My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1282

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1282

As Christine gazed at the magnificent cybercafé, her eyes were full of surprise and shock to the point where it seemed like her eyeballs were falling off its sockets. The configuration inside the hall was already considered high-end, but what she never expected was for it to be divided into the general area, the member area, the VIP area and the women’s area. The computers that were located further inside the cybercafé had a higher-end configuration.

“Wow. This is the gaming keyboard that I’ve always wanted to buy, but I’ve never been able to buy one! I can’t believe there are so many of them here! Oh wow! Oh my God! Is this the legendary monitor… This is the women’s area. Oh my! The decorations are beautiful! Wow, this place is practically heaven! I want to stay here for a whole day—no, I want to stay here forever! I want to take some photos and post them on Twitter!”

Upon looking at her astonished expression, Stanley felt extremely proud.

“You can take and post any photos you want. This place isn’t open yet, but it will be in a few days. I want the whole world to know that the best gaming experience in the world is in Cethos, Bayside City!”

In the meantime, Christine quickly took a photo and posted it on Twitter while Stanley stood behind her to inspect her post.

What else will I bring her here for? Christine is really famous in the esports, live streaming and gaming community. Her Twitter post will definitely bring good publicity for me. Since the cybercafé will be opening in a few days, I can make use of her fame to boost my name.

While looking at the esports empire he created, he could not help but sigh inside.

When he was a young kid, he was in the same class with Sean and the two of them skipped school on a daily basis to play games in cybercafés. Every time the school sent someone to the cybercafé to apprehend students who skipped classes, for every eight out of ten times, it would be them who were caught.

The teacher had one day asked everyone to share their dream and his goal was to create the world’s biggest gaming company. Not only did he intend to produce the world’s best game, he even wanted to open the world’s largest cybercafé!

Everyone in the class, including the teacher, had mocked his dream and he was even punished for it.

However, when it was Sean’s turn, he said, “My dream is to work together with Stan and create the world’s biggest gaming company so that we can produce the world’s best games and open the world’s largest cybercafé.”

In the end, the whole class laughed at both of them.

Yet, it was not merely plain words. That was Stanley’s dream for many years and he worked tirelessly to achieve it. Now, his dream was about to be realized.

Sadly, Sean refused to follow him here today. Half of this cybercafé belongs to him.

The cybercafé had been renovating for many months and they had already asked Daniel to choose a perfect day for the opening. Now, they were waiting for that auspicious day to arrive.

“Come, let me take you to enjoy the coolest and fastest prime gaming experience!” Stanley excitedly mentioned.

Christine quickly nodded. “Yes, please. Lead the way, Snow Fox!”

After that, he brought her to the best private room which only had two seats inside, but they were able to see every computer in the hall. Anyone who sat there would have the illusion that they were a king looking over the world.

In the private room, those two seats were intended for Stanley and Sean. I’ll let Christine have a feel first and I’ll adjust it if it isn’t suitable.

“Come, let us try the world’s best prime gaming experience!” He switched on the computer and started the game in just two seconds. The internet speed had reached an extreme point because the software and hardware that he used were among the best in the world.

“Alright, Mr. Snow Fox. Wait for me. Okay, let’s go. Let’s fight! Don’t pull back on your punches. I’m actually good at this!”

Therefore, Stanley played games with Christine in the cybercafé for the whole night…

While they played their games, Sean was still at home and quietly switched on his computer. Initially, he wanted to open the game, but he gave up in the end. Stanley said that he went out to play games with Christine, but who knows whether they are actually playing games… They probably aren’t playing any games, right?

He was afraid that if he opened the game, he would not see Stanley in it…

At the same time, in the Imperial, Sophia took a bath and changed her clothes after sending Carmen home. Yet, after much consideration, she did not feel comfortable in her heart, so she changed her clothes and was about to head out the door without informing Michael.

However, as soon as she walked out the door, she could see him driving the car out of the garage. He happened to open the car door the moment he saw her coming out.

“Hubby? Where are you going?”

It was snowing outside, so Sophia wore a mink skin coat on top of her evening dress and exited with a pair of snow boots with her high heels in her bag.

On the other hand, Michael had already changed into his formal attire. “Of course I’m heading to the Ronney Group’s fashion party. Hurry up and come on in since the party is almost starting.”

For a moment, she was startled, but she immediately understood what he meant and quickly went into the car.

The car drove through the early spring’s chill as it headed toward the Ronney Group’s fashion party.

He understood Cooper well, so he knew that the latter would not do anything to harm Jordan today. Besides, the engagement was beneficial for them to bring Jordan down.

However, Michael was also oblivious to what Jordan was planning. He has had countless women beside him for the past few years and has not settled down, so why would he suddenly agree to marry Anna? Can’t he sense that something is wrong with her? Without the marriage, he is merely her superior. He is the master and Anna is just the servant. If he marries her, everything will change.

No matter what, Michael needed to have a look because even if he did not, Sophia would head there herself.

In the banquet room on the third floor of the State Hotel, Anna and Jordan’s engagement ceremony was underway. There were many guests at the scene, including many elites from Bayside City and from all over the world.

As the heads of the Ronney Group and the Edwards Group respectively, the union of Jordan and Anna was a perfect match made in heaven. Although it was something unexpected, it was still reasonable.

At the ceremony, she wore an engagement dress as she held a glass of wine and followed him around the Vanity Fair. Among the elites who came from all over the globe, she looked like a fish in water, as if she was a little girl completely immersed in happiness. Nobody would be able to suspect anything unusual about her at all. But, who else can understand the sorrow buried in my heart?

Anna’s four sons were also present at the scene. Two of them looked elegant, handsome and eye-catching while the other two held onto their canes as they limped into the scene.

The engagement ceremony had caught everyone by surprise—even the Edwards were only notified about the situation at the eleventh hour. Before today, it seemed that only Jordan was aware of the event.

As a result, his actions left them feeling dissatisfied. After all, this is a union between the heads of two families. How can this be done in a sloppy manner?

Moreover, they were surprised that Jordan was acquainted with the Ronney Group and that he had four sons outside the family.

Even though Sam and Nicole had shown up at the ceremony together, they still kept their marriage a secret for the time being. After delivering their child last year, she publicly claimed that she had accepted a role behind the scenes when she was in fact pregnant. She regained her former hourglass figure this year and prepared to return to her work; the fashion week was her first appearance after ‘disappearing’ for a few months.

That was the reason why they stayed far away from each other.

As he lifted his glass toward her direction, she also reciprocated with her actions.

In an outsider’s eyes, they were merely two strangers who did not have anything to do with each other.

He was the 9th Old Master of the Edwards Family whereas she was only a scandalous nobody who successfully climbed up the social ladder.

However, she was satisfied with the current situation. Actually, this is also quite nice.

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