My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1340

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1340

While listening to the plan her family was putting together, Christine’s tears streamed down her cheeks. She grabbed her father, who was walking with the crowd excitedly. “Dad, please go home! This family is out of our league!”

However, her father shook off her hand and said, “Kids know nothing!”

Several people from the Bishop Family came, and the Evans Family sent out some ‘witnesses’. After they were done dealing with the problem here, they still had to go get even with Maddie.

Both families went into the meeting room enthusiastically. Outside the meeting room, a few bulky bodyguards closed the door from the outside and guarded it.

Wiping away her tears, Christine was extremely desperate. Shivering, she did not know what to do. Her family was walking into a death trap, yet there was nothing she could do to stop them.

The Bishop Family and the Evans Family had never been to Bayside City. They didn’t know how big the world was, not even how scary the powers of Bayside City were!

They were doomed, and she was doomed too.

Stanley came and patted her shoulder. He comforted her, “It’s okay, my aunt won’t blame you for what happened.”

As he said that, he sneaked into the room to take a look at the situation.

It looked like the Bishops wanted to blackmail Cooper with what happened earlier.

He had to go inside and remind Cooper about something. Christine told him that Maddie’s parents were in there too. It wouldn’t be good if they started fighting.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was solemn.

Clive, who had a swollen nose and face, and Tawny, who was still looking like a monkey’s butt, stood behind the elders. From their perspective, the elders were like the heavens. They had to listen to the elders in everything they did, and the elders had to be the ones that came forward in every major event.

The elders could do anything.

The word ‘elder’ was very striking for the family, and it should have been the same to the outsiders.

Clive’s parents, Christine’s parents, and the others sat on one side. Behind them were the relatives and elders from the Evans and Bishop Family. The scene was grandiose. It was as if they were celebrating New Year’s.

Opposite them were Cooper and Linus sitting on both sides of Sophia. The two men had the same murderous expression. Behind them were Quinton, Dimon, and Roger.

Two groups of people were divided into two sides.

Like a peacemaker, Byron came up and said, “Brothers from the Bishop Family, master of the Linus Family. This was what happened earlier today. Clive has known Miss Linus for a long time and they have a very good relationship. However, they got into a fight over a small thing today. It was just a fight between a young couple and it went overboard accidentally. It’s not good to make a scene from a small issue like this. I suggest that since both parents are here today, we can discuss the marriage of the kids.”

After he said that, Cooper and Linus, both with identical solemn expressions, did not answer.

The dozens of pairs of dark brown, green, and blue eyes behind them widened. They sized up Clive, who had been beaten up with a swollen face.

This guy? Couple?

But, the Bishops were arrogant. With confidence, they crossed their arms across their chests.

Instead of noticing that something was wrong, Byron thought that the other party’s silence was because they couldn’t accept the fact that their daughter had slept with someone.

Yet, what had been done could not be undone. They had to accept the reality!

He continued, “About the dowry, what do you think, Mr. Linus? Why don’t we do it like this? Clive’s sister, Tawny, isn’t married yet! Since Linus is single too, let’s cement our ties by marriage and get the both of them together too. Now that Clive has done it with Miss Linus, according to our customs, we won’t give a betrothal gift. But, you still have to prepare the dowry, which will be one million following our traditions!”

However, Cooper and Linus still had a similar grimace. Softly, Stanley whispered to Cooper from the side, “Grandpa Cooper, they are the in-laws of Uncle Joel. Please don’t get fed up. My uncle will be here in a moment.”

Cooper continued to remain silent and stared at the other party coldly.

Meanwhile, the Bishops were not content with Cooper’s attitude. His daughter had been bedded by their son. Why wasn’t he begging them to marry his daughter?

“What kind of person is this? You beat my son up, and now you’re keeping silent? How rude!” mumbled Clive’s mother with dissatisfaction.

Stanley quickly entertained her, “Haha. ‘Mr. Linus’ is a foreigner. He doesn’t understand what you guys are talking about!”

Instantly, the Bishops and the Evans were stunned. If he couldn’t understand the Cethosian language, there was no point for them to talk!

The families came up with their final plan: foreigners were better because it would be easier to trick them! There would be foreign relatives in their household soon!

With respect, Byron said to Stanley, “Mr. Stanley, can you please act as a translator for us? Tell them that this is our custom, and they should follow the tradition—”

However, before he could finish saying that, Stanley waved his hand and exclaimed, “You know what? I actually don’t speak English at all!”

In the end, Byron grinned at Linus and said, “Linus, I spoke to you earlier that day. You must know the Cethosian language, right? Please translate to your family that we’ll become a family in the future!”

Smiling faintly, Linus did not say a word. The corners of his mouth curved up like a sharp blade.

Seeing that the family of three were all ‘foreigners’, the Bishop Family and the Evans Family were anxious. They gathered around and started whispering in their dialect.

“It seems like these foreigners really don’t understand what we’re saying. What should we do now?”

“I don’t care. After all, they hit my son. If they don’t marry their daughter to my son, I’m not leaving. I’m going to make a big deal out of this!”

“She’s not a virgin anymore. Why is she still so arrogant?”

“I heard that foreigners mess around a lot… I’m afraid that the girl was probably never a virgin, to begin with!”

“If she’s not a virgin, it will be better for us because we can ask for more dowry. We want a car and a property in Bayside City! Their family has gained a huge advantage if my son is willing to marry her!”

Upon hearing that, Sophia rolled her eyes and was rendered speechless.

At the same time, Linus and Cooper still had the same cold expressions on their faces.

Luckily, before Cooper could start blasting at them, Maddie made it to the scene.

The moment Maddie came into the room, the meeting room fell into silence for a second. Maddie glanced at the Bishops and the Evans before she quickly apologized to Cooper and Sophia, “Sophia, Mr. Mitchell; I’m so sorry you had to experience this. You guys should leave first; I’ll handle the rest on my own.”

In response, Cooper threw her a glance and left. Both Linus and Sophia followed suit.

If they weren’t Maddie’s relatives, Cooper would probably have struck out. Still, he had to consider Maddie’s face; after all, those were the family members of the Fletchers’ matriarch.

When Byron saw them leaving like that, he tried to stop them. “Please don’t go, Mr. Linus.” We are not done with the matter yet! You have to tell us your opinion on the dowry and the betrothal gift!”

The Bishops, who were standing in the back, intentionally yelled, “Let them go! It’s better if they go! Other than my son, who else will marry their sullied daughter!”

Immediately, Cooper’s movements halted. Turning back, he glared at them coldly. His gaze fixated on Maddie and then darted between the Bishops and the Evans. In the end, he left without saying a word.

Seeing that Cooper was actually leaving the meeting room, the Bishops screamed even louder, “Your daughter will never marry!”

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