residence until late night before going home.

It had been two extremely heavy-hearted days.

At night, he went back to his room after washing himself up, only to find Carmen occupying his space. She had washed up too and was rolling on the bed.

Looking at his sweetheart, Michael felt that his heart was immersed in honey. Yet, he pretended to be stern while lecturing her, “You’re a grown baby now so you can’t sleep with mom and dad anymore.”

Carmen sat up and requested to be held. “Daddy, hug me!”

A smile bloomed on Michael’s face while he got onto the bed and hugged her, but when he tried to kiss her cheek, she immediately pointed to her left cheek and said, “Grandpa kissed me here just now.”

Then, she pointed to her right cheek. “Daddy, kiss me here instead. Mommy kissed me here just now too.”

At the side, Sophia burst out laughing.

Michael pinched her chubby face and kissed her without minding which side of her face it was.

After a kiss, Carmen was elated. She then lay in between her father and mother, snuggling up to Sophia.

“Goodnight, Daddy. I love you!”

Michael lay beside her as well. Looking at his wife and daughter, he felt that he could overcome everything in this world. Their safety and happiness were all he cared about.

It was a hectic day and Sophia felt sleepy in no time. Burying her head in the pillow, she soon dozed off.

Knowing that Carmen had fallen asleep too, Michael turned off all the lights except the night light. Under the dim light, he could barely see the outline of his wife and daughter’s face.

It was late at night and everything was quiet. However, Michael couldn’t sleep.

It seemed like he had made a decision.

Theo had come back secretly like an invisible man and he was protected by the Fletcher Family. Not many people knew that he now existed in this world.

Waking up 30 years later, Theo found that time had brought drastic changes to the world.

“Dad, here’s your ID card, passport and phone. Here, keep it. I’ll pop them in your bag.”

On the way to the airport, Sophia enthusiastically put Theo’s ID card and several other things into his bag. On the ID card, his name was still Theo Fletcher, but his birthdate had changed.

Theo still hadn’t gotten used to this society and he didn’t even dare to sleep soundly at night.

During his era, Cethos had only been lifted out of poverty. It didn’t have any economic support and the citizens were still very poor. When there was a natural disaster, the entire Fletcher Family had to survive on corn. Besides, the national border would be invaded by foreign enemies at that time so as a soldier, he often had to carry out tasks to protect the country at the border. Therefore, he didn’t have the luxury to sleep soundly at night.

But when he woke up, the country had become stronger and even had nuclear weapons. With that, he finally could sleep soundly at night and that overjoyed him. Yet, he felt empty at the same time as if this world didn’t need him anymore.

In order to stop Theo from overthinking, Old Master Fletcher arranged several trips for him to visit a munitions factory for the past two days. As expected, he was ecstatic because it was something that he liked.

On the plane, Carmen would talk to him relentlessly and occasionally, he would talk to Nathan, so he was rather busy.

The plane was heading to Africa because they were planning to visit Quinton.

When they arrived at Michel Town, the first thing Sophia did was pay a visit to Albert. He was recovering well but he couldn’t leave since he still had to undergo an organ transplant surgery.

Derek had been staying beside him to accompany him. Upon meeting Sophia and Carmen, Albert asked curiously, “Aunt Sophia, why didn’t my dad come to visit me?”

Sophia didn’t know how to answer him because the truth was his sister had strangled his father to death while his mother had passed away shortly after that too.

“Well, they’re busy working!” She could only make up an excuse.

Fortunately, her reply didn’t seem to upset Albert much. There were many people and children here. Although all of them had different shades of skin, he couldn’t recognize them. Yet, he tried his best to befriend them.

“Let’s go see the lions!” Carmen suggested excitedly. Sophia then brought Albert out for a stroll. He was rather pitiful because he could only sit in the wheelchair now and still had a long way to go on his road to recovery.

On the other hand, Theo finally met his other son.

That man, who resembled him, looked even older than him. He had a crew cut but his eyes seemed graceful. In addition, his features seemed gentler and more charming.

Meanwhile, Quinton was in the laboratory room, working with the experts without resting. They were painstakingly researching for a medicine that could save Michael.

“Ever since he came here, he has been spending all his time in the laboratory including eating and sleeping. He has never left the lab and only has three or four hours of sleep every day,” at the side, Linus said.

Quinton had been researching day and night just so that Michael could recover as soon as possible and regain his health.

Theo looked expressionless and no one knew what he thought about his son.

He didn’t expect that so many things would happen while he slept for 30 years.

Not only did he have a son borne by Tanya, that son even became a killer and hurt his other son and daughter.

Theo had always been heartless toward Tanya. When he was captured by Tanya and brought to the drug lord’s lair, he could have escaped but he chose to stay and secretly gathered information so that he could collaborate with his partners who were outside. In the end, they destroyed the drug lord’s lair, which had been standing for a hundred years, in one shot.

The only thing that surprised him was Tanya’s survival.

After looking at Quinton from afar, Theo walked away.

“Dad, don’t you want to visit him?” Michael asked.

Theo replied, “There’s no point in doing that.”

Indeed, their meeting wouldn’t mean anything now.

After visiting Quinton, Michael brought Theo to walk around the place. Michel’s military business was also at this place and Theo would definitely love it.

While they were walking on Michel Town’s city wall, Theo suddenly asked Michael solemnly, “Michael, are you really going to cryopreserve yourself?”

Michael didn’t reply to him.

Actually, the answer was obvious—he didn’t want to be cryopreserved.

Instead of going into a cryogenic sleep to wait for an antidote, he’d rather spend his time with his loved ones.

With his current condition, he could live for ten more years as long as he didn’t fall critically ill or was severely injured. Once the internal harmony of his body was disrupted, he would definitely die.

Theo wasn’t waiting for his answer either because as soon as he asked that, he smiled to himself before turning back to look at his son, who was older than him. He asked again in a solemn tone, “If I could go back in time, do you know what is the first thing that I would do?”

Michael had been immersed in his own thoughts so he was slightly confused and asked, “What would you do?”

Theo smiled bitterly.

“I would break up with your mother.”

Break up?

Michael had thought about that countless times as well. To him, Elizabeth should’ve broken up with Theo a long time ago because that man couldn’t give her anything, not even a marriage certificate.

Without him, she would have lived a better life. Undoubtedly, he had been a burden to her for her whole life!

Suddenly, sadness overtook Michael’s face so he turned away and put his hand on the city wall. He then bowed his head and refused to talk.

Was Theo hinting to him that he was a burden to Sophia now?

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