My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1290

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1290

Sean patiently explained to her, “When your Papa is in a relationship, you will have a mommy to love you and maybe you will have many little brothers and little sisters! Won’t you be happy, Maisie?”

Maisie finally smiled and replied, “Are we still going to stay together then?”

He forced a smile on his face. “Of course.”

Only then did she feel relieved to head to the kindergarten. She also hugged Judge as her way of saying goodbye.

As a matter of fact, she seemed to understand that Stanley, who was now in a relationship, would soon form his own family and have his own kids. So, it was a matter of time before he would leave Sean and her.

However, she still feigned happiness as she knew that he was upset. If she was upset, he would feel even more depressed. Therefore, she had to be elated to make him happy.

The sun rose later in Bayside City—it was 8.00AM when the day was finally bright.

Casper nuzzled Daniel in his arms and woke the latter up. Daniel opened his eyes and noticed that Alice was already dressed and doing her makeup; it seemed like she was about to leave.

He suddenly sat up. “Are you leaving?”

Alice was applying lipstick while holding the compact mirror as she replied, “Yeah.”

She pressed her lips as desolation filled her eyes.

Daniel rose to his full height and gently wrapped his arms around her waist. “Can’t you stay with me for another day?”

“No, I can’t,” she adamantly replied.

Her reply left him in dejection. As always, career is more important than a man since the latter means nothing to her.

He knew where he stood. Love was not the only thing in her eyes and neither was he.

Sarah had woken up early to see Hope and Poppy off before they entered the car to head to the kindergarten. After that, when she was yawning in her pink, tender pajamas, she suddenly saw Daniel driving Alice and Casper out.

Cooper, who happened to return home, saw Alice leaving in Daniel’s car.

When Michael arrived home after sending Carmen to the kindergarten, he finally took a breather after being busy for the entire night. He switched on his phone and saw that the Fletcher Family’s group chat was extremely active with notifications that he had received messages. In the blink of an eye, the notification showed that there were ‘99+’ unread messages.

The Fletcher Family’s group chat consisted of the old and young family members. It was usually the older ones who were more active since they would share motivational quotes and passages by unknown experts every day. While the young ones were usually quieter and less active, they were behaving in the opposite manner today.

‘Ah, Stan is in a relationship! That’s not bad!’

‘Stan is finally dating someone! It’s something that we have been waiting for!’

‘This child, Stan, is almost 30 years old, and he finally understands the importance of relationships! Congratulations! Try to get two kids in three years, yeah! The Fletcher Family will have new members next year!’

Besides that, there was also another family group chat, which consisted of the younger generation that ranged from 15 to 35 years old. That particular group was even more active with new messages being sent day and night. He secretly opened that chat group, which was currently livelier than normal.

‘Stan, congratulations for popping the cherry!’

‘A warm congratulation to Mr. Stanley for stepping down from his title as a bachelor and nailing a pretty, rich, and fair girlfriend!’

‘Now, let’s welcome Mr. Stanley to give a speech for popping his cherry! Give a round of applause to Stanley! Stanley’

‘Ah, it looks like Mr. Stanley has overworked himself last night. In my view, he is still sleeping with his beauty. He didn’t even accept the money that I sent to him. Let’s not disturb him.’

Michael swiped downward to read the previous messages. Hey, that number one silly dog of the Fletcher Family has actually learned to date a girl and stayed out for the whole night? This is even rarer than Judge behaving in the house!

Whenever the topic of Stanley, the idiot dog, was mentioned, everyone from the Fletcher Family had a headache. Judge even did better than him—it had at least three or five girlfriends although it failed to mate with any one of them.

Now, the silly dog had finally enlightened.

When Stanley’s parents were about to accept the fact that his son was not interested in girls but preferred boys, it was out of their expectation to encounter such a surprise. They had been so delighted that they started to give money in the family group chat early in the morning.

It seemed like the Fletcher Family took the young lady seriously. Even though she only met Stanley yesterday, her details had been spread among the Fletchers today, including her Wikipedia, profile, Twitter account, comments, works, live streaming account and so on. Everything about her was revealed to his family.

Michael took the opportunity to read more about her. She was a hardworking young lady who did not have a tainted past and completely relied on her skills to become famous, leading her team to be the champion for the International E-sports Tournament. Although she was still a newbie in the entertainment industry, she had a great future ahead—a good match for Stanley, that silly dog.

However, as a newbie who had recently made her debut, being in a relationship was the same as ending her own career. So, her agency would probably forbid her from doing so as well. Luckily, the fact that she spent the night with Stanely was only circulated within the Fletcher Family. Otherwise, they would have appeared in the news.

The headlines today were all about the secret marriage of the winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress, Nicole, causing her news to be published all over the media.

Sophia had left earlier to head to the venue to personally supervise the two upcoming big fashion shows. The fashion shows were arranged to be held in a certain hotel and museum to ensure that the events looked imposing and beautiful.

Amidst her busy schedule, she took a glance at her phone. As she had also joined the Fletcher Family’s group chat, she discovered that it was filled with discussions about Stanley and Christine staying out for the night. It appears that Stanley has encountered his true love, but how about Sean?

Sophia initially wanted to console Sean, but she did not know how to do so. Perhaps he has already mentally prepared himself for this.

It had already been more than ten years, but Stanley had continuously overlooked Sean’s feelings. It could have been because Stanley was straight—the kind where he would not swing in that way. Therefore, his relationship with Sean only remained as brothers. Relationships are not something that can be forced.

She came across the incident about Sam and Nicole again. They had hid their secret marriage so well that even the Edwards Family had no idea about the identity of his child. However, he unexpectedly exposed their marriage on his own accord during the chaos last night.

As the only winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress in Cethos, Nicole had long evolved from an actress of a local TV drama to a renowned actress of box office movies. The exposure of her marriage last night had attracted great attention from the media, which resulted in the news becoming the headlines this morning.

It was inevitable that her past dark history would be exposed as well, causing the netizens to mock and make fun of him to the extent where they even photoshopped him into memes.

The guys were jealous of Sam, the rich man who married Nicole, a sexy beauty with an angelic aura. She was one of the few Cethos celebrities who managed to enter the international mainstream filming industry. The films that she starred in were not only famous in Cethos, but they were just as popular in other countries too. Those people, who were sour grapes, even maliciously posted the indecent photos that were taken of her before.

On the other hand, women were jealous that despite Nicole being a female celebrity with plenty of indecent history, she was able to marry Sam, who was a bachelor of the finest quality in Cethos. So, they also posted and shared her indecent photos online as well.

Below the news were all nasty comments and the public had unfriendly opinions toward them—those comments were none other than the traditional scenario of a female celebrity seducing a rich man.

After thinking about it, Sophia texted Nicole, ‘Goddess, are you alright?’

It was the first time that Nicole entered the Edwards Residence—Sam had brought her home to meet the Edwards Family.

He refused to continue to hide his relationship with her from the Edwards Family, media, and the public. He wanted to announce to his family that he had married her and bring her back to the ancestral hall to pay respect to his ancestors in order to acknowledge her identity.

At that moment, she now sat in the living room of the Edwards residence, but members of the Edwards Family seemed unfriendly toward her.

Meanwhile, he was quarreling with the elders of the Edwards Family in the adjacent meeting room.

The quarrel was obstreperous to the point where Nicole heard it even though she had no intention to do so. When she held her phone to reply to Sophia’s text, she suddenly raised her head and saw that Anna was being welcomed in…

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