My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1279

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1279

Betsy could no longer endure it. In fact, she was staring at them as if they were eating sh*t!

Sarah ate two chicken claws. Then, she used her chopsticks to pick some duck intestine to compliment her rice. Betsy, who was seated across from her, had a drastic change in her expression—she could not even be bothered to search for her high heels and rose to her full height while being barefoot. However, she never expected to lose her balance and fall the moment she stood up. She realized in horror that the floor was covered with oil!

“Argh!” Betsy, who had fallen onto the ground, screamed in agony. She grabbed onto the tablecloth reflexively, but unexpectedly—

Clink, clank, splash!

She dragged all of the items laid on the table down together with the tablecloth.

Luckily, the tablecloth was rather thick, so everybody had time to respond because it was dragged across the table at a slower speed.

“Oh, sh*t!” Stanley reacted swiftly by snatching the plate of pork’s large intestine that he had his eyes on.

Betsy, who had fallen on all fours, took a lot of effort to stand up. However, she slipped on the oil again and landed on the ground with a loud thud. She had dragged the table cloth along with her this time and all of the dishes fell on her, causing her to be covered with duck intestines, chicken claws, preserved eggs and such. It was not difficult to imagine how disgusted she felt.

Tiffany stood up while slamming the table. “You, fool! Get lost in this instance!” She is nothing like I am. She is truly beyond stupid!

She noticed that Cooper was slightly scowling. To prevent his impression of her from being affected, she ordered her underlings to carry the barefoot Betsy out.

After witnessing the entire event, Master Sam broke the silence. “Let’s switch rooms.”

Harry immediately held onto the plate of Sarah’s chicken claws to head over to the new room to continue with his meal.

After their meal, everybody left together. They were ready to return to their hotel rooms for a rest while getting ready for the fashion show later that afternoon.

Michael sent someone to drive Carmen back to the kindergarten to continue with her lessons, but he did not expect her to cling onto his legs while refusing to leave. Kindergarten classes were also ending for the day, so he had no choice but to take her along. I suppose it’s good to broaden her horizons!

Earlier that morning, Sophia saw many child actors in attendance at the venue. Another guest, who appeared in ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ with Michael, brought his child along as well. It turned out that it was normal to bring children along during fashion week.

Michael received a job today, which was to model for the launch of a new men’s clothing line under the JNS Group.

Carmen left with him while looking pleased with herself. After arriving in the hotel room, she opened her bag. Then, she changed into a fashionable piece of clothing that she prepared beforehand. She even asked Nicholas to help her with a new hairstyle.

Michael, who was applying his makeup, turned to look at her. True enough, she had planned this a long time ago!

Sophia still had other matters to attend to, so she vanished the moment she returned to the venue. She still needed to check on the venue and the progress of its preparation.

Since Lucy was the director of the entire fashion week, she also came to inspect the show. Therefore, it was not long before the two of them bumped into each other.

The staff was busy with their allocated tasks since the show was about to start, so everybody was anxiously working on site. After making sure that nobody was around them, the two persons in charge started to chat despite the packed schedule.

“Jordan and Anna’s marriage won’t be favorable for you,” Sophia said to Lucy. Jordan might as well announce and admit to the whole world that there are four young masters in the Edwards Group and it has caused an internal uproar in the family.

It was unfavorable for Lucy to have four legal heirs suddenly competing with her for the inheritance. Besides, she had been unable to settle down for such a long time, so the higher-ups from the JNS Group were unsatisfied with her. After all, she was already past 30 years old.

She did not reveal much. “That is my problem, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

Sophia glanced around before adding, “Well, that naturally has nothing to do with me. It’s just that I’ve seen you support the Edwards Family for many years. I just find it unfair for you because there are a few people competing with you for inheritance suddenly!”

