My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1268

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1268

The rows behind the VIP row consisted of celebrities, actors, buyers, fashion bloggers and magazine editors in all levels of fame.

In the very last row were famous internet influencers and self-media who fought their way in to take advantage of the exposure the red carpet would give to them. Their main tasks were posing for streetwear photos and hyping themselves up on social media, as well as shamelessly taking photos with famous fashion stars. By doing that, they could enhance their fashion image and increase their worth so that their endorsement fees would increase too.

After boasting to Old Master Fletcher, Michael ended the call.

He wondered if someone had told the girl that she was wearing a knockoff design.

Christine was still immersed in the joy of meeting her idol, so she didn’t realize that the atmosphere around her had become weirder.

It had been difficult for her to get an invitation and as an actress who was far from being an A-list celebrity, she could only sit in the last row and even had to cooperate to pose for photos. Most importantly, not only did she have to shamelessly request to take photos with the people in the first row, but she also had to boast about her relationship with that famous person online after she got back although she was reluctant. To be honest, it was extremely exhausting, but this trip was worth it since she met her idol whom she had admired for many years.

Unexpectedly, she found that Stanley followed her back on Twitter shortly after she posted the selfie. She was over the moon that all her dreams came true today.

Beside her sat many D-list celebrities like her, who were also here to take advantage of the benefits of attending the red carpet. Those who were fluent in English and had great professional skills already went to get a photo with famous figures in the first row while the rest of them, who didn’t know English, were left in the last row to stare at them in jealousy.

Seeing that Christine was giggling at her phone, they couldn’t be more jealous that she managed to get a photo with Stanley, who was the CEO of Plum Technology. They thought that she was punching above her weight.

“What a courageous woman. She should’ve looked at herself in the mirror first!”

“A wealthy dandy like Mr. Fletcher must have countless people chasing him. If he were to marry a celebrity, an A-lister like Miss Bethany would be a good choice. Why would he be interested in an internet celebrity who is not even that famous?”

“After all, he’s the president of a listed company, and I heard that he’s also Taylor’s nephew. That means he is a legitimate Fletcher. How can a mere online influencer be a match for him?”

Christine knew that they were gossiping about her and it ruined her mood. Bowing her head, she pretended to scroll on her phone but the truth was, she felt extremely down-hearted.

But the next second, she cast all her negative emotions aside and thought, Geez, I mustn’t get beyond myself and overthink just because my idol took a picture with me!

Suddenly, the group of D-list celebrities looked in a certain direction simultaneously and gasped, “Wow, look at that woman. She’s so tall!”

“She also has an extraordinary temperament!”

“She must be one of the models that will walk the runway tonight. Look!”

Christine looked in that direction eagerly as well and saw a tall woman in a red dress walk in from outside. They could only see a slender and graceful back, but not her front. With her height of 1.8 meters, those eye-catching long legs were probably at least 1.2 meters, which was incredible.

Even her back seemed so alluring, so she must be even more charming if they saw her from the front!

When the woman in the red dress appeared, everyone was amazed. Even many of the famous figures in the front rows turned to look at her.

However, that woman walked straight to the second row and gently placed her hand on Stanley’s shoulder.

“It turns out she’s Mr. Fletcher’s partner!”

“Look at her graceful bearings! How amazing. She’s obviously not from our profession and she must be a young lady from a wealthy family or a top-notch international model, at least!”

“A handsome and rich man like Mr. Fletcher should indeed have a noble lady like her as a partner.”

The group of D-list celebrities started to gossip in jealousy again. On the other hand, Christine pursed her lips while looking at the woman in the red dress while a tinge of envy and gloominess could be seen in her eyes.

In the front row, Stanley, who felt down-hearted because Sean hadn’t appeared, suddenly felt someone tap his shoulder. Looking up in surprise, his sadness and anxiousness disappeared in a split second when he saw the tall woman in the red dress standing in front of him. She had fiery red lips and a pair of mesmerizing deep-set eyes, and she looked alluring and sexy.

Stanley was first confused but the next second, he gasped in astonishment. “Sean!”

In a woman’s dress, Sean tilted his head to the side and smiled while saying, “Stan, excuse me, please!”

It was only then did Stanley come back to his senses and move to the side, freeing up a seat so that Sean could sit beside him. At the same time, he couldn’t stop gawking at Sean.

He didn’t expect that Sean would dress up in a woman’s attire today!

In the front row, Sophia kept turning back too, amazed at how beautiful that dress looked on Sean.

After Sean and Stanley settled down, Stanley got his hands all over him while praising, “You’re so daring to wear such a thin dress. Bro, you’re impressive! By the way, how did you squeeze into such a tiny dress? That’s so cool!”

Sophia rolled her eyes.

Oh lord, what an unromantic fool!

Sean had dressed up splendidly today, but he didn’t expect to receive such brotherly praise from Stanley, which left him disappointed and depressed. Since the show hadn’t started, he took out his phone and scrolled through Twitter. Suddenly, he came across a photo posted by an influencer that Stanley had liked. In that photo, Stanley was with the girl from earlier.

Noticing that Sean was looking at that photo, Stanley bragged proudly, “A girl struck up a conversation with me just now. How cool is that? Look, that girl is sitting behind us. She’s an actress who was once an Esports streamer. In the past, we’ve even played against her in games. Look, that’s her! She must have over-edited her photo because she doesn’t look like that in real life. She’s much prettier in real life! In the past when she was still a streamer, she requested to compete against me. I thought she was a guy so I completely knocked her out in the game. I heard that she cried during her streams because of that! Besides that, she’s the ambassador of a few games from our company and even sang a game theme song. Isn’t she impressive? She can act, sing and play games. I’ll introduce her to you later!”

Seemingly to have realized something, Sean stared blankly ahead for a few seconds before slowly turning his head to glance at the girl, whom Stanley couldn’t stop talking about. She had big eyes and white teeth. Undeniably, she was stunning.

When he turned back around, the dejection in his eyes seemed to have disappeared and he forced a smile. “Let’s invite her to play games together at night then!”

Upon hearing their conversation, Sophia had the urge to take out a bunch of lipsticks from her bag and throw it at that fool!

She also couldn’t help but turn back to look at that girl from time to time. Indeed, she was pretty with her big, cheerful eyes. She thought, It might be good if Stanley, that fool, got together with the girl. By that time, Sean would give up and leave that idiot. He’ll surely find a better person in the future.

They had always been by each other ever since they were young. In the past, Sean grew up wearing female attires with Stanley. When they became adults, he changed into a suit and worked hard with Stanley to build their business.

They had been together as they changed from wearing nappies to school uniforms, and from school uniforms to suits. It had been so many years.

Sean couldn’t stop turning back to look at that girl too. In his mind, he questioned, Why am I not a girl?

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