My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1288

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1288

Jordan radiated a cold aura when he fiercely glared at the direction where Sophia and Linus were leaving. “Alright, I’ll be waiting here!”

The people of the Edwards Family surrounded the hospital from outside, guarding all the entrances and exits of the hospital and ensuring that their besiegement was impenetrable.

In the ward, Anna knew that Jordan had arrived, but she was reluctant to leave. I’m not going anywhere today since I belong to Cooper.

She threw herself into Cooper’s arms without any reluctance or regret and indulged herself in his warmth and presence tonight. Sinking deep in his embrace on the bed, his guidance led her to drop all of her vigilance and wariness to become one with him as she enjoyed the unprecedented pleasure of lovemaking.

When her pleasure climaxed, all that was left in her mind was nothing but splendor. She felt the kind of love and warmth that she had never felt before and felt good to be a human for the first time in her life…

Since it was late at night, Sophia, who had stayed in the hospital to look after Cooper, did not dare to leave. However, his room had been locked, preventing anyone from entering.

She slept in the neighboring ward for the night while Michael and Linus took their turns to rest while being vigilant of Jordan’s people—in the event that they suddenly rushed in.

There were a few vehicles parked at the entrance and his men had been guarding outside the hospital. They guarded all entrances and exits; they were determined to wait there until they found Anna.

Tiffany parked her car outside the door to watch the situation as well.

She waited until midnight and finally could not wait any longer. She then stood at the entrance gorgeously, attempting to slip past the crowd to visit Cooper.

However, she was stopped outside the entrance—she was even not allowed to visit him, which obviously made the situation seem fishy! Anna must be in the hospital then!

It was now midnight, but Jordan did not head to sleep. He kept loitering around the entrance, waiting for Anna to appear. At that moment, he seemed to have the most sensitive sense of smell in the world and picked up on the fragrance that she had left there. I’m sure that she must be here.

Representatives from both parties were in a standoff throughout the night and soon enough, it was daybreak.

After pacing back and forth for the whole night, Jordan’s eyes had reddened, but he still raised his head and looked in the direction of the hospital ward.

The sun rose later in winter and it was the first time in Anna’s life to wake up after a full sleep. She had slept well without any signs of insomnia or nightmares; it brought peace to her mind, as if there was an unprecedented sense of security that shrouded her with the feeling of never being that comfortable for the past 30 years.

She woke up in Cooper’s embrace, raising her eyes and looking at him. His sharply-defined features still looked enticing even after many years had passed.

Cooper had already woken up a long time ago, but he did not rise to his full height; he merely stared at her asleep and feeling content. I never thought that in this life, I would still be able to embrace the love of my life.

“Morning.” Anna pecked him on his lips while carefully avoiding his injury.

“Good morning.” His leg was injured, but he was reluctant to get up. With her in his arms, it was as if their hearts were glued together through thin layers of flesh.

After the floodgate of love was opened overnight, their love, which they held back for 30 years, went out of control like a raging flood.

At that instant, all they wanted was to tightly hold each other and cherish every second that they had together.

Unfortunately, they still had to separate from each other. Since their time had yet to come, they were unable to be together. Soon, Sophia’s voice was heard from outside the door. “Dad, it’s almost time for Mrs. Yard to leave. Everything is ready at Callum’s side as well.”

The two people, who were in each other’s embraces, pretended not to hear her voice. After a few seconds, Anna reluctantly uttered, “I have to go.”

Cooper planted a kiss on her black hair. “Okay, please be careful.”

Although they were unwilling to do so, they had to temporarily part from each other.

She got out of bed, wore her clothes, and tidied herself before opening the door.

When the door was suddenly pulled open, Sophia, who had her ear glued on the door, stumbled into the ward.

As a result, all three of them were rendered speechless.

She awkwardly chuckled and fled the scene with her tail between her legs.

Anna left with her as well.

Although Jordan was guarding the entrance, the place was Michael’s territory and it was impossible not to have a secret exit. Sophia was now guiding Anna to leave through that exact route.

She furtively peeked at Anna and noticed that the latter’s face was flushed red while it shone in a glow that she had never seen before. It was as if Anna had changed into a different person. Looks like they had a wonderful night together…

Sophia felt troubled as she did not know how to face her mother, so she acted indifferently. She led Anna to the secret exit and said, “Head into the car. Someone will pick you up after a while.”

Anna smiled. “I will take care of myself.” She then got on an electric bike and traveled in the carpark for a few minutes. When it came to a stop, she was then led to a door. Then, she pushed open the door and took a few steps before the view suddenly became clear—she had arrived at a subway station.

In the ward, Cooper felt empty after sending her off, as if someone had dug a hole in his heart.

After Sophia sent Anna off, she returned and sat opposite him while staring at him in the silence. Hehe! As expected from my dad! He sure is impressive! He managed to get her in his bed at such speed!

Sophia’s stare made Cooper embarrassed. He then stroked her hair and uttered, “Darling, we should have our breakfast.”

Linus, who had asked for their breakfast to be served in the ward, helped Cooper up as he took his meal.

The family of three quietly ate. Sophia had to head to the venue of the fashion week after breakfast because JNS Group had two more fashion shows to host. She had to be at the scene to supervise everything.

She gobbled up the food. As the millet porridge was still hot, she perspired a lot while eating it.

“Darling, why don’t you eat slower?” Cooper asked.

While looking at his two children, his eyes twinkled with amazement. They are Annabel’s children—the products of our love and the babies that we had together! The more I look at my babies, the more I find them adorable! They look like two cute piglets when they are eating—one seems quieter while the other seems livelier. I hope that we can have another two similar piglets—no, I can accept having as many as I can…

Sophia loudly ate her breakfast, totally unaware of Cooper’s intent and fatherly stare, while the same stare numbed Linus. He thought, What’s wrong with Cooper today? Maybe Anna has reminded him of the past?

After having breakfast, Cooper sat on the bed. Medicine had been applied on the injury on his leg, so his movements were restricted. “Invite the guests outside in and let’s have a meeting with them,” he said to Linus.

Linus nodded and their people at the entrance retreated a while later. After that, Jordan entered with an aggressive aura while Tiffany poked her head into the room before entering.

Upon seeing Cooper in the ward, she was shocked. “Oh, my God! Fass! You are injured!”

He replied, “It’s nothing. Just some superficial injuries and a little concussion.”

The moment Jordan came in, he looked around to look for Anna. He had asked his men to guard all the entrances and exits of the hospital and carefully checked every single person who entered and exited the premise, but she was nowhere to be found. No, I know that Anna must have been here last night—this room is filled with her scent and I can sense her breath in the air. She must have been here!

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