My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1260

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1260

When Cooper heard that they had let the group of visitors into the house and one of the visitors was Bailey, he was afraid that Sophia couldn’t handle him so he rushed back home to see what was going on. Unexpectedly, everyone had already left.

The Adams family left themselves while the visitors from the Michel family were tricked to leave by Sophia. She had given each of them a free trial to experience cryogenic sleep and a bag of eggs.

Sure enough, old people were the same. After they received the eggs and the free trial, they left happily. They were no different from the old man and old ladies from the countryside who were keen on health care products. The only difference was that Sophia’s health care product was more advanced.

I managed to fool them again but I wonder if everything will go this smoothly the next time? I can’t believe that the group of elders want to interfere with Carmen’s acting career! Why are they so nosy?!

In fact, Sophia also opposed letting Carmen act in movies and reality shows.

Look at Bailey! He’s a teenager but he is already a CEO! Linus also started to carry big responsibilities when he was really young. Nathan has also started working in Stanley’s company. Carmen should learn from them and start a company early in the future! However, she likes acting and nothing I say can persuade her. I’ll let her decide after she grows into an adult!

Sarah was hiding in the kitchen at first, waiting for the moment for Betsy to appear so that she could rush out and attack her by surprise. Unexpectedly, Betsy didn’t come. Instead, a teenager had shown up, so she went back home with her kitchen knife upsettingly.

As for Michael, he was reading the brochure of the cryogenic sleep project that Sophia printed.

I didn’t expect her to print out these brochures so soon. Looks like she is determined to do this cryogenic sleep business.

In the residential area, after Bailey and the others left the house, he was on the phone as he walked toward the car. He walked at a fast pace, as if he was in a hurry.

This 14-year-old teenage entrepreneur had already gained fame and was way ahead of his peers. He had a dazzling appearance, an incomparable mind, high IQ and experience that was incomparable to his peers.

At 1.7 meters tall, he looked short compared to his two tall and sturdy bodyguards. However, his domineering aura was inferior to no one.

Adams Group was fully prepared to enter Cethos, so they asked Tiffany and Betsy to come and explore the market. Unexpectedly, Betsy had offended the Winston family, the king of the underworld, which made Bailey really annoyed.

“Tiffany, send Betsy my way. I’m going to use her to negotiate with the Winston family. Don’t try to reason with me, and I don’t want to repeat myself.”

With that, Bailey hung up the phone and his face was filled with irritation. However, unexpectedly, as soon as he hung up the phone, he suddenly heard a cry.

He stopped walking, turned his head around, and saw a little girl crying by the roadside. There was a little snowman in front of her and it had toppled over. Its head and body were separated and the body of the snowman in a floral dress was rolling away.

Bailey lowered his head and glanced at his leather shoes. He was really focused when he was talking on the phone a moment ago and seemed to have kicked something.

To his surprise, it was the snowman. Half of the snowman’s head was still under his feet.

Bailey already saw her building a snowman when he entered the residential area so he knew that his kick had ruined the little girl’s half-day’s work.

He ignored it and walked a few steps forward, but the little girl’s crying was like a poor kitten meowing and it irritated him. Feeling impatient, he continued walking but he soon turned back and saw the little girl crying very sadly. Tears were rolling down her face and her fair face was filled with grievance. She was even holding half of the snowman’s head in her hands.

“Okay, stop crying. I ruined your snowman so I’ll fix it for you, okay?”

Bailey squatted down and said to the little girl. He was not good with children so he tried his best to soften his tone. He even carried her up and wiped her tears with a tissue.

However, unexpectedly, the little girl didn’t appreciate it at all. Sobbing, she replied, “No!”

Bailey tried hard to be patient. “Well, what do you want?”

The little girl replied, “Money!”

Hearing this, Bailey asked his bodyguard to take out his wallet and opened it. There was a stack of Cethosian dollars that he had just exchanged. “How much do you want?”

The little girl took a few glances at the insides of his wallet. Her big round eyes were still teary and her face was still filled with grievance when she replied, “I want money that looks pretty!”

Bailey was stunned. Then, he chuckled and the tense expression that he wore for a long time suddenly relaxed. He took out a stack of money and said, “Here, choose yourself.”

The little girl took his money and picked them out one by one. Her chubby hands were really skillful as she picked out the crisp banknotes and stuffed them into her pocket. She didn’t take the ones that looked old.

Bailey watched her pick the banknotes in interest. The corners of his lips curled upward and his emerald eyes looked at her softly.

The little girl counted the money very quickly. Not long after, she pulled out around twenty banknotes and happily put them in her pocket. However, she continued to pout even after taking the money and she still looked aggrieved.

Bailey put the wallet away and asked, “Is that enough?”

The little girl replied, “No!”

Feeling helpless, he asked, “What else do you want?”

Those who could live in The Imperial were definitely not ordinary. Betsy had just offended the Winston family, and Bailey didn’t want to offend the little girl’s family.

The little girl thought about it for a moment before she shamelessly said, “I’ll let you go if you let me kiss you!”

The two bodyguards behind Bailey were startled.

She already cheated him out of his money, and now she wants to steal a kiss?!

Bailey was taken aback. He never thought that this little girl would make such a rude request and didn’t respond for a long time. The little girl stared at him and she was about to break into tears again.

Bailey had no choice. He couldn’t be angry at the little child so he squatted down, pointed at his cheek and said, “Only one kiss.”

The little girl leaned forward and gave him a big, loud kiss on the cheek. After she was done, she said, “Okay, you can leave now.”

Bailey was stunned for a moment before he got up, turned around, and left without another word, as if he was afraid that she might suddenly change her mind.

He could feel a tingling sensation on the spot that the little girl had kissed, and it seemed to have a sweet smell too. In the cold winter, he felt his face burn all of a sudden.

Bailey blankly wiped away the saliva and snot on his cheek with a tissue. When he arrived at the community gates, he turned around subconsciously and saw that the little girl was gone.

She probably went home.

He looked at the fallen snowman and thought about the soft kiss just now, and his mind wandered for a moment.

“Young master, it’s time to leave,” Bailey’s bodyguard said.

“Okay,” Bailey replied.

With that, they drove away…

“Where did you get the money?!”

After Sophia sent the people from the Michel family away, Nathan and Carmen returned from outside. She saw the huge stack of money in Carmen’s pocket, a total of more than twenty banknotes, so she hurriedly asked her where she got it from.

Carmen replied, “I found it outside!”

Sophia was doubtful so she asked Nathan. Nathan replied, “She really did find them outside!”

He was building a snowman with Carmen just now but he had gone to the bathroom for a moment. However, when he returned, the snowman had fallen and Carmen had an extra stack of money in her pockets. She told him that she had found them on the ground.

Even though Sophia was puzzled, she didn’t ask anymore questions. She told Carmen that she shouldn’t take what wasn’t hers and let go of the matter.

Cooper went to Anna’s house again, but he realized that she already left. She only stayed a few days when she came back this time.

He had been looking for opportunities to deal with Jordan and the force backing him, but he found out that the man was much scarier than he imagined. Cooper felt unprecedented excitement and was ready to take on this challenge.

I wonder if my darling Anna will return to me after we finish dealing with Jordan?

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