My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1320

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1320

After he failed to woo Sophia, it seemed like he lost the ability and instinct to fall in love with a woman.

As a result of the Fletcher Family’s influence, she was incredibly concerned about Stanley’s relationship matters. The idiot dog should get lost with another girl! If he is not going to date anyone for his entire life, Sean will stay by him for the rest of his life. Therefore, he should hurry up and date someone so that Sean can give up and take Maisie to a place far away. Christine seems like a good choice since there aren’t many women who can get along well with him—it’s now or never!

She replied, ‘Christine is quite a good choice for him. She is Maddie’s relative from her hometown. We know her background—she is quite hard working, which makes her a good match for that stupid dog.’

Sean fell silent for a moment, which made her think that she could have said something wrong as she thought, I knew that he… Sigh, relationships are not something easy to deal with.

He suddenly replied after a while, ‘In that case, why don’t you try to set them up? With his dense brain, I wonder when he will be able to have a partner.’

Meanwhile, in the game, Stanley threw Christine on the ground again and whacked her while arrogantly saying over the mic, “Hahaha, call me Daddy!”

Sophia hesitatingly replied, ‘Sure… I’ll give it a try.’

She thought that she should try to look for Maddie since after all, the latter was Christine’s cousin and his elder. Maddie would be the perfect candidate to bring them together as a couple. It was a coincidence that she wanted to interview Linus, so Sophia intended to discuss with her in person.

After playing for the entire night, Christine ate her breakfast in the bistro of the internet café before sleepily heading home.

As a celebrity attached to an agency, she was spared from living in basements like other people who came to Bayside City to make a living. She was currently living in a considerably decent property at the heart of the city center—the company had rented a unit with two rooms and a living room for her.

She used to live alone in the two-room unit, but her cousin from her hometown recently arrived in Bayside City. So, she placed a bed in the extra room, which was modified into her closet, and asked her cousin to stay in it. She even arranged a job for her cousin, which was to do odd jobs in her agency.

Christine slept until noon and took a few sips of coffee, wore her makeup, and dressed before heading to the talent agency for an afternoon dance training in the dance room.

When she opened her closet, she discovered that her clothes and shoes were left in a mess. The clothes and shoes, which the brand company had given to her when she became the spokesperson for JNS Group’s new line, were scattered on the bed. Even her two best outfits, which still had its price tags intact since she was saving for grandeur events due to her reluctance to wear them on normal days, were unexpectedly worn by her cousin, Tawny Bishop.

Christine felt that her heart ached. Tawny has her own clothes, so why did she wear mine? To make matters worse, they are my best clothes! I can’t afford to buy such expensive clothes, so I wouldn’t have owned them if the brand company didn’t give them to me!

Tawny’s job of doing odd tasks in the agency was the result of Christine’s continuous effort of begging her company. Even though she was now 18 to 19 years old, Tawny, who dropped out of junior high school and started to work since then, still had accomplished nothing. She even underwent an abortion when she was still a minor, ruining her reputation in her hometown and unable to marry anyone.

When Christine’s relatives from her hometown learned that she was quite successful in Bayside City, they hoped that she could take care of Tawny and make her a celebrity as well to enable her to marry into a rich family—since there were wealthy people in Bayside City—and follow in Christine’s footsteps, which was to earn millions to support her family and helped her brothers to buy properties and settle down.

Christine and Maddie were both from a small county in the southwest; they were considered famous people in their hometown who successfully made it big as a celebrity.

One person’s success could bring glory to the entire family.

Although Maddie’s husband was poor, he was a permanent resident of Bayside City and Maddie was able to become a resident after her marriage. Even though their family was poor and unable to afford anything expensive, being a permanent resident of Bayside City in itself was already something to be proud of. Therefore, a lot of her relatives from her hometown would ask her to help them to look for jobs whenever they visited Bayside City.

However, those relatives would criticize her husband that he was merely a paratrooper when they returned home. As Maddie and her husband lived in a windowless basement unit, they did not have any extra rooms to accommodate her visiting relatives, who had to stay in hotels each time they came.

Nevertheless, a poor man like him was still able to earn money. He managed to earn more than 100,000 annually, so she was able to send tens of thousands to her family and even financially supported her younger brother’s university studies.

