My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1300

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1300

“Ahhhh!” Ryan screamed. Ever since he arrived at Cethos, he had never had a day of peace. Last year, he was hit by a group of people led by Sophia until he had to be admitted to the hospital. During the fashion week, he fell to the ground after being kicked and stepped on by a group of people. Today, he limped over here just to enjoy seeing Lucy’s hardship, yet he was shot by her even though he was just on the sidelines.

Meanwhile, Lucy was pressed to the ground by others.

Jordan looked at his most trusted daughter incredulously. She was his only daughter in the Edwards Family, so he had spent all his resources to groom her to become his perfect successor. On top of that, he even handed Edwards Group for her to take over earlier than they had planned. In the future, she would be the head of the Edwards Group.

But he had never expected that she would actually fire a shot at him.

His eyes were full of painful regret, as if the precious treasure he had been carefully sculpting suddenly stabbed him deliberately one day.

“You evil daughter! How dare you!” Jordan was so furious that he stomped his feet on the ground.

Henry shot a glance at Ryan, who had been shot. Even though he hated the fact that his brother was shot, his eyes were filled with glee and excitement as he watched Lucy’s misfortunes.

I can’t believe that Lucy is actually in love with another woman! How disgusting and freakish! If Sandra hadn’t told us this secret, I would never have imagined that this sister of mine, who usually looks business-like and serious, is actually so dirty in private!

Unable to hold his anger in, Jordan walked forward and slapped Lucy harshly again. However, he treasured this daughter after all, as she was his perfect successor. Hence, he still wanted to give her another chance.

“Lucy, do you admit your mistake?” Jordan tried to calm himself down.

At this moment, Lucy could only think of Dana, who was half-dying with her eyes open. Even though half of Lucy’s face had turned pink because of Jordan’s slap, as tears streamed down her cheeks along with her nosebleed, she gritted her teeth and raised her head to stare at Jordan stubbornly. She said with trembling pale lips, “I haven’t done anything wrong! I love Dana! There’s nothing wrong with that! Even if you kill me, I still love her!”

If Dana dies, I don’t want to live anymore!

It was only at this moment that she realized that she had been terribly wrong—she thought everything would be solved once she left the Edwards Family.

Unexpectedly, it was difficult to escape from fate after all.

In the end, she still took Cooper’s path and saw her beloved die in front of her.

I’m the reason for Dana’s death!

I just want to die right now!

After receiving this reply from Lucy, Jordan was so angry that he kicked her.

He had never expected that this daughter of his was actually in love with another woman.

If this news is spread out, what would become of our reputation?

On the other hand, Henry looked at Dana, who was lying on the ground with her face facing upwards after being shot several times. Her breathing gradually weakened as blood oozed profusely from her body, leaving a puddle of blood underneath her body.

“I heard Dana is an intersex. I’ve never seen one before…”

With that, he actually crouched to try to take off Dana’s clothes to see how an intersex looked like.

“Don’t you dare!”

Lucy suddenly went berserk and ran to him like a strong beast with red eyes. She immediately held Henry back and bit his ears harshly with great determination, as if she was planning to drag him down to die with her.


With a crack, Lucy bit off the bones in his ears, making him scream loudly.

Jordan immediately asked his men to pull them apart, as Lucy had completely gone mad because of Dana’s death. She struggled violently as she tried to dash toward Dana, as if she wanted to die together with her.

The twin brothers, Ryan and Henry, were hurt. The former was shot in his shoulder, while the latter’s ear was bitten off. They rolled on the ground because of the pain before they were carried away by others.

Jordan shook his head with pain in his eyes.

She was my perfect successor! Initially, she could have been the head of Edwards Group, yet because of an intersex freak…

“Mr. Edwards, perhaps Lucy has never had the sensual experience from men. If you let her have a taste of it, she might change her mind,” Sandra suggested sarcastically.

Jordan heaved a sigh, but he thought this might work. Hence, he looked at a few sturdy members of the Edwards Group and picked a few good-looking ones. “The young lady is in your hands tonight. Do let her experience how amazing men could make her feel.”

With that, Jordan turned around and left angrily. This time around, Sandra had done a good job by reporting this case, so she immediately gained his approval. She quickly followed behind him after turning around to glance at Lucy, who was hugging Dana’s body as she sobbed her heart out.

Hmph! Look at you now!


After Jordan left, the few men pointed out by him exchanged embarrassed looks. Finally, they made up their minds firmly and walked to Lucy.

She seemed to have realized what was about to happen, so she roared at the few men who were closing in on her, “If you dare to touch me, you are going to die horribly!”

Unfortunately, her words had no power anymore as she was not the young lady of the Edwards Family anymore. Instead, she had become the sinner of the Edwards Family.

Heavy rain with thunder and lightning had fallen in the middle of the night. Screams from Lucy could be heard from the house that was exquisitely decorated by Dana and Lucy. However, since there weren’t anyone living nearby, the thunder in the dark night had covered her tragic cries.

Dana was left at the front door with rain gushing down on her, washing away the blood underneath her and leaving her soaked in rainwater, which had also entered her mouth. At the verge of death, Dana frowned slightly; with her eyelids shut, her eyeballs seemed to be moving. Even though she couldn’t open her eyes, her lips were saying something.

“Lucy… Lucy…”

She could hear Lucy’s wails and the sinister laughter from the men around them. She knew that her dear Lucy was suffering, but her body acted as though it had been blocked from all functions, unable to move an inch.

She couldn’t even feel her anger. Like falling into a deep abyss, she slowly sank into the endless darkness and coldness, unable to feel light and warmth again.

In that instant, even though she was barely conscious, she still used her final breath to mutter, “Lucy…”

Suddenly, a beeping sound rang from her pocket as a mechanical female voice rang. “I’m here. How may I help you?”

With that, a square block lit up in her pocket.

It was another phone of hers. During the New Year, Harry gave her a Dragon Eye mobile phone with the highest specs—it was waterproof and bulletproof. It was quite impressive that it could still be used in such a heavy rain.

A smart voice recognition system like Siri was installed in the Dragon Eye phone, and Dana had named it Lucy. Unintentionally, she had activated it.

Using her last breath, Dana tried to say loudly, “Lucy, call my brother…”

With that, she sank into the infinite darkness entirely, along with her consciousness.

The Dragon Eye phone was still lit as it automatically called a contact named ‘Brother’.

In the dark night, Lucy’s screams were overpowered by the roars of thunder, while Dana slept outside the door in the rainy night, her body gradually becoming colder.

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