My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1368

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1368

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1368

“Ah! Go away! Go away!” Anne was still throwing things in a panic. All of a sudden, Ryan slumped to the ground and collapsed in her direction. Falling to the ground in a twisted position, he did not move again—he wasn’t even breathing anymore.

Anne was so terrified that her brain blanked out, causing her to lose her ability to think. It took a long while for her to notice the girl that looked to be roughly ten years old standing behind Ryan. The girl was much taller than other children of the same age. Moreover, she seemed to be of mixed race—she had a very special pair of green eyes. It was this girl that had leaped out suddenly, performed a sneak attack from behind, and broke his neck.

The whole world became quiet with Ryan’s death. However, Lorelei’s hands were trembling. She was scared; extremely scared. At that moment, she felt as if she had returned to the time when she was sold at the slave market in Ronney City. Back then, she had been trained by the Yard Family to complete many unspeakable acts.

Under the Yard Family’s training, she, along with many other children, had been taught various techniques to kill. Since their opponents were adults, they were forced to learn how to disguise themselves and how to kill in one hit. After all, adults were physically much stronger than they were. If they failed to kill their target in a sneak attack, they would be the ones to die instead. They also fought and killed each other over the meager amount of food given to them. If they didn’t kill, they would starve. Therefore, she had to kill to survive. That was her life until Sophia and Michael found her and brought her back to the Fletcher Family. That was also the moment she finally escaped from that kind of life.

Looking down at Ryan, who seemed to be lying peacefully on the ground, she realized that she had killed again. Her eyes filled with horror following her realization. She was scared of going to jail, she was scared that Joel would despise her for killing again, and she was scared that her friends would abandon her because she murdered someone!

On the other hand, Anne recovered from her shock. Grabbing a blanket, she covered Ryan with it and beckoned to Lorelei. “Come; I’ll take you to somebody who can help.”

Upon hearing that, Lorelei snapped back to attention and led Carmen out of the dressing room. In the meantime, Anne checked the situation outside the room. When she saw that nobody was around, she hurriedly brought the girls next door to where Louis was staying.

Louis had been wandering abroad for several decades. Finally, he decided to return to Cethos in his elderly years and live out his retirement life at the Yard Residence in Bayside City. He met with his friends daily to drink tea and play chess together. Today was no different. However, Anne suddenly barged into his study and disrupted the pleasant chess game he was having with his friend.

Moreover, she was dressed in nothing but a bathrobe. Her clothing was disheveled and her hair was a mess. He was just about to scold her when Carmen ran inside without warning. Carmen finally met somebody she was acquainted with. Thus, she ran into his arms in fright. “Mr. Louis, the bad guys are trying to catch me!”

Lorelei rushed inside too. The first thing she noticed was not Louis but the young man he was playing chess with. That young man also had a pair of green eyes that were similar to hers.

Louis was a great artist among the Cethosians. For that reason, Bailey, who had a love for Cethosian traditional culture, was acquainted with him and happened to be here for a game of chess today. To their surprise, two unkempt girls, Carmen and Lorelei, suddenly intruded on them halfway through their chess game.

Louis hugged Carmen in shock as she wept. “What’s wrong?”

Carmen wiped her tears and sobbed, “Sob. The bad guys are trying to catch Lola and me!”

All of a sudden, Bailey stood up without warning. At the same time, somebody kicked the door from outside, and the door flew open. Henry led his men inside with a savage expression. He immediately saw Carmen, who was being held in Louis’ arms, and his expression became delighted. “This is where you brats were! I’m going to skin you alive!”

Carmen was so scared that she hid under the table. Meanwhile, Louis shouted in a rage, “You lowlife! What do you think you’re doing?!”

Louis might be Henry’s grandfather, but neither Henry nor Ryan had ever held any respect for him before. Thus, Henry rudely retorted, “Stay out of my business, you old coot! Get out of my way!”

It went without saying that he had noticed Bailey standing by the side. Even so, he completely disregarded the young man. After all, Bailey was just a fifteen-year-old brat. He even threatened Bailey by saying, “This is the Yard Family’s business. It has nothing to do with you! Stay out of it!”

Bailey said nothing as he stepped aside. Then, Henry barged inside arrogantly to grab Carmen, who was hiding under the table. In response, Louis desperately picked up a vase and threateningly said, “I’ll kill you if you dare to come near, you beast!”

He did not understand why Anna’s elder sons were so humble, courteous, and knowledgeable, yet her younger sons turned out to be such lawless lowlifes. Today, I’m going to teach them a lesson! Unfortunately, he was no match for Henry. Before he could even throw the vase in his hands, he was slammed against the ground by Henry’s men. Hitting his head against the chessboard, his head immediately started bleeding.

“Grandpa!” Anne ran over in a fright to help Louis.

On the other hand, Henry walked toward the table Carmen was hiding under. “Little brat, where are you running—”

He reached out. As long as I have Cooper’s granddaughter in my hands, that entire family will be under my control! If Cooper refuses to obey me, I will kill this little brat! I’ll cook her up and serve her to Cooper for tea!

Contrary to his expectations, his hands had yet to touch Carmen when a strong arm suddenly wrapped around his neck and held him in place firmly. Immediately after that, he felt a cold black muzzle pointed against his temple.

Bailey took a step back and stood behind Henry. In the meantime, one of his bodyguards subdued Henry and pointed a gun at Henry’s head. At this point, Henry was only one step away from having his brains blown out.

“Move aside or I’ll shoot.” A gun had appeared in Bailey’s hands at some point. Standing behind Henry, he pressed his gun against Henry’s waist.

Things happened so quickly. Nobody expected Bailey to make a move without any warning. Therefore, the people of the Yard Family nervously took several steps back. In response, Henry roared in anger and gritted his teeth. “What the f*ck do you think you’re doing, Bailey?!” He was certain that Bailey would not dare to harm him. Thus, he confidently instructed his men, “He won’t dare to harm me. Grab that brat!”

Several of the Yard Family’s subordinates started to go after Carmen again. On the other hand, Bailey calmly pointed his gun downward and swiftly shot Henry in the leg without any hesitation. The bullet went through Henry’s heel, causing blood to splatter in all directions. Then, Henry howled in pain. Even so, Bailey’s expression remained impassive. Smoke was still coming out of the muzzle of his gun as he pressed it against Henry’s waist again and repeated coldly, “Move aside!”

Henry was in so much pain that he couldn’t say anything anymore. The only sounds that come out of his throat were searing screams of pain. His subordinates glanced at each other confusedly and decided to step aside in the end.

Bailey watched the crowd warily while beckoning toward Carmen, who was hiding under the table. “Come here.”

Carmen swiftly crawled out from under the table and clung to Bailey tightly. She looked terrified as she grabbed his pants but did not dare to say a word. Bailey lowered his head and glanced at her. She was wearing a small military uniform and carrying a small bag. Her entire body was dirty and smelly. Her face was smeared with dirt with two clean lines forming where her tears ran down her face. “Close your eyes.”

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