My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1301

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1301

In the middle of the night, Michael was planning to go to bed after he took some pills. Because of the alcohol, Sophia had already fallen in a deep slumber. As she was also one of the organizers of the fashion week this time, she had been busy for months. Finally, she could have some proper rest this time around.

As thunder roared outside, Carmen suddenly came running into their room, asking to sleep with them while crying because she was afraid of the thunder.

Michael hugged her in his arms and told her some bedtime stories to put her to sleep. With the thunder roaring outside, Michael felt uncomfortable, as if something bad was happening. Carmen and Sophia were just sleeping beside him; Celine was sleeping in the opposite room; and Nathan had gone to school.

However, his heartbeat was still quite fast as an ominous feeling took over him.

Suddenly, Sophia’s private phone that was by the bed vibrated. Initially, Michael didn’t want to touch her phone, but someone seemed to be constantly messaging her. Since nobody read the messages, the phone kept on vibrating.

Just as he got up and was about to touch her phone, he heard some commotion outside. He then walked to the window and saw Harry leading a few people outside.

Sarah was following behind him, and their dogs were barking loudly.

Michael took Sophia’s phone and unlocked it with her fingerprint. Then, he saw a message from someone called ‘Your Past Royal Family A’.

“Sophia, your husband’s ex is in trouble!”

After sending the message, they shared a location that was quite near the bar that Sophia and Lucy had just visited.

Dana and Lucy’s secret house seems to be located somewhere near there too.

This must be from either Callum or Cade.

Hence, Michael quickly asked the nanny to take Carmen away. Without even changing out of his pyjamas, he went downstairs and walked out of the door, just in time to see Harry getting into the car and leaving.

“What’s wrong?” Michael quickly asked.

With a stony look on his face, Harry said, “That fellow, Dana, called me but didn’t say anything.”

Then, he placed the phone that was still connected to the call to Michael’s ear. Lucy’s wails and screams rang from within.

Michael’s expression fell immediately as soon as he heard that.

Lucy’s in trouble!

“Let’s go!”

With that, Michael got into the car. After Justin was also awoken by them, he, too, brought a few people over.

Fortunately, there was no traffic at midnight, so they drove fast. Their men who were located in the suburbs reached the place first. Then, gunshots, angry roars, and terrifying screams were heard from Harry’s phone. Finally, his men picked up the phone and reported that both Lucy and Dana had been sent to the best hospital nearby.

Hence, Harry and Michael went to the hospital immediately.

Sophia was probably the only person who slept the most soundly on this night. It was already noon when she woke up and heard the news. Immediately, she sped to the hospital.

Harry, Sarah, and Michael had stayed at the hospital for the entire night.

“How’s everything?” Sophia asked anxiously.

With a dead look on his face, Michael shook his head. “Both of them are still undergoing emergency operations.”

Sophia looked incredulously at the operating room sign that was still lit as well as the doctors and nurses who had been walking in and out with blood on them.

Sitting outside the operating room, Sophia recalled the way Lucy told her about her future plans during their drinking session last night.

I can’t believe that… this just happened overnight!

Sophia was so angry and frustrated until tears streamed down her face.

Sam also arrived early in the morning. “How’s Lucy doing?”

After he found out what had happened, the entire world spun around him.

The medical professionals were still trying to save Dana, whose life was half gone. However, she was a tough person who hung in there until someone arrived to save them.

On the other hand, Lucy wasn’t doing that well. The few men that Jordan had ordered to give her the ‘sensual experience’ had torn her female parts—even her uterus had sustained serious damages. Even if she was saved, she could not get pregnant anymore.

After knowing this result, Sam’s mind went blank. Fortunately, Nicole, who was next to him, held him steadily to support his body.

“How could this have happened…” Sam muttered to himself as he sat down helplessly, still unable to accept this fact.

The few people sat in the corridor silently. As Sophia wept quietly, she suddenly remembered something and wiped her tears away before going outside with a phone in her hand.

Michael, however, hadn’t spoken another word.

Lucy was special to him. Even though he had thought of attacking her in the future if they met with conflicts in their businesses, he still felt the pain after he imagined her expression when she was being tortured.

After all, her face was exactly the same as Elizabeth’s!

When Lucy was born, it was exactly the same time as when Elizabeth gave up her life for love. Michael felt that this was not a coincidence.

Elizabeth thought she was able to meet Theo after she died. However, she didn’t know that he had been in cryogenic sleep all this while. Hence, they couldn’t see each other regardless if they were alive or dead.

After her lonely soul wandered around in the world, unable to find Theo’s soul, she chose to move on to the next life in despair.

Michael was sure that Elizabeth had retained the same looks as her previous life so that Theo would recognize her, and then they would continue their love story. However, their fate had come to an end—Elizabeth died alone, while Theo woke up from sleep in solitude.

Then, he went to join the African Peacekeeping Force, and in this life, Elizabeth had already fallen in love with a woman named Dana.

Tears flowed down silently on Michael’s face as he felt a stab of pain in his heart, not knowing whether it was because of Elizabeth or Lucy…

On the balcony, Sophia called ‘Your Past Royal Family A’. After the call went through, Callum’s lazy voice rang. “Hey, Sophia! Morning!”

Immediately, Sophia questioned him. “You guys did this to Lucy, didn’t you?”

Sophia knew that once the trio of mother and sons entered the Edwards Family, they would do something to Lucy, the successor of the Edwards Group. Unexpectedly, they had used such a dirty tactic.

Lucy was about to resign from the Edwards Group anyway!

Callum said lazily, “This had nothing to do with me. If I wanted to deal with this elder sister of mine, based on my and Cade’s abilities, we could have defeated her fair and square based on our capabilities. Apart from that, we are so good-looking and ostentatious. Once we entered the Edwards Group, the elders who value men more than women would’ve asked her to give us the shares and the management rights after we simply asked for it. I’m not afraid to tell you that the shareholders of the Edwards Group actually strongly asked us to join the management of the Edwards Group, and they even wanted us to combine our business with the Ronney Group. We would’ve been the chairman and CEO, while Lucy just had to find a good man to get married. Hence, she’s not a threat to us at all. Don’t think of us as such despicable people! We still have our principles!”

Sophia smiled coldly. “Sure—you guys weren’t behind this. You just got the news beforehand and watched everything from the sidelines.”

Callum seemed to be brushing his teeth as he replied, “Yeah. After all, that’s our father’s orders. What can I do? I’ve already sent a message to tell you about this, haven’t I…”

Sophia hung up the phone after knowing the entire story.

Sandra, Ryan, and Henry did this. Anna and her sons knew about this beforehand, and they knew that Jordan would punish Lucy if he found out. However, they didn’t have the obligation to let the Edwards Family know. In fact, they were quite happy about this. Since the Edwards Family simply couldn’t accept that Lucy is gay, they would take away all her rights. Then, Anna and her sons wouldn’t even have to do anything to get rid of Lucy.

Because of this case, Jordan had also offended the Winston Family.

Damn it!

Sophia felt furious yet helpless at the same time. Her thoughts were in a mess right now.

It seems that everyone just wants Lucy to die as soon as possible!

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