My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1336

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1336

Noticing Cooper, who was frequently looking outside, Quinton sniffled and said, “Your daughter went to the cybercafé. She told me not to let you know.”

Immediately, Cooper was fed up. He put on a jacket and took an umbrella before he went out. Looking at his reaction, Quinton guessed he must have gone out to find Sophia who had sneaked out to play games.

“Dad, wait for me!”

Linus also took an umbrella and followed.

Quinton knew he had nothing else to do since he had finished reading the latest chapter of the novel and the writer was still delaying the updates. Thus, he thought it would be better to play games at the cybercafé. So, he went out with them too.

In the meantime, Sophia was playing games excitedly in the single private room of the cybercafé. Suddenly, the two huskies that were dozing off as they lay beside her barked. She immediately took her headphones off when she heard them. Her eyes met with a shifty-eyed young man with pimples all over his face. He came into her room and closed the door.

“Who are you?” scolded Sophia loudly.

However, the young man came forward with a goofy smile and said, “Miss Linus, we met the other day. I’m Christine’s brother, Clive—”

“Get out! Who let you in?” Without waiting for him to finish introducing himself, Sophia pointed at the door and yelled.

“Miss Linus, don’t be so serious. I just want to make friends with you. My sister is a celebrity! You probably know her!” said the young man as he flashed her a smile.

So, he’s Christine’s brother!

Suddenly, Sophia remembered that his sister was the monkey’s butt that frightened Linus the other day. Although Christine and Maddie were cousins, she shooed him away without giving face. “Let me repeat. Get out!”

Clive still didn’t leave. Instead, he came closer with a wretched look. “Miss Linus, what’s your name—”


Knowing that he was approaching with ulterior motives, Sophia slammed her palm across his face. “Get out!”

Being hit in the face, Clive grimaced in an instant. He covered the part of his face that was burning and yelled angrily, “What the fck! Btch! How dare you hit me?”

Seeing that there were only the two of them in the room, he remembered what the elders had taught him: he had to sleep with her and make a scene, so she would have no choice but to marry him!

As a result, Clive, who was overpowered by lust, plunged himself toward Sophia.

After he was fired from Christine’s company and ended up in the same situation after two days at Maddie’s company, his family rented a house for him and his younger sister since they had the money to do so. Both of them visited the cybercafé every day. But, to meet ‘Miss Linus’ here was something out of his expectation.

When he first saw Sophia, he felt that this woman belonged to him. His ‘love’ for a woman had never been so deep before. He was determined to get her!

“Come here, my little beauty! I’ll satisfy you!”

Sophia was infuriated when she saw him lunging toward her. Once again, she smashed her fist toward him…

Inside the private room, Christine, who was playing games with Stanley, felt that something was off. It was as if she knew something was happening right now, but she did not know what it was exactly. Her heart was beating fast. Hurriedly, she said to Stanley, “Mr. Snow Fox, I think something is about to happen. We should go.”

However, Stanley was killing monsters with headphones on. He couldn’t hear her at all.

Still, Christine was not at ease. She tried to remember everything that happened today in order to find out the source of her uneasiness.

After Tawny and her brother were fired by Maddie’s company, Byron took the siblings and made a scene in front of the company later. There was no need for Maddie to handle them personally because the staff at the company reported to the police the moment they saw them. Once they were caught by the police officers, they started behaving themselves and did not harass Maddie anymore.

Recently, Byron started working at the cybercafé. The siblings’ family rented a house for them and they were idling all day long, spending their time in the cybercafé instead of finding trouble with Christine and Maddie.

No, wait…

Christine seemed to know what was off. She stood up in an instant and removed Stanley’s headphones. Raising her voice, she shouted, “Mr. Snow Fox, we better go check on Sophia. I think something has happened to her!”

If Tawny is at the cybercafé today, her brother must be here too!

Ever since the Bishop Family found out about the ‘Linus siblings’, they had designs on them, but they couldn’t find them anywhere. Now that Sophia was playing games at the cybercafé today too…

“What? Something is happening to my aunt?”

The moment Stanley knew something might have happened to Sophia, he was so frightened that he couldn’t hold his mouse anymore.

“Who dares to hurt my aunt in my place?”

Aggravated, Stanley went out in a hurry.

The backers behind the cybercafé were the Winston Family, the Mitchell Family, the Fletcher Family, and the Michel Family. Every one of them had shares in the business!

Who dares to find trouble here?

After checking the system, Stanley found the private room Sophia was in. Rushing over with Christine, they found Christine’s uncle mopping the floor at the door.

Byron was the oldest security guard at the cybercafé, so he was incomparable with the others. He was only employed to do some chores, and his wage was less than a quarter compared to the others.

When he saw Christine’s arrival, he beamed and said, “Hey, where are you guys heading to?”

However, Christine’s gaze darted between her uncle and the tightly closed door. Her heartbeat skipped. Could it be that Tawny’s stupid brother had gone into the room?

Quickly, she marched forward and pushed the door open. But, Byron hurriedly blocked the door with his body and blinked at Christine. “Christine, your brother is inside. How can you not know better?”

As soon as he said that, Christine knew what was up in his mind. She rushed up again, slamming and kicking the door. “Sophia! Sophia! Open the door!”

As she knocked on the door, she cried in horror.

They will eventually screw up the Bishop Family and the Evans Family!

It doesn’t matter if I were to die alone. If this incident is exposed, Maddie’s in-laws will surely know about it! And maybe the Fletchers will be involved too!

How am I going to survive when I’m at my in-law’s place?

Looking at Byron and Christine, who was crying and kicking the door, Stanley seemed to have figured out the situation. All of a sudden, he went up and kicked the door open. Both of them rushed into the room immediately.

Byron stomped his feet in annoyance from behind. “Hey, what are you doing? The pair is inside there…”

When the door opened, Stanley’s eyes met with the computer first. This was the best private room in the cybercafé. There was an all-in-one computer, a full package of high-end gaming experience, a bed, and even a bathroom.

The computer was on, and the Swordsman Game was still running. However, Sophia was nowhere to be seen. He looked around and saw a man’s buttocks moving on the bed.

The lights were off, and nothing was visible except for the buttocks.

The moment Stanley and Christine saw the buttocks, their hearts sank. With a thump in their hearts, they felt as if the sky was spinning. On the other hand, Byron was ushering them out of the room. “Get out! We shouldn’t interrupt them at a time like this!”

Staring at the buttocks, Christine’s tears started streaming down her cheeks.

How dare they do this!

Do they think that this is our county town? How dare they do something like this?

Do they think that the trouble they caused in Bayside City will be settled when they go back to the county town and that’s why they are acting so recklessly?

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