My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1286

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1286

Sam was anxiously looking around for Nicole. Earlier at the banquet, the two of them did not stand together to avoid any rumors being created. After the incident, he was completely pushed out by the crowd, so he could not see her at all.

As soon as he came out of the hotel, he continued to call her phone, but no one answered. Although his assistant had already asked him to leave multiple times due to the possibility of another explosion, he still insisted on searching for Nicole. However, he could not locate her outside the hotel, so he risked everything and returned to the banquet for her.

It was when he lost her in the face of danger that he finally realized that she already had a place deep in his heart. In fact, he had once gotten together with her because of Cooper’s instruction.

Cooper knew that Nicole admired him and he understood that without her, he would never have had the chance to reunite with Sophia. However, he could never bring himself to love a woman other than Annabel. He could not repay Nicole’s favor and her love for him was for nothing. Sam understood his frustration, so he actively approached Nicole. In the end, he started both a relationship and family with her.

Now that he had a family, he supported her so that she would not have to work hard anymore, but he also realized that during their everyday interaction, he seemed to have forgotten about his initial intentions. In his mind, he only wanted to spend the rest of his life with her—not because of what others wanted, but because of her and their child!

Unable to locate her, he started to become anxious, so he continued to call her while ignoring the people telling him not to go inside. Finally, his assistant grabbed him and whispered, “Ms. Walker is already out of the building and she is safe. She just… doesn’t want others to discover about your relationship with her and disturb you…”

For a moment, Sam was startled as he glanced at his assistant in disbelief and saw that she was unconsciously looking somewhere. He looked in that direction and saw Nicole’s sore and panicked face as she was being interviewed by some reporters. She seemed to have suffered a minor injury, but she did her best to calm herself and answer the reporters’ straightforward questions.

When Nicole saw that Sam was about to walk toward her, she gave him a shake of her head from afar, informing him not to come over. She did not want her scandalous past to affect his reputation, but he was now rushing toward her even with the knowledge that their relationship would be exposed.

Upon seeing him approach her, she shook her head again at him with tears in her eyes. However, at the moment, Sam no longer cared about anything because he knew that she was scared and needed him. He wanted to give her a family and an identity as the 9th Madam of the Edwards Family! I also want the whole world to know that I, Sam Edwards, am married to Nicole Walker! Fck those scandals! Fck reputation! All I want now is to hold onto her!

“Ms. Walker, what happened inside?”

“What do you think about this sudden incident? Do you think the sudden timing will affect the continuation of the fashion week?”

“Regarding the recent online rumors about the ominous identity of your secret child’s father, what do you think? Can you tell us who the child’s father is?”

“Do you even know who the father is?”

The reporters surrounding Nicole took the chance to ask her burning questions since her assistant and bodyguards were not there. With nowhere to go, she had no choice but to directly face those questions.

Lately, many netizens caught pictures of her with a pregnant belly and there were even rumors circulating that her private life was a mess. In order to gain a higher position, she slept with many celebrities in the movie industry—including Taylor and Ethan, who were the ones that promoted her, giving her the status she had today. She herself did not even know who the child’s father was.

Unfortunately, Nicole and the Imperial Management Studio who supported her did not completely dismiss those rumors as she was undergoing an intense training session after accepting a main female protagonist in a Hollywood blockbuster for her comeback. Therefore, her silence was interpreted by the media as an admission to those rumors. At that moment, the reporters asked more embarrassing and tricky questions right on her face.

“Ms. Walker, are these rumors true? Your private life is so messed up that you don’t even know who the father of your own child is! Please clarify this, Ms. Walker!”

“You have many fans around the globe. Don’t you think they deserve an answer from you?”

However, Nicole could not hear or see anything else because she only had the approaching man in her eyes. He came toward her with no hesitation, even though he knew that it would be bad for him if everything was exposed. Yet, he still came over without turning back.

Tears blurred her vision and at that moment, she wished she could return to the days when she was 17 years old. I would never have chosen to be a celebrity. Instead, I would always wait for him!

Obviously, the reporters also noticed that Sam was approaching them. The name of the 9th Master of the Edwards Family was a famous one since it was once a step away from having the same power as the president. To this day, the business talent, who owned the Crimson House franchise, was certainly familiar to their ears.

Just as they were about to interview Sam, the most unexpected thing happened—he strode forward and pulled Nicole into his arms without hesitation. He buried her teary face into his chest and used his body to block those frivolous shots focusing on her embarrassing looks. Then, he bellowed, “Nicole’s child is mine. We have already registered our marriage, so we are a legal couple. If these media outlets who falsely accused and insulted her don’t issue a formal apology tonight, I’ll personally arrive at your doorstep and fight for my woman.”

The elites—including the Edwards—who remained at the scene quickly glanced at him. The shutter sounds and camera flashes engulfed the two of them, masking Nicole’s joyful sobs. Actually, he doesn’t need to do this…

However, Sam continued to hold her as she buried her face in his arms. Then, he removed his clothes to cover her head so that the reporters could not take pictures of her embarrassing looks. He was using his own method to protect and love her…

From afar, Lucy gazed at Sam and Nicole, who were surrounded by the crowd, with eyes that were full of shock. I can’t believe Sam actually married a scandalous celebrity like Nicole. As the young master of the Edwards Group, this will definitely draw strong opposition from the Edwards Family because his actions will directly tarnish their reputation. However, at the moment, she was a little envious of him because he was able to openly admit about his marriage with Nicole at the expense of the Edwards Family.

It was because Sam had the backing to say those words. He had built his business from scratch after being alienated from the Edwards Family’s enterprise long ago, so he did not need to be concerned because he had nothing to lose. As for Lucy… she started to take over the family business when she was a teen. It had now been more than ten years and since then, she had devoted her life to the company. If she merely left, she would lose everything.

She swore in her heart as she stared at Dana, who was evacuating the guests, I can only hate myself for not being strong enough! That day… isn’t far away.

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