My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1337

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1337

Stanley was dumbstruck. Fortunately, he came back to his senses quickly. Pushing Byron out of the room, he closed the door and turned on the lights.

God knew how nervous he was in that brief period; even his hands were trembling.

When the lights were on, there was indeed a man groaning in the bed with his buttocks exposed in the air. However, Stanley did not expect to see a massive husky biting and tearing the man’s pants down.


With the sharp teeth of the husky, the pants were torn down directly. The man’s buttocks and thighs were exposed. In the meantime, another husky, which was larger than the earlier one, parted its mouth and bit the round and tender flesh in one bite. An obvious bite mark appeared on his buttocks.

The man in the bed howled again. Yet, he could not make a complete sound. Something seemed to be blocking his mouth.

At this moment, the sound of the toilet flushing came from the bathroom. Sophia opened the door and came out. “What happened?”

Stanley and Christine’s gazes sprinted from the man that was groaning on the bed to Sophia, who had just come out from the bathroom, to the pair of dogs again. They both let out a sigh of relief.

It’s fine as long as she’s okay.

“A petty thief came in just now and said something weird to me. So, I tied him to the bed,” explained Sophia.

She then looked toward the bed and saw the round buttocks immediately. Two huskies were jumping around on the bed. They looked like they were about to tear the man apart. Infuriated, she picked her slipper up and pretended as if she wanted to hit them. “Cash! Close your mouth! You cannot bite someone else’s buttocks! If you continue, I’ll hit you!”

However, Cash didn’t care. It continued to bite on Clive’s clothes and tore them apart with all its might.

It was only then that Stanley returned to his senses. He quickly turned to look at the man on the bed. Christine’s brother had been tied to the bed with a power cord. There were palm marks and footprints all over his face, and his mouth was stuffed by a stinky shoe. Sophia had stuffed the tip of the sneaker into his mouth, and he lay on the bed groaning and crying. The dogs had even removed his pants and bit his buttocks.

Tsk! Stanley ended up walking up to put his pants back on for him. However, the pants were torn. No matter how he adjusted it, Clive’s buttocks were still exposed. After Stanley finally put his pants back on, Byron came in.

Seeing the situation, he was puzzled. “Clive, what’s wrong with you? Oh crap! Something’s wrong! Hey! Christine, what are you doing standing over there? Go and bring your brother to the hospital! What’s wrong with you…”

Wiping away her tears, Christine went up and helped. As she did that, she noticed her brother’s mouth that was stuffed by the sneaker. Never in her life had she ever seen him beaten up like this before. Almost laughing out loud, she quickly held her laughter back and carried him out.

Pretending as if she had just found out that this was Christine’s brother, Sophia exclaimed, “Oh! So, this is your brother, Christine! I’m sorry. I thought he was a thief, so I hit him hard. I should compensate you with some money…”

Christine stared at the floor. She was afraid to look up and her eyes were full of shame. Listening to what Sophia said, she quickly rejected her. “No, you don’t have to. My brother was confused. I… I’ll make sure he kneels and apologizes to you!”

However, Byron was swollen with arrogance. Looking at Sophia, he said, “How dare you beat my nephew into this! You better wait and see!”

He was clueless as to what had happened earlier. He thought Clive had slept with Sophia and Stanley came in to hit him. After all, there were only Clive and Sophia in the room. Sophia is so slim and weak. There’s no way she would be able to do that.

Stanley must be the one who hit him!

“Just keep quiet!”

Suddenly, Christine’s voice hardened. Both of them carried Clive out and decided to go to the hospital first.

“What the—”

Stanley was furious. He finally figured out the situation. No wonder Christine had been bad-mouthing the siblings just now.

It turns out that they really are trash!

Meanwhile, Sophia was about to say something, but she suddenly heard Cooper’s thunderous roar coming from behind. “Stanley Fletcher! How dare you bring my daughter to play games at the cybercafé again!”

Startled, Stanley’s soul and body shivered at the same time. Looking behind his shoulder, he saw Cooper. With Linus standing on his left and Quinton on his right, the group looked extremely imposing.

When Stanley saw Cooper marching toward him, he was tongue-tied. “Grandpa Cooper, I’m sure you understand the situation. Your daughter came by herself. This is none of my business!”

After he said that, he let out a weird scream and escaped.

On the other hand, when Sophia saw Cooper, she didn’t feel bad for being caught sneaking into the cybercafé. Instead, she grabbed Cooper. “Dad, we haven’t played games together for so long. Carry me and let’s kill monsters together. I have double experience today!”

With his face cold, Cooper rejected, “No way!”

He sounded intolerable.

Tugging on his sleeve, Sophia continued to act cute and said, “Dad, let’s play one round!”

However, Cooper’s expression was still hard. He looked like he refused to discuss any further. “Let’s go home!”

I must teach her a lesson this time!

I cannot be shaken!

Yet, ten minutes later…

Four computers were turned on. Sophia, Cooper, Linus, and Quinton sat in a row, logging into the game.

Inside the game server, Sophia said, ‘Bayside Second District, server 39, PK mode. We’re missing four for the team battle. ++++ if you want to join.’

Immediately, Stanley popped in.

‘I’m in!’

There were five people from the local server and three people from the online server. Eight of them formed a team and they started playing the game happily.

During the time they were playing games, they did not know that a major event was in the planning somewhere they couldn’t see.

“What? My son has been hit?”

“Clive was hit?”

“It’s true! Clive was hit. He slept with the girl and was caught by her family. They beat him up!”

“How dare they do that? Does she think that she’s still a virgin after sleeping with my son? How dare she hit her husband?”

Christine, who sent Clive to the hospital, was stunned when she saw her family chatting with resentment in the group chat.

Clive was the one who tried to rape Sophia and was beaten up by her. How did things turn into him being beaten up by her family after they slept together?

What was even more frightening was the elders from the Bishop Family and Evans Family were here in Bayside City after Maddie scolded Clive and kicked the Bishop siblings out of the company. They were here today to deal with Maddie, and none of them had expected something like this to happen.

They were excited, yet angry at the same time.

They were excited because Clive was brilliant enough to sleep with the girl. As long as they had slept together, things would be easy for them. The girl could no longer escape. What could she do after he slept with her? No matter how powerful she was, there was no way she could run away!

Yet, they were angry. How dare that Linus b*tch hit her own husband?

They had to teach her a lesson today! They had to let her know how the world worked! Or else, she would act like a princess when she was married into their family!

The Bishop Family and Evans Family were on their way to the cybercafé.

Christine was shocked when she saw their chat.

Do they want to die?

We’re doomed. I can’t take this anymore!

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