My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1263

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1263

Henry and Ryan spent all of their annual leaves on staying in the hospital, unable to escape. Now, Ronney Group in Cethos was completely under Lucy’s control and they couldn’t interfere with any matters at all. All they could do was feel anxious as they watched the evil Sophia ride on Ronney Fashion Week’s popularity, and they worried that it would affect the future fashion weeks.

Once Lucy left, Sophia would definitely deal with them immediately.

As expected, Lucy had evil intentions. She had been working with Sophia all along and unfortunately, Jordan and Anna were both deceived by her!

The three of them discussed how to deal with Lucy and Sophia. Even if they had to ruin fashion week, they would do anything they could. Sandra wouldn’t be able to deal with them herself, so she needed Henry and Ryan’s help.

Although their power to control Ronney Group was temporarily removed, they were still wealthy and could just pay people like Sandra to run errands.

Mitchell’s Technology was about to go bankrupt and Sandra had already completely given up. She blamed Mitchell Technology’s bankruptcy on Sophia and Cooper.

The main reason behind Mitchell Technology’s bankruptcy was because Alex was incompetent. Moreover, after Cooper returned, he had poached all of the elites in Mitchell Technology. Therefore, the culprit of the company’s bankruptcy was probably Cooper, but Sandra hated Sophia the most because she had a strange obsession with the position of the young lady of the Mitchell family. Cooper only snatched the position of the Mitchell family head, but Sophia had taken away the position of the young lady of the Mitchell family which originally belonged to Sandra. It was simply unforgivable!

She hated Sophia way more than she hated Cooper. After all, it was wiser to pick on the weaker enemy. Otherwise, if the enemy was too powerful, it would be difficult to persuade yourself to continue to hate them.

If we mess up this fashion week, not only will it hurt Sophia and her fans, but we will also make Lucy look incompetent for not doing a good job. She is the general director of Ronney Fashion Week this year. If the fashion week is ruined, she will be kicked out of the company!

With fashion week coming up, Sophia and Lucy’s team often met up with each other.

It was the first time Sophia and her team were engaged in such a large-scale fashion week, so they didn’t feel really confident. However, Lucy’s team was very experienced. Similarly, as a local, Sophia had special advantages. For example, with her identity, they could hire the best security team from the best private security company.

The largest private security company in Bayside City was Eye in the Sky Security, which was owned by Michael and Harry. Because of the Fletcher family’s connections, Fletcher Security had recruited a large number of elite forces who were retired from the military along with the Winston family’s men in the underworld.

Michael and Harry had direct holdings in Fletcher Security while Stanley and the others had shares of the company. They provided security services locally, private escort services and other services in Cethos, and it was a big company. They also had branches abroad with even more offerings.

The person in charge of the company was actually Justin. Since he had brought his whole family to live in Michael’s house, he felt embarrassed. Coincidentally, he had some resources at hand and Harry felt that it would be best for the underworld to start a security company. The two of them hit it off and opened this security company in the end.

Justin personally took charge of security for fashion week. Other than the strength from the ex-military, they had men from the underworld to help make sure the event went smoothly.

This fashion week was a huge event, so senior management was paying a lot of attention to it. A month before the fashion week, the high-end hotels in Bayside City were already fully-booked as the world’s famous fashion brands, designers, and celebrities gathered in Bayside City. The turnout was absolutely unprecedented.

If it weren’t for Ronney Group’s reputation, Sophia definitely would not have been able to attract so much attention. She was also really excited for the fashion week. I used to watch fashion shows a lot, but I didn’t expect to have my turn at being in charge of an event!

From security to the guest list, she had confirmed everything again and again. There must be no mistakes. I must make sure that this show goes perfectly!

In these two weeks, there would be dozens of fashion shows and exhibitions as well as some large forums. Among them were shows by Sophia’s own brands under JNS Fashion Group, and as a businesswoman, she could invite celebrities and superstars over to watch the show. For a show to succeed, the models and guests were the top priority.

Models and guests needed to attend fashion shows to increase their exposure. Besides that, it showed their status and elevated their value. At the same time, brands needed famous models and guests to enhance their reputation and style, so the two of them benefitted each other.

Sophia had her husband be the model for her brand’s fashion shows, so her brands weren’t short of exposure. The people on the guestlist were either wealthy or powerful, and her models were the best.

Before the fashion week, Sophia suddenly added a few more people onto her guest list, such as Tiffany, Betsy and Bailey from the Adams family. If they could come, it would certainly expand the influence of fashion week.

Cooper was going to attend fashion week to watch the shows, so Tiffany naturally agreed without any hesitation.

In fact, it was actually Cooper’s idea. Since they had reconciled on Betsy’s drugging incident, they naturally had to put their interests first. Inviting Tiffany over would certainly benefit fashion week.

Tiffany thought that Cooper had changed his mind about her, so she excitedly got dressed to watch the show together with him. However, she didn’t know that several fashion week invites had flown across the sea to the far-away city, Ronney City, and into Anna’s hands.

Anna opened the invitation and saw that it was all handwritten by Cooper. His strong and powerful handwriting resembled little soldiers that were standing straight and full of strength. His writing tone was formal but sincere at the same time. The letter still had a faint smell of ink that was mixed with the smell of roses.

I didn’t know an invitation letter could be so romantic.

Ronney Fashion Week was actually a major event for the Ronney Group. Anna was already planning to head to Bayside City, but after receiving Cooper’s invitation, she felt that she had more reasons to go.

Anna had a premonition that the Ronney Fashion Week this year would be extremely exciting.

At a five-star hotel, a few agents from the real-estate agency had come to service Tiffany and he displayed the best listings in Bayside City for her to choose.

Cethos was getting stronger and stronger. Many large companies that weren’t optimistic with the market in Cethos in the past were now entering the market one by one. There was Michel Group, Ronney Group and now, even Adams Group had rushed over to have a share of the market. Even though Tiffany wouldn’t stay here for too long, she would come and visit often, which was why other than an office, she wanted to choose a private residence for herself.

“Are there any available listings near The Imperial?” It is best if I can live near Cooper’s house, preferably in the same residential area. However, there is no house on sale in that area, and the only courtyard house that is empty is also not for sale because the owner would rather use it to raise pigs.

After looking for a while, Tiffany chose a house that was really near to Cooper’s house. At that moment, the real estate agent suddenly said, “You have a good eye! There are many famous people who live in that residential area. For example, you would be living right next to Mrs. Yard from Ronney Group.”

“What?!” Tiffany was shocked. No wonder Anna walked over to Cooper’s house during the New Year’s celebrations. Turns out that she lives really near him!

“Great! That’s the one!”

Tiffany wanted to move there right away to see what Anna was planning.

Just then, her assistant suddenly came over and said, “Miss Tiffany, you have a visitor.”

Tiffany immediately refused. “I’m not meeting anyone who didn’t make an appointment.”

Her assistant replied, “The visitor claims to be Jordan Edwards and he said that he is the husband of Anna Yard, the president of Ronney Group.”

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