My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1339

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1339

Quinton sniffled. After cleaning his nose with some tissue, he threw the tissue into the trash can, which was already full of tissue papers he had thrown earlier.

“Look at you. Why did you become a killer? Now karma is hitting you back!” mocked Stanley from the side.

However, Quinton did not say anything. He knew best about his own body. The season was transitioning lately, and the weather became cool and warm alternately. After lying on the sofa for the whole afternoon, he caught a cold and started sneezing every day.

Blocking his nostrils with tissues, he went on with the game.

Suddenly, a group of elderly women and men came in from the front door of the cybercafé. Their eyes were like searchlights, looking around. Noticing their presence, Stanley joked, “They must have come here to catch their sons! Unfortunately, we’re a legal cybercafé, so we only welcome adults.”

As he said that, he saw someone stopping the group and asking them why they were there.

He initially thought that they were just ordinary parents who came looking for their children, yet someone sneaked toward Stanley and glanced at Sophia and her family. All of a sudden, a middle-aged woman darted across the room toward Sophia.

“It’s her!”

The middle-aged woman marched forward and reached out, looking like she wanted to grab Sophia’s hair. However, when her hand was just a few centimeters away from Sophia, a hand stretched out like lightning and grabbed her wrist.

No one knew when Quinton had turned around. He glared at the woman coldly and let go of her wrist. At the same time, Sophia also stood up and looked at the woman with curious eyes.

The woman dressed like she had lots of money: golden earrings, a golden necklace, golden rings, and even a golden tooth. Yet, she had a brutal expression. Pointing at Sophia, she shouted to everyone behind her, “It’s her! She’s the one who hit my son!”

In a blink of an eye, the group of people swarmed over and surrounded the five of them.

However, the staff in the cybercafé quickly came over and stopped them. The two groups of people stood on each side separately. Shocked, Stanley yelled, “What’s wrong? What’s happening?”

Instantly, Cooper shoved his daughter behind him and stared at the group of people of unknown identity warily.

Christine made her way through the crowd in a panic and persuaded, “Uncle, Aunt. Didn’t I tell you that Clive is the guilty party? This has nothing to do with the others. Stop messing around and go home!”

Unexpectedly, a middle-aged man, who looked quite imposing, walked out from the crowd. With a surprisingly loud voice, he yelled at her sternly, “Adults are speaking. How dare you interrupt us. Move!”

It was apparent that Christine was very afraid of that man. When he came out and spoke, her body was trembling.

Those in the crowd included Byron and Clive, who had been beaten up earlier and was gauzed up.

Stanley’s eyes darted between Clive, Byron, and the group of people. Instantly, he knew what was happening. Taking the opportunity, he complained to Cooper, “Grandpa Cooper, that was the gangster that bullied my aunt earlier. He was beaten by my aunt and now he’s coming at us with his family!”

Earlier, Sophia knew if she ever told Cooper about a small matter like this, he would only be anxious. Besides, she was afraid that she would not be able to come to the cybercafé anymore, and that was why she did not mention it to him. So, it was only now that Cooper found out about this.

Someone hurt my darling behind my back?

An identical cold light flashed in Cooper and Linus’s eyes.

Before Cooper could say something, a middle-aged woman from the other side marched forward aggressively. She pointed at Sophia, who was hiding behind Cooper, and cursed, “Linus, consider it a blessing that my son has his eyes on you. You’re already his woman; how dare you act so arrogantly! Come here! Come! I’m going to teach you a lesson today! Look at what you did to my son!”

Hiding behind Cooper and Linus, Sophia did not come out; she continued to watch them from behind.

That middle-aged woman was Clive and Tawny’s mother. When she saw Sophia hiding from her, she rolled her sleeves up and was about to show her what she was capable of.

My son has already slept with you; how dare you still act like an innocent saint!

Back then, her daughter had also slept with someone else. Holding that fact against them, the man refused to pay a betrothal gift. The Bishop Family couldn’t lift their heads for years in the county town, and Tawny was not even married until now.

Now that her son was the one who slept with someone else’s daughter, she wanted to vent out the anger she suffered in the past!

However, after she rolled her sleeves up and took two steps to the front, two foreign bodyguards that were taller than two meters stood in her way and looked down at her. Their biceps were so toned that even the black overalls could not cover them up.

Mrs. Bishop dared not move any further. She heard that the Linus Family was quite powerful. But, she remembered that her son had slept with their daughter. If they don’t beg us to take their daughter in, she would become a fallen woman. Instantly, Mrs. Bishop found her confidence.

“Hmph; you already slept with my son. How dare you still act so arrogantly!”

Clive, who was standing behind his parents, did not speak. He knew he did not sleep with Sophia. When he went into the private room and was about to do something, Sophia pressed him into the bed and beat him up. She even stuffed a sneaker into his mouth, and he was bitten in his buttocks by her dogs.

However, he would never admit that he was beaten up by a woman!

He insisted to his family that he had slept with Sophia, so the whole family thought that was the truth.

She had seen his buttocks; this basically meant that they had slept together!

He wanted to make a scene so that he could embarrass them!

As a result, he was watching the show from behind happily. When he finally married Sophia, he would definitely let her know how capable her husband was!

The cybercafé was still operating as usual. Because business was booming, many spectators had gathered around. Cooper and Linus were individuals who were going to go on reality shows, and most of them were decent people. Knowing that they would be shaming themselves if they were to pick a fight on such an occasion, Stanley, as the owner of the cybercafé, quickly said, “Guys, let’s not stand here. We can talk in the meeting room.”

Glancing at the spectators, Cooper went into the meeting room with a gloomy face.

This was the cybercafé his daughter invested in. Every piece of equipment cost up to several thousand. If they really fought, the loss would be huge. He had to find an open area to do that.

Thinking that Cooper had ‘chickened out’, the Bishop Family was relieved. Seems like this is a family that cares about their reputation. This kind of family is determined to save face, and they are the easiest to deal with!

The Bishop Family and the Evans Family went into the meeting room aggressively.

After that, Stanley instructed his staff to dismiss the crowd and operate the cybercafé as usual.

On the way to the meeting room, Cooper had almost figured out what had happened earlier. His gloomy eyes were vicious.

Unlike him, the Bishops were pleased. They thought they would be able to discuss Clive and Tawny’s marriage at the same time.

“Be smart later! Let’s not forget about Tawny’s marriage!”

“If the Linus Family doesn’t give us at least eighty million for Tawny’s dowry, we won’t agree to Clive marrying their daughter!”

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