My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1284

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1284

Sandra forcefully lowered her voice to threaten Lucy.

She had actively volunteered to help Henry to spoil the engagement ceremony, so she could only threaten Lucy to assist her.

However, Lucy did not seem to be affected at all. “It doesn’t matter whether they dare to be engaged or not. As long as their true identity is exposed, they will still be the heir to the Edwards Group even if they are b*stards. Besides…” She glared at the delusional Sandra. “If I come out and ruin the engagement ceremony, they will have another one the next time. Also, my father will punish me afterward. I’m not that stupid. Who cares if you’ll expose me? No one believes you!”

“You—” Sandra was extremely short-tempered and whenever she was irritated, her face would flush aggressively. “Lucy Edwards, don’t forget who you are! If you dare to defy me, I’ll expose your scandals!”

Lucy completely ignored Sandra, but the people who were near them repeatedly glanced at their direction. Lately, Sandra had been involved in lots of drama—including the swimming pool incontinence incident and the exposure of her drug use. There was also news from the Mitchell Group that they were on the brink of collapse, so none of the elites in Bayside City dared to approach her.

I wonder how she managed to join the fashion party today.

Upon seeing Lucy’s disdain toward herself, Sandra was frustrated, but she could not afford to fail the mission!

Without Lucy’s help, she could only rely on herself. Luckily, I came prepared!

Then, Sandra grabbed her bag and went into the washroom. In the cubicle, she took out a lighter from her bag and a huge firecracker…

At the banquet, the atmosphere was buzzing. Since the time was up, Jordan and Anna held their hands as they were about to be engaged.

After the engagement, they quickly received their marriage certificate and the wedding was already being prepared. He officially revealed his position in the Yard Group and she as the matriarch of the Edwards Family.

Many strong women around the world would soon realize that they had the same type of husbands as Anna…

In the meantime, Sophia and Michael returned before sitting beside Cooper, who was currently discussing something with Bailey.

She repeatedly glanced at Bailey. Oh my, this brat is really something! If only Carmen can be as brilliant as him at that age. But, I think it’s better for her to focus on school and exams at the age of 14.

Just as she was about to say something to Linus, a huge explosion suddenly came from the washroom. The whole State Hotel shook while the glasses fell to the floor, causing the guests to panic and screams from female guests could be heard at the same time.

“What happened?” Sophia swiftly stood up.

The guests looked at each other while the smell of gunpowder overpowered the scent of wine.

Amidst the silence, someone screamed in horror, “There’s a bomb! Someone is trying to kill us all! Run!”

There’s a bomb! There’s actually a bomb! Tonight, all the top elites from around the world are gathered here. If the bomb is detonated, the whole Bayside City will plunge into chaos!

The sudden panic threw the entire banquet into chaos as the screaming guests fled the scene. As the commander-in-chief of the scene, Lucy was also shocked. Without her orders, the on-site emergency team had already made their move to escort all the guests out in an orderly fashion. There was also a bomb squad that entered the washroom and discovered that a cubicle was blown up.

The scene was now a mess as the guests frantically rushed toward the emergency exit. In the crowd, all the furniture had been flipped over and plates were smashed on the floor. Someone even fell to the floor before being trampled by countless feet.

Amidst the chaos, Sophia, who was sitting in the corner, was not involved in the crowd as Michael quickly protected her. “Let’s go. I know where the emergency elevator is.” No matter whether there is a bomb or not, it’s not safe to stay here!

“Dad, let’s go!”

Cooper glanced at Sophia and murmured, “Linus, take good care of your sister.”

Without saying anything, he rushed into the crowd and ran toward Anna. I can’t leave her!

“Dad—” Sophia yelled, but he was instantly engulfed by the crowd.

Michael quickly dragged her to the emergency elevator and left.

In the chaos, she saw the two brothers with their cane. It was difficult for them to move around as they squeezed in the crowd, so they were on the verge of falling down.

Upon seeing them, she instinctively moved her foot. “Go to hell!”

She kicked Henry down and he happened to fall on Ryan. As soon as the two brothers fell together, she took the chance to ruthlessly step on them before escaping. For convenience sake, she removed her high heels so that she could run faster while being barefoot. Soon after, she arrived at the front of the emergency elevator and prepared to leave.

Linus had also caught up to them, but sadly… Cooper was not beside him.

Inside the elevator, she felt relieved yet worried. Looks like this engagement party is ruined, but I’m worried about Cooper and Anna.

At the banquet, Anna was not prepared for the sudden incident at all. At first, she was surrounded by many people who wanted to talk while Jordan happened to leave all of a sudden. Not far away from her, Callum and Cade were talking with a few guests.

When someone screamed ‘there’s a bomb’ at the banquet, the crowd went wild and Anna, who wore high heels, was squeezed to one side by the crowd. Her feet were not rooted to the floor, so she was terrified that she could fall at any time.

She instinctively called out to her sons, “Son!”

However, Callum and Cade were being squeezed to another side as they desperately moved toward her.

“Mom! MOMMMM!” They shouted loudly, but they were unable to get closer toward her. As they were pushed further away, they could only watch her disappear into the crowd. If she falls and gets trampled, the consequences will be devastating!

“Mom—” At the moment, Callum felt anxious and flustered, but he suddenly saw a figure rushing toward her.

That stalwart and profound figure in the chaotic crowd seemed to be filled with strength as he squeezed through the crowd and quickly disappeared in the sea of people—just like Anna…

“Son! Aaaah—”

In the crowd, Anna called out for her son as her whole body fell backward. She had no control of her body and there was nothing for her to grab onto. Coupled with the turbulent crowd, she thought that she would be trampled into pieces if she fell backward, but surprisingly, she fell into a pair of warm arms.

It was a powerful hand supporting her.

As soon as she turned, she could see Cooper’s worried looks. At that moment, tears flowed from her eyes like rain. “Cooper…”

Without saying anything, he carried her and entered a room in the State Hotel, which had an emergency elevator inside, instead of following the crowd to the main exit.

She remained in his arms as he ran forward. She then wrapped her arms around his neck and heard his breath and heartbeat. Her heart seemed to start beating in a strange manner. It’s great to have you…

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