My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1324

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1324

Christine was desperately waiting in her house for Joel and Maddie to drive over to the point where she burst in tears. When she opened the door, she was startled by the sight of a handsome and elegant man following behind Maddie and asked, “Maddie, who is he?”

A little embarrassed by the question, Maddie blushed as she introduced, “This is my husband, Joel.” She had always kept Joel a secret. Her colleagues and family did not even know of his existence. So, it was actually the first time that she had introduced him to anyone.

Christine was shocked to see Joel because she had often heard from her family’s rumor mill about Maddie’s husband. Rumors had it that he was a 40-year-old loner who could not find any maiden to marry in Bayside City. How embarrassing is that? In fact, she had almost reckoned that Maddie’s family wanted to marry Maddie off for Joel’s extravagant betrothal gift of one hundred thousand. I can’t believe Maddie’s husband turns out to be this outstanding.

Joel was surprised as well when he saw her. Maddie had briefly informed him about the incident on the way. I didn’t even know that Christine’s actually a cousin of Maddie’s? Isn’t Christine Stanley’s girlfriend? She is also Maddie’s cousin! This is so unbelievable. Wait. Why isn’t Stanley here when Christine needs help? For God’s sake, he’s terrible at relationships! Let’s forget about that; we should find Tawny first.

The three of them headed out in the dark and drove around in search of Tawny. She would not be able to go far since she was here for less than a month and did not have any friends while being unfamiliar with the surroundings.

Her brother was nowhere to be found too as he did not give a damn about his own sister. Instead, Christine and Maddie were the ones worried.

Joel figured that aimlessly driving around was not a good idea to look for Tawny, so he went to make a phone call and within a few minutes, he found out where Tawny was. “She’s at the Royal Oak pub.”

Therefore, the three of them hurried to the pub. Finally, they found Tawny hanging out at the corner of the pub. Christine approached and gave her a slap. “Is running away all you know? Do you have any idea how worried we are?” she bellowed.

Tawny was dumbstruck by the sudden attack. She stood up furiously and raised her hand in an attempt to return the slap, but froze at the sight of Maddie and a handsome man standing behind Christine.

“Since we have found her, let’s leave then,” Joel urgently prompted. This pub is especially not safe. It is a good thing that we arrived when we did; otherwise, who knows what will happen to Tawny?

Tawny, who was arrogant a minute ago, seemed to be enticed at once by Joel as she followed them back to their car. When Joel drove, it was quiet in the car as no one spoke. Maddie was in the shotgun seat while Tawny and Christine were both in the backseat. Tawny glanced around the car, but no one knew what she was looking at.

When Joel stopped by the roadside to drop the Bishop sisters off, he specially offered, “I’m pretty familiar with the Bayside City. Come and look for me if you ever need help.”

“Maddie, Joel, thank you so much!” Christine gratefully said. “It’s getting dark; you guys should head home now!” Joel nodded before driving off.

Tawny was still staring at the car even after Joel and Maddie had left a long time ago. “That’s an expensive Range Rover. I bet it costs at least a few millions!” she commented.

Christine slapped Tawny’s shoulder in disgust. “It’s none of your business!” How pathetic! She has already been here for some time but what has she learned? Nothing! Instead, she’s more interested in fawning over luxury goods and spends her days ogling over fancy cars, jewelry, and branded items. I bet she knows more about those luxury brands than their own staff! All she has ever done is fantasize that one day she could marry a rich CEO who would take care of her. For God’s sake, she should know her own standards! Does she not know how incompetent she is?

Christine had lost all of her patience with Tawny and her brother ever since that incident happened. All she hoped now was for them to leave. It no longer mattered what their family had to say because she had firmly made her decision not to help them anymore. What she never expected was Tawny’s insistence to work in Maddie’s company the next day and even sought her family’s help with the persistent demand.

Their family also felt that since Christine had decided not to help her siblings find a job, they should ask Maddie instead. When Maddie heard about it, she felt helpless. Fine! Whatever! Since my company is recently recruiting a cleaner with accommodation provided, I should just readily agree.

