My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1266

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1266

Looking at his watch, belt, wallet and outfit, Cooper’s attire was indeed too ostentatious today.

Nevertheless, his outfit conformed to his aura, as it greatly displayed the virtues of a middle-aged handsome man. With this attire, people would hardly notice his age and only focused on his charm.

To someone who was good-looking, age was merely an add-on.

Cooper even requested for a styling, which made him more dazzling.

His presence would surely leave his fellow males speechless and cause the females to fight to take pictures with him.

Before departing, Harry wanted to give Carmen a cuddle. However, Carmen was still mad and refused to be hugged.

After finishing dolling up, the family hopped into their respective cars and left to the venue.

Sophia and Michael were in one car, Harry and Sarah were in the other while Linus, Cooper and Nate were in the last car.

The happening of Ronney Fashion Week in Bayside City, Cethos was an event that was highly anticipated, especially by the fashion communities around the world. Today, the entire Bayside City was star-studded.

The eminent state guesthouse in Bayside City, which was used to receive foreign dignitaries in the past, was now opened up in conjunction with the fashion week to receive the socialites and celebrities in Bayside City. The guests who were invited to the event were truly the cream of Bayside society.

Meanwhile, the cars had arrived at the state guesthouse and were waiting for the event to start. Sophia took out her phone to read the news, and she noticed some newsflashes had already been published on the web. Indeed, there were a number of big shots who were going to show up today.

A few members from Adams Family, including Bailey, Betsy and Tiffany, were present too, whereas Callum and Cade represented the Yards.

Sophia glanced toward the outside of the building. Though it was the dead of winter, there were still a number of fashionistas who wore very few layers and were posing in the snow so that the photographers could take pictures of them.

Other influencers and fashion bloggers who did not receive an invitation would pretend to walk around the entrance to attract those photographers who were similarly not invited. Everyone attempted to ride on the fashion week’s coattails, hoping to grab a chance to become famous overnight. Well, there were indeed some individuals who went viral by doing so.

Nonetheless, this group of influencers were truly dedicated as they were wearing very few layers even in such cold weather.

These fashionistas were indeed not scared of the cold!

Even with the winter wear that she was dressed in, Sophia would not be able to resist the frost, and the thought of it was enough to leave her shivering.

In fact, most winter clothes by the luxury brands were not designed to allow the wearer to be exposed in the cold for a prolonged period. After all, those who could afford these clothes would be those from the upper class. As such, these winter clothes would be thinner than the usual ones as they were designed for the purpose of attending social events such as dances and meetings.

After getting out of the car, the guests would still have to walk the red carpet before they could enter the building, after which they would not feel cold anymore.

Even with the heating facilities at the red carpet area, it did not change the fact that it was freezing cold at the start of the year, and the snow had yet to melt.

Soon, Sophia’s car had arrived at the entrance of the venue. The red carpet had been rolled out and countless cameras were ready to capture the scene as Sophia was about to get out of the car. Comparing her stockings and high heels to the down jackets which the photographers were wearing, Sophia couldn’t help but shiver. She was even getting a runny nose.

It was indeed impressive that some female celebrities, despite being dressed provocatively, were still able to smile naturally at the photographers in coats.

All of a sudden, a down jacket was laid on Sophia’s shoulder as she felt a touch of warmth.

“Hubby, where did you get this from?”

Putting on the coat, Sophia rubbed her nose as she stared at Michael with teary eyes.

Michael tucked her in the coat and zipped it up. “We’ll walk straight into the building after leaving the car,” Michael said as he got out of the car.

Sophia mumbled, “How am I supposed to walk the red carpet with this down jacket?”

But still, she did not want to remove the coat.

Michael cooed, “It’s okay.”

With that, he alighted from the car.

“Taylor Murray is here!”

His appearance caused an uproar within the photographers as they quickly directed their cameras at Michael and took a series of snapshots of him. Besides being the only Cethosian actor who won the Oscar twice, he was also the husband of Sophia, one of the organizers of this fashion week at Bayside City. As such, everyone had expected him to show up at the event.

After that, the crowd witnessed Taylor walking to the other side of the car, opening the door and reaching out his hand. Then, a fair and tender hand stretched out to take his.

On both hands, there was a sparkling ring on the fourth finger.

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Murray appeared together! Time to snap pictures!

However, to their surprise, they only captured Sophia in her down jacket. Standing beside Taylor, this puffy lady did not seem to match him.

Sophia’s stiletto heels landed on the red carpet firmly after she got out of the car. An icy blast of air hit her face while her legs were numb with cold. Nevertheless, she resisted the cold and put a warm smile on her face as she would not allow anyone to capture an unglamorous picture of her.

It wasn’t that the fashionistas were unafraid of the cold, but they stood against it. All that the audience could see were the appealing pictures of these celebrities, but not the snot that was dripping out of their noses.

The weather was so frigid that the bitter wind sneaked beneath Sophia’s down jacket, and it felt as if countless icy-cold hands were caressing her body. Nonetheless, she could not show the slightest tinge of discomfort, and she displayed the perfect smile which she had been practicing for a long time.

From head to toe, her entire body was freezing cold. This year, the winter in Bayside City was extraordinarily harsh, and it was negative ten degrees Celsius even after new year. With that, Sophia could barely feel her ears anymore.

“Are you ready?” She felt Michael’s warm breath on her ears.

It was so chilly that even Sophia’s brain was nearly frozen as she prepared herself to walk against the piercing wind.


Before she could realize what had happened, her body fell backward into a pair of warm arms all of a sudden. Following that, she was lifted from the ground and could thereafter hear the howling wind and the crowd’s exclamation. When her feet touched the ground again, she was already in the building.

With sufficient heating facilities, it was lively and warm inside the building. Sophia had come back to life the moment Michael took off her down jacket. It was only then did she realize that Michael had carried her into the building with lighting speed.

On the first day of Ronney Fashion Week, no one managed to capture a perfect full-face picture of Taylor Murray, the best actor. All they had were blurry snapshots and pictures of him striding away with a woman in a coat in his arms.

Conventionally, the red carpet was the celebrities’ favourite spot and they would attempt to linger at that area until the security guards came to usher them into the venue. Michael was the only one who carried his wife and sprinted across the red carpet.

“It’s so embarrassing!”

Clenching her fist, Sophia hit Michael in his shoulder and thereafter buried her face into his chest.

Michael gently cuddled her and gave her a reminder. “There, there. Everyone’s watching us!”

Despite being avid for the warmth from Michael’s body, Sophia was aware that they were public figures and excessive public displays of affection would be inappropriate. With that, she held Michael’s hand and entered the show hall.

Outside the building, Harry got out of the car and was left gaping when he saw Michael carrying Sophia and entering the venue in a hurry.

What on earth is that?

“Old Wolf…”

Tugging at his shirt, Sarah stared at Harry eagerly.

“Dad, we’re going in first.”

Linus said as he and Nate strided toward the building. Nate walked the red carpet in a composed manner. Despite his young age, he had been taking part in the family’s business management and was gradually rising to fame.

On the other hand, Cooper did not walk the red carpet and enter the building upon getting out of the car.

Instead, he was waiting for someone…

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