My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1269

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1269

The show hadn’t started and guests were arriving one after another. Soon, a famous actress dressed in branded clothes came in and she sat in the first row. Judging from her fluent English, she seemed to have a powerful public relation force as her backing. In addition, she seemed to have great professional skills since she got along with the top-notch celebrities and took photos with them as soon as she arrived. However, that actress didn’t dare to approach Michael and to even give him a glance.

At the side, Sarah saw that actress and whispered in Sophia’s ear, “That’s Bethany, the current superstar. She’s extremely wicked and in the past, she fabricated stories about Taylor molesting her during the filming of a movie. When the truth came out, she didn’t even apologize, causing Taylor to be criticized for a long time. Now, someone decided to make her famous, so she rose to fame in just the blink of an eye. Even without any acting skills, she became an A-lister. Besides, her fans are just as wicked. They’ll pick fights with Harry’s fans whenever their opinions clash.”

Sophia gave the actress who was sitting beside Nicole a few glances. Yet, she didn’t dare to talk to her. She indeed looked alluring, but she had ordinary features that were commonly seen on televisions. Compared to Nicole’s outstanding features, she was completely outshone.

That’s her? Michael wouldn’t even be the least bit interested in molesting her!

Suddenly, Sophia felt that her clothes seemed familiar. Upon closer observation, she realized that she was wearing the exact same dress as the girl who talked to Stanley earlier. They were wearing the same outfit!

Wearing the same outfit at this kind of big-scale fashion event would definitely be extremely embarrassing to both parties, especially to the one who wore it worse. Obviously, that girl from earlier didn’t look as stunning as Bethany.

Sophia prayed for that girl to remain unnoticed by Bethany. However, things didn’t turn out according to her wish because the next second, the group of D-list celebrities who were sitting in the last row swarmed up to flatter Bethany. Among them, the girl wearing the same clothes was pushed toward Bethany too and she looked horrified. It seemed like she had realized what would happen next.

Christine had been pushed by the others toward Bethany. They wore the same outfit but obviously, Bethany wore it better and looked more majestic. After all, she had been put through the mill in the entertainment industry for years so naturally, she had cultivated her confidence and could control her aura perfectly. Therefore, a newbie like Christine was no match for Bethany.

Besides, Bethany was the ambassador in Cethos of a luxury brand under Ronney Group, so she was seated in the first row today. On top of that, several famous figures had asked for selfies with her as soon as she arrived, so she definitely had the confidence.

When Sophia got nearer to them, she realized that Christine wasn’t wearing genuine branded clothes. There were traces of alterations and the quality was a far cry from the genuine ones. In the usual days, it could deceive the eyes of laymen, but when it was worn in front of the experts today, it was only natural that everyone noticed it was a knock-off, not to mention when it was worn next to a genuine one. Evidently, Christine looked horrible like a bumpkin standing in front of a princess.

On the other hand, Bethany showed no signs of surprise and even questioned loudly, “Christine, your clothes must be a knock-off, aren’t they? How can you wear a fake Ronney dress when it’s Ronney’s press conference today? How ridiculous!”

As a newbie, Christine had never experienced this kind of situation, so she was completely stunned. Bowing her head and looking at her clothes, she finally realized that she was wearing a knock-off. No wonder it had an unpleasant smell when it was handed to her and didn’t fit her.

Everyone stared at Christine in suspicion and contempt, and this was the exact moment that the other D-list celebrities were waiting for. At this moment, they were laughing smugly as Christine made a fool of herself.

“I-I didn’t know…” Terrified, Christine took a few steps backward. “The dress was given to me by the company. I didn’t know that it was a knock-off. “I’m sorry!”

With great disgust, Bethany sized her up. “What an embarrassment. You should excuse yourself from here!”

However, Christine didn’t dare to leave now because this was a task from her company. She had to watch the entire show and get a few photos with the famous figures so that she could be hired in many blockbuster films in the future.

