My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1357

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1357

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1357

There were six outlets in Bayside City selling Dragon Eye phones. The outlet at Third Avenue was one of them, and business was booming when Linus and Sophia arrived on-site. They traced the coordinates and matched it to a girl looking at mobile phones under the enthusiastic guidance of a salesperson.

The latest Dragon Eye mobile phone was launched globally only a few days ago. It was also simultaneously launched in Cethos. As a result, the new product was being sold in the store, and that girl was looking at the new product.

Linus and Sophia stood outside the outlet and observed the girl through the window. When the girl turned around, that familiar face that looked like a monkey’s butt came into view. It was Tawny Bishop! It wasn’t strange for Christine’s phone to be in Tawny’s hands. After all, Christine could have replaced her old phone with a newer model and handed her old phone over to Tawny.

However, Sophia was keenly aware of the difference in Tawny’s appearance. Tawny had the same monkey’s butt makeup as usual—what with her extremely exaggerated blush and eyeshadow—but the quality of her makeup products was obviously much better than before. Moreover, she was carrying seven or eight shopping bags in her hand. Looking at the logos printed on the shopping bags, they looked to be branded luxury products. Although they were not considered top-of-the-line luxury products, they amounted to several hundreds of millions worth of clothes, bags, and shoes.

Furthermore, the handbag she was carrying was the latest product by JNS Group. It was a genuine product with a market value of over 60,000. The ring she was wearing on her finger was also worth several tens of thousands. Just then, she seemed to have chosen the new mobile phone she wanted. Reaching into her bag, she took out two other phones to pay for her purchase. Among the two phones she took out, one probably belonged to Christine. The other phone was the latest Serpent mobile phone model, which was worth over 10,000.

The Bishop Family just lost their son recently. Despite causing a ruckus, they have yet to receive a single penny as compensation. Moreover, so many things occurred back in their hometown. Where did Tawny receive so much money for her to spend so lavishly? When Sophia saw that Tawny had picked out one of the latest Dragon Eye models and was preparing to pay for it, she hurriedly made a phone call.

Inside the shop, Tawny pretentiously took out a lipstick worth several thousand and touched up her makeup while scanning the QR code to pay for her new phone. All of a sudden, the cashier congenially said, “Miss, we are having a special event to trade in older Dragon Eye models. If you have an older Dragon Eye model with you, you can convert it into an instant cash rebate.”

Tawny glanced at the Dragon Eye phone in her hand. It was the model that was launched during New Year’s and was no longer in fashion. Therefore, she traded it in for a rebate of 1,800. After backing up the existing data, she took her new phone and left in satisfaction.

Soon, Linus obtained that phone and recovered the data in it through technical means. Using the history log within the phone, he logged into Christine’s Messenger account and found something fishy going on. On the day of the incident, one hour before the incident occurred, Tawny made a call to Christine. It lasted no longer than a minute. Afterward, Tawny sent a location to Christine via Messenger—it was the Champs-Elysee Hotel!

Tawny was the one who called Christine out to the hotel! Sophia felt her heart pounding violently in her chest. As I suspected, Tawny is involved in this!

However, there was no other clue aside from that. Recalling Tawny’s unusual spending power, she immediately made another phone call to investigate the purchase records of Tawny’s credit cards recently. Then, she discovered that Tawny had been spending a lot of money in Bayside City over the past two days. How did she get so much money suddenly? Moreover, she only started spending wildly after what happened to Christine. Something is definitely up!

Following that, she found somebody to check the credited transactions into the accounts under Tawny’s name recently. As expected, she found an unidentified transfer of 200,000 from an account of unknown origins. A check on the account number revealed that it was an overseas account. The transfer was done very secretively, flowing through dozens of accounts before ending up in Tawny’s account. Now that I’ve found the root, I’ll have to try my best to dig deeper.

When Linus saw Sophia putting in so much effort, he decided to personally help in her investigation. In less than half a day, he discovered the original source of that money—it came from the assistant of Bethany Nicole, a rising celebrity! Sophia felt a headache coming on upon learning that Bethany was behind this.

Could it be Bethany’s attempt to suppress her juniors? Did she ask Tawny to lure Christine there to push her off the building? Did she also invite that group of lesser-known celebrities over to shoot a fake video in an attempt to conceal the truth? There are many rumors about Bethany suppressing her juniors. It is entirely plausible. Besides, the Champs-Elysee Hotel originally belonged to the Yard Family. If she is working under Henry and Ryan, then she will have a greater chance of success if she carried it out within the premises of the Champs-Elysee Hotel. It all makes sense. But, I can’t help but think that this is not as simple as it seems!

Meanwhile, Stanley also found out about Bethany from his investigation. She was also present at the hotel that night, but the media kept quiet about it.

Several of them met up to share the results of their investigations.

“I don’t believe this matter is as simple as Bethany making her move!” Stanley declared decisively. Even he could tell that something fishy was going on.

According to the information Sophia obtained, Bethany, Henry, and Ryan continued to maintain a threesome relationship. Perhaps, Henry and Ryan had participated in this incident too.

Now that Bethany received support from Henry and Ryan, she became the major shareholder and one of the executives of her agency. In other words, she practically turned the entire company into Henry and Ryan’s harem. All the various female idols, young models, and popular actresses in the company were now their playthings!

Even so, those were simply the rumors flying around Bayside City. Even the people within the company were not aware of it. Still, that information was something Sophia obtained from various sources a long time ago. The truth was that Christine had wanted to leave the company for a long time now but couldn’t due to her contract with the company.

“If this incident is related to those two brothers—” Stanley clenched his fists. His eyes were red as he said through gritted teeth, “I will never let them off!”

Sophia’s expression was dark. If it’s true that those two brothers are behind this incident, I’m going to uproot their entire family!

Sean went out to bring back some food. Placing the food in front of Stanley, he said, “Stan, you haven’t eaten anything all day. Why don’t you continue your discussion after you’ve eaten something?”

Stanley kept quiet. He had been running about all day long, investigating what happened to Christine. Now that he found the culprit behind the incident, he needed to eat so that he had the energy to get revenge on Christine’s behalf. Linus decided to eat some too. So, all four of them ate while continuing their discussion.

Linus was quite concerned about this matter too. He never forgot about what Jordan did to Sophia. Breaking his leg was too light a punishment for him! He used Clive as an excuse to cause trouble for Cooper previously. Now, I’m going to see just how he plans to explain away his two sons’ affairs!

“They have done a good job covering their tracks. It’s very hard to catch them without any evidence. If news of this leaks out to them, they will surely throw Bethany under the bus instead,” Sean expressed his concerns. “We lack concrete evidence. Besides, we cannot be certain that this was done by Henry and Ryan.”

Stanley did not say anything, but his expression was solemn. If Henry and Ryan were truly behind this incident, things will become more complicated. With just us, we will probably be unable to do anything. Still, I will never give up!

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