My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1370

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1370

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1370

When Carmen burst into tears, so did Sophia. Michael hugged the both of them, tears gathering in his eyes. Just moments ago, he had been paralyzed by an unimaginable fear that he would never see Carmen alive again. He was still consumed by the fear even now. Turning toward Bailey, who was about to leave, he said, “Thank you.”

This fourteen-year-old—no, he was already a fifteen-year-old man—suddenly became more favorable in Michael’s eyes. If it were not for Bailey, rescuing Lorelei and Carmen would have required far more effort. I’m sure Carmen and Lorelei had a hard time with those crazy twins around.

Bailey didn’t even bother to turn around as he condescendingly answered, “I don’t talk to youngsters. Let the elders in your family come to me.”

If it wasn’t for the circumstances preventing Michael from hitting Bailey, he would have done so in a heartbeat.

Meanwhile, Lorelei threw herself into Joel’s arms. Although she wasn’t crying as hard as Carmen, he could tell that she had experienced a huge scare. Her entire body trembled as she fearfully told him, “Daddy, I killed somebody!”

She was afraid that she would be sent away because she killed somebody. She thought she would be sent back to that gloomy place where the sun could not reach—the place where she had to kill just to survive each day. I love the Fletcher Family. I don’t want to leave. I love my daddy and mommy; I love my brother. I don’t want to leave. She grasped the corner of Joel’s clothes tightly.

At the same time, Ryan was carried out of the Yard Residence. They probably wanted to send him for emergency treatment. Unfortunately, his body had gone cold a long time ago. His neck had been broken, and he died on the spot.

Jordan stepped forward and lifted the bed sheet covering Ryan’s body. Ryan’s eyes were gazing blankly into the sky. The savage and triumphant expression on his face had yet to disappear from when he was killed. Jordan’s hands shook and he lost grip of the bedsheet. My son! The son I devoted all my efforts into raising! Why is he nothing but a corpse now?! Who did this?! The look in his eyes looked like a volcano that was about to erupt. Sweeping his gaze across the venue, he saw that everybody else seemed to be happy about the news of Ryan’s death.

When Sophia saw the corpse, she hurriedly buried Carmen’s face in her chest. She did not want Carmen to see that terrifying scene. Fortunately, Carmen was still crying. She experienced the greatest scare of her life when Bailey was carrying her out of the Yard Residence. Even so, she desperately stopped herself from crying at the time. It had not been easy for her.

On the other hand, Joel glanced at Ryan’s corpse before glancing back at Lorelei, who looked extremely nervous. He seemed to understand the situation. Ruffling Lorelei’s messy hair, he said in a low voice, “Lola, he deserved to die. You protected your sister. You did a great job!”

Despite his reassurance, Lorelei had an expression of horror on her face as she was taken away by Maddie, who had rushed over to the scene.

Afterward, Joel confiscated all of the Yard Family’s guns. He turned to Jordan and said, “Mr. Edwards, I will honor my promise with you since the children have been returned. I have prepared the transportation for your sons to the airport. Please, come this way.”

After saying that, he drove a military truck over. Regardless of whether Jordan was willing or not, he stuffed all the Yard Family’s men into the truck. Even Ryan, who was dead, was carried into the truck without further ado.

Jordan smiled mechanically. “I don’t think the weather today is suitable for flying. Why not postpone it until tomorrow instead?”

He had a feeling that the Fletcher Family was not going to let them leave Cethos that easily.

Joel lifted his head to look at the sky. “On the contrary, the weather seems great to me. Besides, it’s a good day for traveling according to the almanac of the day.” Following that, he ‘invited’ all the men of the Yard Family, including Henry, into the car without any regard for whether Jordan was willing to comply or not.

Henry was still screaming. Jordan was about to say something when Joel turned around with a gun in his hands. The gun was aimed directly at Jordan, and his finger was on the trigger. He continued to smile as he said, “Your son is about to travel to a far-off land. It’s a very long journey; I wonder if you have anything to say to your son, Mr. Edwards?”

Jordan seemed to understand the meaning behind those words. He glared at Joel as well as the rest of the men standing beside him. Still, glaring was a meaningless gesture. He knew that everything was in the Fletcher Family’s hands now. At the very least, he could do nothing to them today as his side was in the wrong. Glaring at Joel fiercely, his eyes were filled with hostility. He smiled coldly. “Thank you for the reminder.”

Then, he walked over to Henry. He first glanced at Ryan, who was dead, before turning to look at Henry. Henry had not received any treatment despite being shot in the leg. Therefore, blood was still gushing out. It hurt so much that he was grinning maniacally. When he saw Jordan walking over to him, he roared in tears, “Dad, it hurts so bad! They killed Ryan!”

After losing his son, Jordan seemed to have aged overnight. Looking at his son, he quietly said, “I know; I know. Take good care of yourself when you arrive. I’m getting old. I can’t take care of you forever.”

Henry continued to scream and cry. “I will never forgive you! The Fletcher Family and the Mitchell Family can all go to hell! I’m going to kill all of you!”

Jordan shook his head and hardened his heart. “Get into the car.”

After that, Henry was helped into the military truck while Jordan watched. All of a sudden, a gunshot rang out and a bullet penetrated Henry’s thigh. Henry collapsed to the ground after being shot in the thigh and prostrated himself in Michael’s direction. He lay on the ground screaming and crying as blood splattered everywhere. Standing in front of him, Michael put his gun away and smiled darkly. “I’m sorry. My gun misfired.”

However, Sophia, who was standing next to him, had already covered Carmen’s ears in advance.

Henry’s blood spilled all over the ground. Following that, he was carried into the truck, and everybody in the truck was hauled away. It was a grand procession as military vehicles cleared the road in advance and sealed the road to the airport for their special use. Joel delivered the Yard Family to the airport and ensured that they boarded the plane heading toward Ronney City.

After the incident, the army surrounding the Yard Residence gradually withdrew. Meanwhile, Jordan took Ryan’s corpse away for disposal.

When Anne learned that Cooper had arrived, she got dressed and came out to see. However, she only caught a glimpse of his solemn figure. He had already gotten into his car and left in a hurry. Even so, she smiled in satisfaction. I protected Cooper’s granddaughter! Even if he will never know about it…

Carmen continued crying even after she arrived home. She sobbingly complained about the bad guys that kidnapped her, as well as her uncle and her brother that had been beaten so badly that they cried. While wiping away her tears, she opened her little bag and took out everything inside. She had thrown out all her daily necessities and filled it up with souvenirs from the farm. “This eggplant is for Mommy! These are the cherries I brought back for Grandpa… but they’ve been smashed… Sob.”

Everybody felt their hearts breaking as they watched Carmen crying while handing out souvenirs. After she finished handing out the souvenirs, she quietly set aside some of the most beautiful apricots. She was reluctant to eat them and nobody knew who she planned to give them to.

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