My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1272

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1272

When Christine found out that her idol actually took the initiative to bring her to take photos with the heavy hitters, she was so excited that her speech became incoherent. “R-Really? That would trouble you too much! I-I can do it on my own.”

Her company had asked her to take more pictures with big shots during the event and post them on Twitter to raise her popularity, but she didn’t know even a single one of them and had no one to take her around to get to know them. She also had no assistant that could help her to take the pictures. Besides that, they had even sent her a knock-off dress. It seemed that they purposely wanted to take her down.

Stanley didn’t mind. “Oh, we are all loser otakus who play games. We should help each other out. Come, I’ll introduce you to them.”

Sean watched as they both walked in front of him. He followed them behind with a camera and even gave Stanley a reminder. “Stan, you two should exchange phone numbers and add each other on Messenger so it’ll be easier to send pictures.”

Stanley was a little slow on the uptake. Catching on, he quickly exchanged phone numbers with Christine and added each other on Messenger.

After they exchanged contacts, Stanley brought Christine along to take pictures with someone and introduce her to some big shots along the way.

“Uncle Michael, Aunt, come here and take a picture together. Uncle Harry, come closer. Right, leave the center to the miss.”

“Nate, come here. Take a picture with this young miss. You need to hold hands and look like you guys are close.”

“Nicole, Uncle Sam, Linus! Come take a picture!”


When Bethany and the other D-listers saw that Christine was able to chat and take pictures with a group of fashionistas and had Stanley by her side, they were all extremely jealous.

Bethany was fuming.

Sht, why is nothing happening yet? Isn’t this btch supposed to be dead by now?!

She had always wanted to get rid of Christine, and it so happened that her financial backer wanted her to make a scene at fashion week. She was planning to use the opportunity to get rid of her and cause some trouble at the same time. They could have killed two birds with one stone if the plan had not been messed up by someone else unexpectedly!

After the photo session, Christine was overjoyed. She had also used the opportunity to get to know a lot of fashionistas and added them on Messenger too.

“Thank you, Mr. Snow Fox!” Christine blushed. She was still used to calling his username in the game.

Stanley didn’t mind and replied, “Oh, it’s no big deal, so don’t worry about it. I’ll send you the pictures as soon as possible so that you can report back.”

He really didn’t mind it at all and forgot about it after a while, but Christine’s eyes were shining and she had butterflies in her belly.

Sean, who was not far away, looked at them. There was sadness in his eyes, but it was filled with blessings too…

Sophia had added Christine on Messenger too and used the opportunity to check on her circle of friends. Sophia saw the bunch of beautiful photos she just posted that she took with her phone earlier.

Because both parties didn’t interact much before, they didn’t have many mutual friends. Besides, Messenger only allowed the likes and comments of mutual friends to be seen, so she couldn’t see her likes.

She swiped her finger and took a few more looks, thinking that maybe she and Stanley could develop their relationship. As his aunt, she went through her profile and inspected it closely. Unexpectedly, she saw a like and comment. She clicked it and found that it was actually from Maddie.

Maddie and Christine actually knew each other!

She quickly sent Maddie an inquiry and Maddie replied very quickly. “Oh, she is a distant cousin of mine from my hometown. She came to Bayside City to pursue her career alone and she didn’t know anyone, so my relatives back home asked me to take care of her. Her invitation for this fashion week was from my company too! You don’t have to mind her, just let her explore on her own. She’s already all grown up and isn’t a kid anymore.”

Sophia was left speechless. Christine was actually Maddie’s distant relative, yet she had never heard Maddie mention about her before.

But Maddie sure was punctilious. She never told her relatives back in her hometown about life with her husband in Bayside City, and she had never brought her relatives to the Fletcher Residence too. Her family really thought that she had married a paratrooper and lived in a basement in Beijing.

It wasn’t because she thought that her relatives were embarrassing, but because if her relatives knew about the Fletcher Family, they would start to ask Joel for help with all of their family matters, such as helping an older brother, uncle or younger brother get married, or helping them look for a job. They would definitely bother Joel and she didn’t want to cause him trouble.

Even though she knew that Sophia and Michael had a lot of resources at their fingertips, and that they could arrange everything for her if she asked for it, she still stayed silent.

However, that was in line with Maddie’s style. She started off as an intern editor in a newspaper and worked there for many years. She had worked her way up, not letting Joel put in a good word for her and without using any of the Fletcher Family’s resources either.

Seeing how Christine wore a knock-off dress to the fashion show, it seemed that she was being ostracized by her company. Her team also didn’t seem to care about her at all. Maddie really was careless, letting a young lady wander in Beijing by herself without worrying. What was more, she was letting her wander in the ruthless and cruel world of entertainment.

If she hadn’t intervened out of kindness, Christine would have been a dead person by now!

Sophia looked at Christine and said to her assistant, “Contact Christine’s agency. She has a good temperament. She will be our spokesperson for the next season.”

A storm was prevented just like that, but Sophia still kept her guard up. This matter wasn’t as simple as it seemed. If they wanted to make such a big scene, they would need a lot of manpower and would have needed to start planning a long time ago. If she hadn’t intervened today, they probably would have succeeded already.

She really didn’t expect the other party to be so bold that they would kill someone at such a grand fashion show.

But that fitted the style of that pair of twin brothers who weren’t afraid of anything.

After handling the matter, Sophia lifted her head and started looking everywhere for Cooper.

“Huh, where’s dad?”

Cooper still hadn’t appeared, and Anna didn’t show up either. He was probably waiting for Anna outside.

Sophia looked over to Callum and saw him staring at his phone. It seemed that he had received some grim news.

Outside the venue, Cooper had already been waiting for quite a while. He checked on his watch from time to time.

The show is about to start. Why is Anna not here yet?

Did something happen?

Just then, a car stopped and Daniel got out of it gracefully. He immediately saw Cooper who was still waiting foolishly and greeted him. “Hey, Mr. Cooper! Are you waiting for someone?”

Cooper responded with a grunt.

Daniel presented his invitation while saying, “I think I saw Ronney’s car right behind me just now.”

Cooper perked up immediately. He pulled himself together, tidied up his attire and prepared to welcome Anna in his best condition.

Daniel smiled.


The cold Cooper was no different to a little boy when he fell in love.

Daniel walked over to the red carpet and entered the venue. Just when he was about to greet an acquaintance, he suddenly saw a blue dress flashing past him.

In that instant, Daniel’s eyes widened. An attractive figure was reflected in his eyes.

“Alice, is that you…?”

Alice turned her head and looked back. Her eyes were calm, as was her smile. She controlled her emotions perfectly.


Casper suddenly appeared and ran toward Daniel joyfully.


Cooper, who was at the door, finally saw Ronney Group’s car arrive. He happily took two steps forward, ready to welcome Anna, but he didn’t expect that when the car door opened, the first thing to step on the ground would be a pair of leather shoes for men…

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