She hurriedly brought over that box of jewelry to Christine, who refused to accept the gift. “Maddie, this is too valuable; I can’t accept it! You should keep it! I have already thought of a solution for the necklace.”

“Let me tell you something,” Maddie whispered while pretending to be mysterious. “These kinds of jewelry are a form of fake hype that is specifically used to trick wealthy people. Their manufacturing cost is actually less than one percent of the market price.”

“Well, since we’re in the media industry, those jewelers always give us presents,” she continued speaking. “Take a look at this piece—it costs at least a few million in the market, but its manufacturing cost is actually only within the tens of thousands. The branding is what makes it expensive. I’m not using them anyway. You can keep it and pay your debt to Bethany. When you earn more in the future, you can pay me back then.”

Christine seemed to be persuaded by Maddie’s explanation. However, she still wanted to write a receipt for Maddie based on the internal manufacturing cost.

“Don’t you shoulder this debt alone!” Maddie warned Christine as she kept the receipt. “Get it back from whoever is responsible!”

Christine nodded. However, when she asked her father to get the money back from Tawny’s family, Tawny did not pay up. Christine cannot believe that her father had forgiven Tawny’s debt just to prove how big-hearted he was.

When Tawny moved to Maddie’s company dormitory, Christine was angered to the point where she changed the house lock and swore that she would never help her family again. If Maddie had not brought the jewelry to her, Christine would not have been able to pay the debts.

Tawny and her brother went on to work in Maddie’s company. Sure enough, the moment they arrived, they were up to their dishonest antics. When they learned that Maddie was actually the editor-in-chief and her company was much bigger than Christine’s as it was a conglomerate with a whole building, Tawny asked around about Maddie’s salary and family background.

Maddie knew about their behaviors. I already know how untrustworthy and deceitful these two are. After seeing how they have caused trouble for Christine, I have been cautious with them.

As the company’s salary was a confidential matter, Tawny was unable to know anything even if she wanted to. Maddie had kept her family background well-hidden—no one in the company knew anything except the fact that she was married to a soldier. Her husband’s rank was also kept a secret so that no one would ask questions about him. In Bayside City, no one truly knew anyone’s background. Never judge even the company’s janitor. You never know that they might even be from a wealthy family!

Tawny had always licked Maddie’s boots at every chance she had and tried everything in her power to move into the latter’s house. However, Maddie had used various kinds of reasons to reject her, either by repeating that her house was tiny or that it was inconvenient. Does she want to live in my house? No way!

Tawny changed her approach when she saw how firm Maddie was. In the end, Maddie received a call from her own father. “I heard that you have arranged for Tawny to work in your company, right?” Maddie’s father interrogated her when she answered his call. “And you even let her stay in the dorm?”

“Yeap, the cleaner’s salary is about four to five thousand,” Maddie replied in a flat tone. “Only the accommodation is provided with a living arrangement of about 8 people to a unit dormitory.”

Mr. Evans snapped. “Is this how you treat your cousin? Christine gave them a job that comes with accommodation and food with a salary of seven to eight thousand! Learn from Christine, will you?” Her father continued to hiss. “Do you know how they would gossip about you and about me behind our backs? They’re laughing at your inability!”

Maddie was enraged by her father’s words. Of course! Those incompetent fools just have to talk nonsense about me!

Ever since both she and Joel were promoted, she could not stand verbal abuses any longer. Hence, she yelled, “This is how I am! If she dislikes what I have arranged for her, she’s free to leave! We’re not wealthy, okay? We live in a house that is given by the military. I still need to take care of my child, you know? I don’t even have what it takes to take care of myself and you want me to do everything for them? Yes, I am useless with no ability! So what? What can you do about it?”

Mr. Evans retaliated. “You should at least find a better place for her to live in! How can you let her stay in that dormitory hall? She’s her family’s princess; don’t you know that? How about this—let her stay at your house, alright? I’m sure you have at least two bedrooms…”

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