Although she was not leading a successful life in Bayside City, she was an extremely filial daughter who would save all of her earnings and send it back to her family.

In comparison to Maddie, Christine was more successful. As a famous celebrity, she was able to make a few millions a year. As a result, her two elder brothers and younger brother could afford to purchase houses in Provincial City and ones that were the best high-rise properties in luxurious neighborhoods.

Therefore, her relatives from her hometown all swarmed into the city to earn money. When they arrived in the unfamiliar city, they would ask her to help them to look for jobs and even asked her to support their accommodation and food when they were unable to work.

Once Christine’s relatives caught wind of her success, they came to visit her more often and she would try her best to assist them with securing jobs. Fortunately, she had already established connections in Bayside City. When she was playing games with Stanley last night, she told him that her uncle was looking for a job.

She grumbled as she tidied her clothes. After that, she picked her outfit and applied her makeup, but found that it was in a messy state as well. A few of her favorite lipsticks and foundations had been stolen. Needless to say, this must be Tawny’s doing since she keeps using my foundation while wearing my clothes and shoes to work.

Christine knew what Tawny had in mind—there were celebrities, film producers, and famous directors walking in and out of the agency every day. Since Tawny did not want to do odd jobs for the rest of her life, she intended to look for an alternative—if she managed to catch a big shot’s attention, she would become as glamorous as Christine.

However, Tawny was unaware of where she currently stood—she physically lacked the condition to stand out and since the entertainment circle never lacked beauties of all shapes and sizes, it was rather impossible for things to work out as she wished.

Although she was merely doing odd jobs, her monthly salary was around six to seven thousand despite it being an easy job. It was way higher than the usual salary of two to three thousand per month that she would receive for jobs in her hometown. On top of that, based on her physical condition, it would be difficult for her to even get a job that paid two or three thousand per month.

A frustrated Christine, who had already done her makeup, made a call as she left home. “Hello? Uncle, I have a friend who has just opened an internet café. He is hiring someone to do some odd jobs. The pay is six thousand per month and is inclusive of food and accommodation… Sure, sure, I’ll go and pick you up at the hotel tomorrow.”

After making the call, she sighed. Her uncle had been staying in Bayside City for more than ten days. Not only was his hotel accommodation fees and food paid by her, she had to arrange for him to stay in luxurious hotels while ensuring that he was well-treated. If she did not treat him well, he would definitely complain about her when he returned to her hometown, humiliating her parents and brothers.

After all, she was the ‘hope of the family’, so she could not afford to disgrace her family.

Immediately after she left home, her father in her hometown gave her a ring. “Christine, your cousin’s flight is arriving tomorrow afternoon. Make arrangements for his accommodation and job.”

She felt so annoyed that she wanted to smash her phone, but she agreed in the end. “Alright, send me the flight details then. I will go and pick him up from the airport tomorrow.”

Mr. Bishop, who was on the other side of the phone, then added, “Your brother wishes to open a company in the city, but he lacks the capital. Transfer 1 million to him.”

1 million! Christine was shocked. When did I ever have 1 million?!

She had recently spent her entire savings for her brothers to purchase properties in Provincial City. Although the properties there were not as expensive as in Bayside City, it still exhausted the money that she had saved all those years. How on earth am I going to look for 1 million?

“Dad, I recently purchased a house for my brother, so I don’t have 1 million!”

Mr. Bishop’s tone instantly became stern. “You are a celebrity, so it’s easy for you to earn money. Even if you don’t have it now, you will have it in a couple of days’ time. Don’t worry; it’s not urgent. It’s merely a plan that your brother has, so just transfer to us when you have the 1 million. Christine, your brother is our family’s hope and image. If your brother wishes to start a business, our whole family has to try our best to help him!”

“But—” Christine felt anxious. My brother represents our family’s image, but what about me? On top of that, he wants 1 million? Where am I going to get 1 million from?

He was impatient. “Look at your cousin—Maddie from the Evans Family, who married a paratrooper. She only spent around 100,000 when her family purchased a house and it was not even enough to buy a toilet in Provincial City! As a result, she has become such a loser that she is embarrassed to return to her hometown. It serves her right!”

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