My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1312

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1312

Upon hearing their conversation, Sohpia immediately understood the situation.

The Mitchells’ ancestral house was situated at the center of Bayside City’s old city area. Back then, it was a palace for the prince due to its close distance to the royal palace, so that piece of land and the community behind it had a high value. Even if Henry and Ryan wanted to develop the land, they definitely did not have the financial affordability.

Therefore, they could only do it through a company by presenting a plan for real estate development to buy the house.

However, the Yard Group was a foreign-registered company, so it was troublesome for them to transfer the funds over. It would be faster to retrieve the funds from the Edwards Group since they had already replaced Lucy as the person in charge.

That also meant that after transferring ownership of the house to Henry, Sandra would not necessarily receive a penny for the payment. If their plan was rejected, they would not be able to collect the money.

The moment Henry realized that his plan was rejected, his smug face instantly turned furious to the point where Sophia felt that his facial muscles easily cramped.

“Lucy, stop! How dare you reject my plan! You and this b*tch, Sophia, must be working together!”

By then, Lucy had already entered her car, but when she heard Henry’s words, she coldly returned and continuously threw a few documents and newspapers at him.

Her voice was rather calm, but every word of hers sounded like a sharp blade that no one dared to refute. “The board and I rejected your plan because this land was once Bayside City’s old city area. There are a few palaces from the ancient empire nearby and due to the many cultural relics here, it poses a higher research value. This land and a few nearby streets has long been forbidden from being demolished and developed. The palace in front of you here is the private residence of the politically powerful Prince Alard. It is the most preserved palace in Bayside City at the moment, so it has long been included in the national culture protection list. Even though it is the private residence of the Mitchell Family, it is still an important relic that is protected under the official seal of the Bayside City Cultural Department. This is why your development plan isn’t profitable at all. You are only spending money to buy a first class national relic that can’t be commercially developed. If you don’t believe me, here are the relevant documents and news reports.”

Sophia was shocked by Lucy’s explanation. Looks like I need to quickly brush up on my knowledge of history. I only think that the house looks good, but I’m surprised that it has such a colorful background!

Members of the Mitchell Family continued to speak out and shared the history during that period with everyone

“She’s right. There are now only a dozen palaces in Bayside City—most of which are nationalized as the office for functional departments. However, our ancestral house was given special permission by the country back then to be owned privately.”

“Back when the Yard Family colluded with outsiders to invade Bayside City, you occupied all the palaces and even deliberately bombarded them using artillery. You took whatever you could and smashed the ones you couldn’t. This palace belonged to the Mitchell Family since then because our ancestors fought hard to defend our home from the rampaging outsiders. That’s why the house is the most perfectly preserved palace in the entire Bayside City!”

“We’ve been living here for a century. Back then, you couldn’t snatch it away from us, so don’t even try doing it now. If you dare to demolish our house, we’ll head to the cultural department and sue you!”

Upon hearing all the points, Sophia suddenly had a newfound respect. I can’t believe that this place has such a glorious past!

However, Henry, Sandra and the others looked more upset. I can’t believe this sh*tty house is a relic! No wonder it was so difficult for us to transfer it! We’ve used a lot of money to bribe our way so that it could work!

Of course, the money mostly came agonizingly from Sandra. Initially, she thought that after the development plan for the Mitchells’ ancestral house was accepted, the funds would come and she would soon receive the payment. I just never expected…

However, nobody cared where it was really a relic or not because in Henry and Ryan’s eyes, it was just a matter of time before they bought it!

Sure enough, the two of them were having none of it. If Lucy won’t let us buy it, we’ll still buy it!

“Do you really think you can stop me from buying the place? Lucy, who do you think you are?”

However, Lucy was not in the mood to quarrel with them as she had only swung by today to take a look.

She turned and returned to her car while ignoring what Henry said. Without coming out again, the car immediately left.

Upon hearing that the Yard Family were planning to buy the ancestral house to build an office building, many of the Mitchells gathered, causing the entrance to be flooded with people. However, the sign with the words ‘Mitchells and dogs are forbidden from entering’ was so hurtful to the eyes that someone went up and trampled it.

As soon as Lucy was gone, the Mitchells swarmed into the house. Inside the house, Henry and Ryan had only brought a few dozen men who resembled chickens because they were not a match against the Mitchells in terms of numbers.

As soon as Henry realized the numbers of the opposition, he finally threw in the towel and stepped backward while his whole body started to perspire.

Then, Sophia strode in and waved her hand. “Come and throw these things out!”

Everyone from the Mitchell Family roared and rushed forward. In a blink of an eye, they surrounded the others.

Although Sandra’s expression had drastically changed, she still managed to maintain her last dignity as she shouted, “What are you all doing? I’m still the head of the Mitchell Family and the president of Mitchell’s Technology, which makes me someone with a higher status. If you dare to touch me, I’ll call the police. There are now rules in society and what you are doing is illegal!”

However, Sophia sneered coldly. “Not only did you try to illegally sell a first class national relic, you even tried to poison your own younger brother. Where were your so-called rules then?”

The moment Sophia mentioned about a younger brother being poisoned, Sandra suddenly found an excuse to buy her way out and yelled, “You killed my little brother, Al. Now, we can’t even locate his body. I want to sue you and send you to prison!”

As soon as she finished her words, a childish voice was suddenly heard from the crowd. “You are lying. I’m not dead. I’m actually quite alive!”

Albert walked out and tried his best to be strict with a straight back. “Dad left this house for me. You don’t have the right to sell it!”

After that, the pump of air in his chest seemed to have disappeared as he turned and hid behind Derek.

Not only did Alex’s will state that the house was reserved for Albert and the Mitchell Family, but the ancestors even set a rule saying that the house could never be sold. Yet, it did not stop Sandra from being greedy, so she forged Albert’s death certificate, making her as Alex’s only heir. After she received the house, she secretly sold it to Henry. Of course, since Henry and Ryan were not capable of buying the house, all of the documents were also forged.

Even though the entire procedure was illegal, she was confident that no one would dare to question it as long as the house was in the hands of the Yard Family. What else can Cooper and Sophia do? Steal the house from the Yard Family?

However, the moment she saw Albert, she was so scared that she stepped back and almost fell onto the ground. I fed him the poison myself. It’s impossible for him to be alive! But now, he’s alive and well! I’ve seen a ghost!

“I-It’s impossible.” Sandra muttered. “He is not Albert!”

When Sophia gazed at Sandra’s pale face, she lost the desire to kick the latter.

She wanted to leave Sandra to someone who had a stronger desire to kill her.

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