My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1311

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1311

The Mitchells’ ancestral house was once a previous king’s residence, so it was painted with red paint that only royalties could use. Not only was the roof made of beast-shaped tile, the beams, interlocking wooden brackets and ledges were all decorated with green paint. There were landscapes and pavilions inside the house. Throughout the generations of the Mitchell Family, they had always preserved and maintained the house with care since it was still valuable for research. That was why everyone was saddened to know that it was going to be demolished, but they had no other option.

Suddenly, a few cars stopped at the entrance.

As soon as the car doors opened, Sophia, Sean, Justin, Vincent, Derek and the others exited at the same time before walking toward the gates.

Everyone cheered. “Miss Sophia and the others are here!”

In some people’s eyes, Cooper and Alex’s fight for the family was like a battle between two Gods. Some minor characters felt that it was better to continue with their lives and not be involved in it while some hot-headed ones chose to side with Cooper, but there were still some who decided to stay at the old Mitchell residence. Even though the entire family was divided, they were still related by blood, so they had privately contacted each other.

Their last home was now being taken from them and they were powerless to do anything, so when they saw Sophia arrive, everyone instinctively cleared a path for her.

Before entering the house, she shouted, “Let us see who is the one daring enough to come after our ancestral house!”

Everyone quickly went up and pushed the door open.

The moment the door was opened, they saw many people from the Yard and Edwards Family standing inside.

In front, Henry and Ryan were still limping around with their legs. After being whacked by Sophia, they were kicked to the floor and stepped on during Anna and Jordan’s engagement ceremony, which showed their disastrous luck recently.

That night, when Lucy kneeled at the door of the Edwards residence, they were about to throw her out, but were unexpectedly knocked down by the members of the Edwards Family swarming out and someone even beat them up during the chaos. After the incident, they caught many people in the Edwards Family for questioning and even killed two members, but they still could not figure out who the mastermind was.

That was the reason why both of them still limped around at that point.

One of them had his left leg broken while the other had his right leg broken, but it did not seem to stop them from being arrogant at all.

No one dared to say a word when the two of them killed two people in the Edwards Family, so buying an ancestral house from Sandra was nothing to them.

Upon seeing Sophia and the others furiously charging toward them, Henry slowly walked down the steps with his cane. “Haha, it’s too late. The ancestral house no longer belongs to the Mitchell Family. It now belongs to us, the Yard Family.”

Now that Sandra had become the Yard brothers’ lapdog, she took advantage of their support and sneered, “We’ve already transferred the house last week. We received the property deed this afternoon.”

Then, Ryan arrogantly asked his secretary to throw a stack of copies of the property deed around. After picking them up, Sophia could see the two names written on the column indicating ownership in black and white—Henry Yard and Ryan Yard. They’ve really transferred it to their names…

When Henry saw her upset face, he could feel his arrogance rising through the roof, so he yelled, “Open your f*cking eyes to take a good look—I’m the owner now. From now on, I want the Mitchells out of here!”

He even rudely pointed his cane at members of the Mitchell Family who were present at the scene.

The Mitchells were filled with rage as they directed their hatred toward Henry and Ryan, but they hated Sandra more for selling the ancestral house for fortune, so they hoped that Sophia would be able to snatch the house from them.

However, Ryan mocked. “Looks like they still won’t give up! Someone come and hang our new sign!”

A sign was then carried over by someone with the immature words ‘Mitchells and dogs are forbidden from entering’ written clearly on it.

“Come and place this sign at the entrance. From now on, if you see any dogs or the Mitchells coming in, just kick them out!” Henry sounded so arrogant that his once dashing face now became distorted and perverted.

Every one of the Mitchells who were at the scene was filled with anger and humiliation. The two huskies also started to bark fiercely to vent their frustration.

However, Sophia calmly accepted the copy of the property deed that was given by Henry and Ryan before handing it to a member of the Mitchells standing next to her. “Take care of this evidence for me. Today, we’re going to report the Yard Family, Sandra and the property management office. We can’t let any one of them go scot free.”

Henry and Ryan were left dumbfounded as they did not know what she was talking about. Maybe she is scaring us. Besides, the property deed is already in our hands. Why should we be afraid of them?

Unexpectedly, Sophia added, “I bet you two aren’t registered as a Cethosian yet, right? Cethos isn’t a country for immigrants and we rarely accept foreigners as our citizens, so it’s difficult for anyone to gain Cethosian citizenship.”

Henry did not know what she meant, but someone from the Mitchell Family got the gist. “The two of you don’t have citizenship in Cethos, which means you are foreigners. According to the law, foreigners must fulfill a few conditions before buying a property in Bayside City. One of the conditions requires you to stay in the country for more than a year. Do you think you’ve been here for a year, my foreign friends?”

Actually, he knew all along that they did not have the legal right to buy properties in Bayside City because of that condition, but it did not matter. What can’t be done with money? The property deed is already on my hands, which means I’m now the legal owner of the Mitchells’ ancestral house!

“So what? The deed is now in our hands, so what can you do to us? Are you going to file a lawsuit? I’ll be waiting for you!” He stood on top of the steps while looking down at everyone below him with arrogance.

What an arrogant idiot. They actually think that they can get away with anything in Bayside City with the Edwards Family backing them. The city doesn’t belong to the Edwards Family! Sophia gave a cold smile before preparing to leave. They won’t be able to take this house away. Sandra doesn’t have the right to sell and the Yard Family doesn’t have the right to buy either.

“I’ll see you in court.” She waved her hand as her back faced the two brothers.

Yet, Henry was unfazed by her at all. I’ll bring the excavator here tomorrow and demolish all of this to build my office building!

However, just as she was about to leave, she saw a sports car arriving before it stopped at the entrance. It was a seductive silver sports car, giving the aura that the owner of the car was not someone ordinary.

At first, Sophia thought it was a member of the Mitchell Family who was late, but surprisingly, the person who alighted was a woman dressed in a black hip skirt and wearing a pair of big black-rimmed glasses. With her black hair tucked behind her head, she stoically walked over while three to five bodyguards followed her from behind. It’s Lucy! She has completely changed her style by coloring her hair black. Even her mannerism and looks seem to be drastically different than before.

Lucy walked straight toward Henry and the others, treating as if she did not see Sophia there.

He whistled frivolously while perversely staring at Lucy’s slim body. “Hey, aren’t you my affectionate sister?”

With an emotionless face, she received a document from her secretary and threw it indifferently in front of him. “On behalf of the Edwards Group’s board of directors, I hereby announce that the board has rejected your plans to develop the Mitchells’ ancestral house as a commercial area.”

After that, she turned and left like an emotionless machine, but there was a powerful strength hidden in her tiny body.

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