My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1369

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1369

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1369

Bailey held a gun in his hand while being wary of the crowd in front of him. Meanwhile, Carmen obediently closed her eyes. With one hand holding a gun, he picked her up with his other and turned to look at Lorelei. In response, Lorelei immediately ran over to him.

The reason he came to visit Louis today was simply out of literary purposes. While he was at it, he played a game of chess and enjoyed a leisurely chat. Therefore, he only brought two bodyguards with him. At present, one of them was using Henry as a meat shield as they pressed forward while the other was watching their rear. He walked between his two bodyguards, holding Carmen in his arms and cautiously leading Lorelei out of the door.

Throughout it all, Carmen did not cry. Instead, she obediently kept her mouth shut and her eyes closed as she lay in his arms.

They walked out of the Yard Residence, step by step, with Henry as their hostage. Everywhere they went, the people of the Yard Family did not dare to step forward out of fear. Restrained by them, Henry cursed endlessly but did not dare to act rashly with a gun pressed against his head. Besides, his body was weak from all the alcohol and other vices he indulged in although he was only in his twenties. As it was, he was no match for Bailey.

At that moment, the Fletcher Family and the Mitchell family’s troops had arrived outside of the Yard Residence. The entire Yard Residence was surrounded by a wall of military green—even the wind could not pass through this airtight layer. They even brought out the heavy artillery. Fully armed with real guns and live ammunition, the riot squad was in position. Joel had already received authorization from the higher-ups to shoot to kill if they faced any resistance.

Sophia came along with Michael. She stared at the closed gates, feeling extremely worried. It felt like an invisible pair of hands was squeezing her throat, and she barely dared to breathe. Meanwhile, Michael held her pale and frail hands the entire time while whispering, “It’ll be fine. Nothing will happen to our baby.”

She was trembling all over. She knew that Henry and Ryan were lunatics that never considered the consequences of their actions. People like them were the scariest. Therefore, she was afraid that she might never see her daughter again.

Holding each other tightly, Sophia and Michael stared at the gates of the Yard Residence. They looked like they were trying to penetrate the walls of the building where Carmen and Lorelei were being held captive with their gazes.

The situation right now was very tense. Not only were they afraid of the Yard twins flying out of the country with Carmen, but they were also afraid that the Yard twins would take desperate measures to escape. Consequently, they only dared to lay siege against the Yard Residence but did not dare to rush in. They wanted to negotiate with the other party instead since Carmen and Lorelei were still in the hands of the enemy.

Joel was sweating profusely even though it was not midsummer yet. They had no way of predicting what the Yard twins might do through common sense and logic. After all, those two were monsters! While Jordan considered the pros and cons of his actions before doing anything, the same could not be said of the Yard twins. They acted on their whims, regardless of the consequences. Nobody knew what could happen to Carmen and Lorelei with every passing second, and everybody had sweaty palms as a result.

Naturally, Cooper came along too. He gazed at the Yard Residence, flames dancing in his solemn gaze. Meanwhile, Theo had prepared several rescue plans. Unfortunately, even those plans could not guarantee the lives of Carmen and Lorelei under the current circumstances. The safest method was to contact and negotiate with Jordan. Even if the Yard twins were complete lunatics, Jordan was not. He fully understood the consequences of harming Lorelei and Carmen.

Similarly, Jordan also arrived very quickly. He was learning a little more of what his two youngest sons were capable of. I can’t believe they dare to do something like this!

In his original plan, the Yard twins would be deported from the country; they would safely and soundly return to Ronney City without further consequences. Contrary to his expectations, they kidnapped the Fletcher Family’s children instead. This isn’t just about testing the Fletcher Family’s limits anymore. Lives are at stake now!

The first time the Yard twins openly attacked the police with guns, he had to use his connections and sacrifice a group of people to get them out of trouble. At the time, he claimed that they were simply two unruly children. I can’t believe they did it again!

Annoyed, he studied the army surrounding the Yard Residence, as well as the layers and layers of people crowding the vicinity. The Fletcher Family, the Mitchell Family, the Michel Family, the Winston Family, and the Edwards Family had all gathered there. Even the blind could tell that this chaotic situation had ruined his plans once again. I don’t think I can save my two rebellious sons again this time!

When Joel saw that Jordan had arrived, he stepped forward expressionlessly to begin negotiations. “Mr. Edwards, I’m sure you understand the current situation. I don’t want to waste more time. Hand over our children and I will let your sons leave the country.”

Jordan might have been holding hostages, but he knew that it was not beneficial to him right now. If I force the Fletcher Family any further, they might take desperate measures! Unlike other families, the Fletcher Family holds military power within the country.

Jordan looked at the people standing next to Joel, including Michael, Cooper, and another unfamiliar young man. He did not know who that young man was, but he could tell that the young man was not an ordinary person based on the aura he gave off. “Of course.”

He was about to ask Henry and Ryan to release the children of the Fletcher Family. However, he saw the Yard Family’s men backing out as soon as he entered the gates. People from the Adams Family were present too. Although there were only three of them, they managed to take Henry hostage and were slowly walking out of the Yard Family’s encirclement.

Henry’s leg was bleeding. Moreover, he was cursing and screaming despite the cold and merciless gun pressed against his head. When he saw Jordan, he brightened up immediately and shouted, “Dad, save me! They want to kill me!”

However, Jordan only felt a deep sense of disappointment. Useless fools. You have my courage, but you don’t have my abilities! You can’t even capture a child properly!

“Carmen!” Sophia saw Carmen huddling in Bailey’s arms. That small body seemed like it could break at any moment. She instantly felt her spirits lifting. Still, she did not dare to make any loud sounds. She was afraid that Carmen might start crying upon hearing her voice and disrupt the overall situation. Thus, she only dared to let her tears flow down her face.

On the other hand, Bailey was still as expressionless as ever. His expression barely changed even when he saw that the Fletcher Family and the Mitchell Family were here. With one hand holding the gun and the other hand holding a child, the fifteen-year-old seemed unnaturally used to situations like these.

Meanwhile, the Yard Family understood that they had lost the battle when they saw the army surrounding the Yard Residence in a neat and compact formation.

Joel glared at the Yard Family’s men and coldly commanded, “Put down your guns!”

Jordan knew that this battle was a lost cause. Thus, he gestured slightly and all of the Yard Family’s men put down their guns. Seeing that, Henry yelled angrily, “Dad—”

“Shut up!” Jordan cut him off fiercely, and Henry did not dare to say another word again.

Once the Yard Family’s men put down their guns, Bailey carefully put down his gun too. At the same time, his bodyguard kicked Henry back to the Yard Family while he cautiously walked toward Sophia. Bending down, he placed Carmen down on the ground.

Carmen saw her parents as soon as she opened her eyes. Then, she threw herself into Sophia’s arms with a loud cry like a pitiful cat.

Sophia hugged her as her tears flowed down uncontrollably. “Don’t be scared, darling. Mommy and Daddy are here! The bad guys can’t hurt you anymore!”

In response, Carmen wailed even louder than before and incoherently said, “The bad guys captured me and Lola. They said they were going to turn us into dumplings for Grandpa’s breakfast! They hit Nate until he cried! They trampled on the tomato I picked!”

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