Jordan had already been busy with his other businesses a long time ago. He was merely a puppet in the Edwards Family and was rather useless in his position. From the beginning, Lucy had been involved in the administration within the Edwards Group. She had reformed the Edwards Group in such a way that it allowed the company to further improve itself. Hence, she deserved the most credit within the Edwards Group.

However, Jordan and Anna have now announced the news of their marriage. That means that he has admitted that the four brothers from the Yard Family will embrace their status as the heirs of the Edwards Group.

According to the Cethonian’s tradition, the inheritance is usually passed down to sons within the family…

Lucy was extremely unsatisfied with the turn of events.

Nobody can snatch the empire that I have built with my bare hands!

In the deluxe suite of the State Hotel, Henry wore a dark expression when he spoke to Ryan, “I will never allow the two of them to get married!”

Although Anna was their mother, they did not want her to be married to Jordan.

It doesn’t matter whether we are Jordan’s legitimate children or not. As long as we are Jordan’s descendants, we will have the right to inherit the Edwards’ assets. However, it’s different for Anna. If she doesn’t get married to Jordan, it means that she’s not his legal wife and will not have the right to inherit anything.

In reality, the Yards and the Edwards are Jordan’s descendants. Both of us are the true heirs of both families’ inheritance. Anna and Callum’s siblings do not have the right to inherit that massive sum of inheritance.

Furthermore, once the Ronneys and Edwards are acquainted by marriage, Lucy will also have the right to inherit the Ronney Group!

She might not have the Yard family name, but she is Jordan’s only daughter. What would happen if Jordan supported her by interfering in matters within the Ronney Group?

Wouldn’t there be another person competing with us for the family inheritance?!

Sandra took a lot of effort to get both of us discharged from the hospital. She is now our follower; as long as we tightly cling onto the Yard Group, we don’t have to worry that the Mitchell Group can’t rise again!

Sandra also knew about Jordan and Anna’s wedding. That matter was not related to her, but now that she was closely associated with Henry and Ryan, it only made sense for her to be in their shoes—she had to be their loyal follower.

Hence, she immediately suggested, “Our initial plan was to ruin the fashion week to ensure that Lucy and Sophia wouldn’t get what they wanted. Why don’t we follow our original plan to cause chaos at the engagement party? Let’s discuss the rest of it at another time.”

Both Henry and Ryan thought that it was a great plan. The two of them are about to get engaged soon, so we cannot allow the engagement party to go ahead as planned.

“You shall be in charge of this matter. You need to handle this well!”

She answered immediately, “Yes!” Since the morning session did not go as planned, I will personally attend to the matter this time. I have to ruin their engagement ceremony!

Meanwhile, in Anna’s lounge, there was no denying that it was Jordan’s last minute decision because nobody was informed beforehand. Therefore, both the Edwards Family and the organizer of the fashion week were caught by surprise because it was not in line with Jordan’s usual cautious style.

Jordan was anxiously preparing for the engagement ceremony. The originally planned fashion party for the Ronney Fashion Week was switched to an engagement ceremony at the eleventh hour. Nevertheless, the lineup remained unchanged.

Callum and Cade had already changed their clothes, which gave them a new look. They came over to bid adieu for the show.

“Mother, we are leaving for the show.”

The afternoon session belonged to the JNS Group as they were hosting their fashion news conference. Anna was originally supposed to attend the event with Cooper, but Jordan’s appearance had disrupted all of her plans. Hence, she had no choice, but to allow Callum and Cade to attend the show.

She sat by the window and stared out of it. The evening gown for the engagement ceremony was hanging on one side, but she did not feel like changing into it despite the long delay. She was still wearing the clothes that she was in from the morning show.

It was a shame that even the most gorgeous clothes could not conceal the loneliness deep down in her heart.

She sat by the window while staring at the dark, gloomy sky outside. The lounge was dark because she did not switch on the lights. Her figure seemed to have been glued to the window frame, appearing as though the darkness could engulf her anytime soon. I am not happy at all. I don’t want to get engaged, let alone be engaged to Jordan…

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