My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1258

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1258

If they failed to come up with a solution to treat Michael, he would only have two options—either be cryopreserved or wait for his death.

He once thought of staying beside Sophia in the last few years of his life but wouldn’t that be too cruel to Sophia?

She would have to send him off and watch as her beloved one slowly died from an incurable illness. If she had to go through that, she would live in the deepest abyss for the rest of her life.

Or should he ask her to wait?

For ten years, or a hundred years? Her precious life and her youth should bloom like a stunning flower but she would only wither in the endless waiting.

Regardless of what he chose, it would be too cruel to her.

But if her loving husband suddenly had an affair just like how Richard did in the past, who suddenly abandoned her for another woman, she would stay strong and overcome it.

She knew that a jerk wasn’t worth her sadness.

She would grow stronger and get a grip of herself. Not only would she work harder and earn more money, but she would also take good care of Carmen and find a man who was better than her father to marry him.

On the other hand, Michael would only need to disappear from her world and she would gradually forget him. By that time, he would just be an insignificant ex-boyfriend.

Then, he could die off slowly while she continued to live happily. Even better, another perfect man would love her on his behalf.

Michael bowed his head while tears trickled down his face. He felt desperate and helpless.

Looking at him, Theo understood his sadness and despair but there was nothing he could do.

“Son, it’s your life, so you have to make your own decision.”

After saying that, Theo walked away without looking back.

He didn’t go back to Cethos and Claude came to fetch him. After all, the African Peacekeeping Force was where he felt like he was home.

Cooper knew about their brief conversation and he had long been wanting to tell Michael the same thing too. He had felt that it would be too heartless for him to say that. Fortunately, Theo took the responsibility to tell him and it served as a reminder to Michael.

Actually, everyone knew the best solution was to separate them as soon as possible.

It would be the best situation for everyone if they broke up, or more precisely, it would be the best for Sophia.

As for Michael, he could wait for his death somewhere else.

Although that was too heartless and cruel, Cooper didn’t want Sophia to live the rest of her life in sorrow. Though, Michael was a perfect match for her.

Yet, it was still better to suffer now rather than prolong the agony.

Sophia still wasn’t aware of what had happened and was bringing Carmen and Albert to see the lion that she was rearing in the park here in Africa.

Initially, she planned to stay in Africa for a few days but unexpectedly, Alice called her.

The Michel Family’s Elders Council was on the way here to force Cooper to marry Tiffany.

On top of that, they wanted to bring Carmen back to their hometown so that she could return to the family and change her surname.

Cooper wasn’t willing to deal with the Elders Council at the moment. He had gone through the list of spies that Anna gave him and was busy planning how to eliminate the spies.

Undeniably, Jordan was great in keeping secrets. Even he and Linus didn’t suspect that some of the people on the list were spies. It seemed like Jordan had been monitoring Michel Group for a long time.

Unfortunately, Cooper wouldn’t allow things to go as he planned.

Everyone only stayed here for two days before leaving hastily. Theo didn’t go back with them and Quinton didn’t find out about Theo either.

Through Theo’s resurrection, everyone realized the possibility and significance of cryopreserving. Undeniably, it had great potential, but it was a gamble since one had to freeze his life at one moment and resume it many years later. There were too many uncertainties in between.

Before this, cryopreserving was a secret among the wealthy people. Until now, only Theo and Albert had received the benefits. Sophia felt that it was a huge business opportunity so she took over the project before Linus could and started to plan to commercialize cryopreservation.

For the next few years, this would be a huge project in Michel Medical Technology Group anyway. Sophia didn’t see any problem in taking the initiative to be the person in charge of this project and she planned to set up headquarters in Africa. That would be the start of her intervening in the management of Michel Group.

Of course, that would only happen in a few years’ time. Now, she had to focus on developing her company and organizing the fashion week was the utmost important task.

Only if she grew her business would she earn the right to speak.

After Michael found out that Sophia was planning to step into the cryopreserving business, he was speechless.

What an irony!

Some regretted being alive in this world after they were resurrected from being cryopreserved whereas some went on a wild good chase for this technique.

If this technique was commercialized, he could foresee that the wealthy people would scramble to make appointments. After all, these people had everything in their lives, including wealth, prestige, status and power, so they feared death the most.

In this world, there were too many injustices which left everyone helpless, but death was probably the fairest treatment that heaven bestowed upon humans. Everyone was equal in front of death, but these people would try to become immortals!

What a bunch of shrewd yet corrupted capitalists, Michael mocked inwardly. Since Sophia was enthusiastic about this business idea, he didn’t dare to say this to her and could only grumble softly.

He felt that it must be Cooper’s fault that Sophia and him were ill-fated.

In the past, he was prestigious in Africa and lived like an uncrowned king. He operated the second largest munitions corporation in the world, mining Africa’s coals while trafficking his weapons in huge amounts by taking advantage of Africa’s demand for arms due to their wars. He made his money through conflict and didn’t care about how many people were killed in the process.

Now, karma was biting him in his a*s!

It was all his fault.

Of course, he only dared to grumble to himself.

On the flight back to the country, Carmen pestered Michael by asking, “Daddy, why didn’t grandpa come home with us?”

Michael kissed her chubby face and replied, “He’ll be on vacation in Africa for some time.”

Discreetly, Carmen asked again, “Daddy, they say that grandpa is a bad guy who killed many people. Is grandpa really a bad guy?”

Fortunately, Cooper wasn’t here so he didn’t hear that.

Without answering her question, Michael asked her back, “What do you think, Carmen?”

Carmen smiled sweetly and replied, “Grandpa is definitely a good guy. He’s the kindest man in the whole world.”

“Alright, darling. You should go to sleep now. I’ll hold you while you sleep and when you wake up, we’ll have arrived home.”

Michael took a blanket to cover Carmen, whom he held in his arms. She was still angry about not being able to travel around Africa for a few more days so even in her sleep, she pouted her lips. Seeing that, Michael gently poked his finger on her face.

What an adorable princess!

But once he recalled that he would have to leave her sooner or later, his heart hurt like it was being stabbed a thousand times.

After they returned to Bayside City, they rested shortly at home before continuing to work.

Once Sophia got home, she didn’t even delay a second to continue working on the fashion week. After the fashion week ended, Edwards Group would take off by riding on the coattails of Ronney Group. Of course, success would depend on her ability.

Cooper earned men’s money by trading arms while she earned women’s money by selling luxury items. When her career stabilized, she would commercialize cryopreservation and earn money from the old and ill but wealthy people.

Money could be earned everywhere and she couldn’t stop earning it!

After the new year, Sophia indulged herself in money-making and she became extremely busy. On the other hand, Michael made preparations for his new work, feeling positive.

Unexpectedly, when everyone was busy working, the Michel Family and Adams Group teamed up and paid them a visit.

It seemed like Tiffany was determined to carry on with Cooper this time.

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