My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1259

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1259

They almost caught me in Africa, but I didn’t expect them to come to Cethos.

“Oh my goodness, my head hurts.”

Early in the morning, Sophia, who just finished her breakfast and had a facial mask on, walked around the house with a cat in her arms. When she glanced at the surveillance monitors and saw the group of cars at the entrance, she felt goosebumps all over her body.

The Michel family and people from Adams Group were here.

Cooper calmly put on his shoes and as he headed out, he said, “Tell them I’m not home.” After he finished speaking, he went to the basement of Villa No. 2, which was Linus’s house, and stayed there.

Sophia was speechless. Cooper had slipped away really quickly because he had nothing to say to those people. Then, Linus said, “Don’t worry, just leave them standing at the gates. After not seeing anyone for a while, they’ll leave.”

At that moment, Michael also came downstairs with a facial mask on. He glanced at the surveillance monitors and saw that there were several cars parked outside. I don’t think avoiding them all the time is a good idea. Why don’t we invite them in and have a proper discussion? Besides, the matter between the Winston family and Betsy must come to an end. Do they really think that they have solved it? We have been busy with New Year’s celebrations for the past few days but since they have come here personally today, we should solve everything all in one go.

“Let them in and notify Ethan.”

Maria made the call and not long after, Sarah rushed into the house angrily with a knife in her hand. “That cow is here??”

Harry glanced at the surveillance and saw that cars from the Michel family and the Adams family were parked in the open-air parking lot of the residential area. The security guards had only allowed a few people to enter. However, he didn’t see Tiffany and Betsy. There are three people from the Adams family, two tall and sturdy bodyguards and a… child?

Soon, the visitors arrived at the house. Sophia had already changed her clothes and was downstairs. She sat together with Michael, and on the opposite side of the sofa were members from the Michel family. The four elders were pretty old and Sophia didn’t know any of them, so she named them Elder A, Elder B, Elder C, and Elder D. Meanwhile, there were three people from the Adams family. The two adults were standing while the child sat on the chair.

Sophia glanced at the child several times. He was a foreign teenager with enchanting emerald eyes who was around Nathan’s age. He was wearing a professional black suit that didn’t match his age, and he had on a cold expression.

Cooper and Linus slipped away so Sophia was the only one left behind to deal with them.

“Why is this man in your house?” Elder A from the Michel family asked as he looked at Michael with a serious expression.

Without any hesitation, Sophia quickly made up a lie. “Oh, after we got divorced, we couldn’t agree on dividing this property so we are staying together for the time being. After all, this is one of the best properties in Bayside City. Both of us can’t give it up.”

Hearing this, Michael tried to hold back his laugh.

Elder B asked, “Where’s Gianna?”

Sophia replied, “She’s out playing.”

Michael did not respond and pretended to read the newspaper. Then, Elder A made some introductions. “This is Bailey, the CEO of Adams Group.”

Sohpia saw that Elder A was looking at the teenager who was sitting on the sofa when he was making the introduction.

Wait, what?! Sophia and Michael glanced at each other and didn’t dare to speak. That child… is the CEO?!

Unexpectedly, the teenager suddenly spoke in fluent Cethosian with a Bayside City slang. “Hi, I’m Bailey. Nice to meet you.”

His assistant handed over his name card and sure enough, it wrote ‘CEO of Adams Group, Bailey Adams’.

Michael looked at the photo on the namecard, then glanced at the teenager in front of him. The CEO is really… Bailey?

In Cethos, the director and the CEO were often the same person. However, in other countries, the CEO and the director were sometimes two different people. The director of Adams Group was Tiffany but the CEO was her uncle, Bailey. According to the reports, he had only been the CEO for four years, but he was already a big shot.

Tiffany is already over forty this year. Her uncle should be at least sixty years old…

While Michael was in doubt, Bailey already coldly handed out a report. “Regarding the marriage, here is a survey report I prepared based on the current situation of Michel Group and Adams Group. I have also clarified my views on the marriage and benefits of the marriage for both families. Please take a look.”

Sophia took over the report and read through it. To her surprise, it turned out to be a serious market research report that expounded the benefits of the marriage for two families. It was well written and really persuasive.

“Adams Group and Michel Group have been working together for a long time. If your father agrees to marry my useless niece, it will be extremely beneficial for both families,” Bailey said.

Sophia looked at the report and the more she read, the more goosebumps she felt on her body.

Indeed, Bailey did do his research as his analysis is very thorough. Adams Group works with the military and they also own their own mercenary so they will need a lot of ammunition. Moreover, they have strong connections so they can be the middleman to help Michel Group sell their products. However, Cooper doesn’t want to have too much contact with Tiffany, so the business cooperation has not been initiated. In terms of feelings, even though Tiffany has gotten married and divorced several times over the years, she never forgot about Cooper and has always been proactively getting close to him, hoping that he would change his mind. Furthermore, in the past twenty years, whenever there was a trade problem between Adams Group and Michel Group, Tiffany always took the initiative to avoid it and never crossed the line.

The more Sophia looked at it, the more persuaded she was.

Tiffany would be the most suitable woman for Cooper if it weren’t for Anna, but now, Anna has returned and she seems to be slowly getting her memories back…

After Sophia finished reading the report, she put it down and said, “I’m sorry. Even though your report is great, my father has someone he likes.”

Bailey didn’t reply to her. Instead, he pulled out another report. Sophia took it and after reading it, she felt her hair stand on end. It was a report filled with Anna’s dark history.

Sophia had always known that Anna must have spent a lot of effort to secure her position in the Yard Group in a short time. Furthermore, she knew that Anna must have done some things that crossed the line but she didn’t expect that she would be so low…

After looking through a few pages, she couldn’t stand it anymore. This woman is terrible. I don’t know whether letting her get close to Cooper is a blessing or a curse. Perhaps the reason that she is getting close to Cooper right now is so that Cooper will help her go against Jordan. After everything is settled, she might even leave Cooper straight away.

With a cold expression, Bailey said, “I’m sure you have already made a decision on whether or not Anna is suitable for your father. Please take my name card and feel free to contact me any time.” After he finished speaking, he got up expressionlessly and left. He didn’t say any nonsense and there was a deep maturity and calmness in his emerald eyes.

After Bailey left, Sophia fell into deep thought. Seeing this, Elder A, B, C, and D hurriedly surrounded her.

“When is Gianna going to change her last name?”

“We cannot tolerate Gianna’s acting career. If you continue to let her show her face in public, we will consider directly depriving you from custody.”

Sophia didn’t reply to their questions. Instead, she said, “Well, I know you have come a long way. Please sit and drink some tea. I have a project to share with you. Shae, bring me the documents.”

After a while, Sophia started to share about the cryogenic sleep project with the elders. This group of elders were really old men and ladies. When they heard that there was really someone who came back to life after being in cryogenic sleep for thirty years, they quickly leaned close and listened intently.

Michael, who seemed to be pretty invisible at that moment, took a sip of his coffee and whispered, “She looks like a liar who goes to the countryside to sell health care products to the elderly.”

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