The group of D-list celebrities then shouted at Christine, “Get out now. Didn’t you hear what Bethany said? Don’t make a fool of yourself here anymore!”

“This is Ronney’s new product launching ceremony. How can you wear a fake Ronney dress? What are you trying to do? Are you trying to ruin this event?”

“Where’s the security? Someone, chase this woman out! She’s wearing a fake!”

The group of people were pushing and shoving her. At the same time, someone even shouted for the security. On the other hand, the other people from the fashion industry turned a blind eye to this commotion and no one tried to stop it. After all, wearing a fake was one of the biggest taboos in the fashion industry.

Being pressured, Christine choked up and tears rolled down her face. Some media even took the opportunity to snap ugly photos of her. At fashion week, which was crowded by a legion of fashion figures, wearing imitation clothes was a crime that was the most detested by fashion figures and the offender might be shut out from the fashion industry forever. She wouldn’t receive any endorsement jobs from now on and might even be thrown out of this venue a moment later.

Michael witnessed this incident from the side but he wasn’t planning to interfere. He knew that this was a common trick in the entertainment industry and it seemed like Christine had offended Bethany, so Bethany was deliberating picking fights with her.

Since the start of this industry, all kinds of cunning tricks had appeared one after another. Evidently, Christine was deceived because normally, these not-so-famous celebrities couldn’t afford high-quality, tailor-made branded gowns, which could only be worn one time. Their agency definitely wouldn’t buy it for them either. After all, a dress like that would cost over a hundred thousand to ten million. While famous actors could rent it from the brands, the D-listers didn’t have that privilege and could only rent it from costume companies.

Sophia once sold a rack of gowns which she wore in the past to earn money. To her surprise, just a few days later, she saw a group of female celebrities repeatedly wearing her gowns to all kinds of events. It was only then did she realize that the gowns were highly sought after. Previously, an actress was reported to be utterly embarrassed for wearing a high-quality imitation. Truth was, she was fooled by the costume company.

By now, many people had noticed the commotion, including Sean. He witnessed how Christine was besieged by the crowd and how helpless she was as she cried. Since they had played games together in the past, he didn’t want to turn a blind eye. Therefore, he deliberately nudged Stanley, who was scrolling on his phone beside him, and said, “Stan, look. Christine is being bullied. You should save her.”

Stanley lifted his head and looked in that direction. It’s Bethany, that b*tch, again!

Stanley was extremely annoyed at Bethany, who had poor acting skills and horrible temper but demanded a high pay. In the past, when she was invited to be the ambassador of their game, she even acted arrogantly and unreasonably at the scene. During prime time, she and Harry would appear in every channel on the television.

Stanley also knew that she had made up the story of being molested on the film set, which caused Michael to be criticized and cursed. In the end, she even pretended to be cute and innocent in order to dodge the blame. Since Sophia hated Bethany the most, she became Bethany’s professional hater and even specially created another account on social media to curse Bethany every day. Sometimes, when she wasn’t satisfied with cursing Bethany alone, she would instruct Stanley and Sean to join her and this went on for many years.

How dare Bethany bully an introverted gamer? This is unforgivable!

Christine was a newbie but since she had accumulated a lot of fans from being a streamer in the past and was even a champion in the international team competition, her fame skyrocketed when she debuted as an actress in a drama. On top of that, she had once replaced Bethany in an endorsement, which Bethany was looking forward to. Since then, she was hated by many and countless people tried to suppress her.

Step by step, Christine shrank backward but the taunts and mockeries didn’t stop. At that moment, she wished she could stay at home and play games. She should’ve continued her career as a skillful Esports streamer. In the games, she was the king and she could even make a living by playing games while streaming. Most importantly, she would be living a carefree life. If she hadn’t come to Bayside City to develop her career, she wouldn’t have had to experience these frustrating and cunning fights. Moving her feet backward, she planned to flee.

Unexpectedly, a man’s voice suddenly rang. “Well, well, well. If it isn’t Miss Bethany who was molested a few years ago!”

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