My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1372

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1372

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1372

Cooper nodded. “Bailey rescued Carmen during the last incident. I must go and give my thanks to him in person.”

Sophia hurriedly said, “Why don’t you invite him to our house? I’ll ask the chefs to prepare something delicious for him.”

Invite him home? No way! Definitely not! Even so, Michael did not openly express his opinions. On the other hand, Stanley hurriedly encouraged them by saying, “That’s right! Make something delicious, and make sure you make tons of it. You should make lots of that salamander dish for our guest… All the delicacies that you can imagine! We have to make it a huge affair! After all, it’s Carmen’s savior we’re talking about!”

If Bailey had not helped them that day, it would have taken a much longer time to rescue Lorelei and Carmen from the Yard Residence. Besides, guns did not discriminate. It was questionable whether Carmen and Lorelei could have walked out of there alive without his help.

Originally, Cooper wanted to visit with some gifts to show his sincerity. However, he decided he might as well invite Bailey over for dinner after giving it some thought. It was Cethosian tradition to interact with each other over a meal. Therefore, treating Bailey to a meal would seem more formal.

All of a sudden, Michael was reminded of the old-fashioned words that that fifteen-year-old ‘old man’ had uttered the other day: ‘I don’t interact with youngsters.’ That probably meant that Cooper had to go and thank him himself. Pfft. Old man.

Still, Bailey’s existence made his skin crawl. Bailey took over the family’s business at a young age and had been working hard ever since. Moreover, he already had various achievements under his belt. Geniuses like him were absolutely terrifying! Despite his youth, his level of sophistry was so deep that even an adult could no longer understand him. How could my cute and naïve Carmen be a match for the wily and conniving Bailey Adams?

Although Cooper wanted to invite Bailey over for dinner, he still felt that he shouldn’t skimp on the gift of gratitude. Hence, he brought some gifts with him to the Adams Group during his visit to thank Bailey in person.

“I’ll go too!” Carmen had been acting cute in Michael’s arms. When she saw that Cooper was leaving, she immediately chased after him.

“Carmen Fletcher! Come back here right now!” Michael hurriedly chased after her. Unfortunately, she ran as swiftly as the wind and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Sigh. My daughter is growing up! She’s just like her mother! She’s going to be caught in that old man’s hands eventually! She’s only five years old. It feels like it wasn’t all that long since she was born yet it already feels like somebody is going to take her away from me.

In the meantime, Sophia called Carmen to specially remind her, “Sweetie, don’t forget to invite Mr. Bailey over to our house for dinner, okay?”

Michael couldn’t see eye-to-eye with Bailey, but Sophia felt that Bailey was perfect. Bailey was handsome with his long eyelashes and unique green eyes. His legs were long and slender, his skin was smooth, and his facial features were good. Moreover, his family background matched theirs too. He is the perfect match for Carmen. He is smart and courageous. Even though he is only 15 years old, he is already so outstanding! I’m sure he’ll be even more amazing in the future! It would be great if Carmen and Bailey got to know each other better. That way, they will be childhood friends when they grow up, and it will be easier to make a move on him. Still, everything depends on whether they are fated to be together.

On the other hand, Michael believed that girls needed to have their own careers nowadays. Carmen came from an extraordinary family. Her grandfather was a president of a company as were her father and her mother. Even her uncles and brothers were presidents of their own companies. In the future, Carmen would no doubt become a domineering female president too. In that case, 30 or 40 or 50 would still be considered too early for marriage. Besides, she is only five years old right now! What is there to be anxious about? When she gets married when she’s around 40 or 50 years old, she should find a younger husband that is around 20 or 30 years old. Wouldn’t that be great? Why would she want an old man?!

Inside the president’s office at the Adams Group.

The Adams Insurance Group had been operating in Cethos for some time now, and the branch company was almost ready to begin operations. Bailey was here for an inspection. Thus, he decided to visit his friends and family while he was at it. He had not expected to run into any incidents when he visited Louis.

He constantly paid close attention to what that pair of Yard twins did. Not only did the Yard twins publicly attack the police with guns, but they also openly kidnapped and harmed others with guns. Fortunately for them, their father, Jordan Edwards, had enough power and influence to clean up the troubles they caused. Jordan ultimately managed to gloss over the issues, but it undoubtedly made the higher-ups in Cethos wary of him. As a result, he didn’t even dare to make a sound in protest when the Yard Family’s private jet crashed and killed around 30 people, including his two sons. That was how serious the problem was. This time around, he had been dragged down by his two sons to the point where he nearly lost everything.

When Bailey made his move, he had already considered the pros and cons of his actions. He was simply taking advantage of the situation to his own benefit. After all, Cooper would never forgive the Yard twins after what they did. Even if Bailey took action and injured somebody in the process, Jordan would still put all the blame on Cooper.

“Bailey, thank you very much for your help this time. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know what might have happened to the two girls,” Cooper solemnly said.

Bailey was extremely humble. “It was nothing.”

There was a tea table installed in the office. Bailey liked to brew his own tea whenever he had the time and was in the middle of preparing some tea for Cooper.

Cethosian southerners liked to drink tea—so much so that they had tea sets everywhere. It was said that the aroma of tea increased one’s clarity and awareness. Therefore, southerners liked to drink tea while discussing business. They believed that the more they drank, the more alert they became; the more they drank, the smarter they became.

Bailey poured a cup of tea for Cooper. Then, Cooper stretched out his hand to hold the empty teacup. It was part of their tea etiquette. Bailey also poured a cup of tea for Carmen. To his surprise, her small hand immediately stretched out to hold her cup too. She was smart and quickly copied what her grandfather did.

How polite. Bailey felt his heart melting slightly and expressly warned her in a soft voice, “Careful; it’s hot. You should take your hand away.”

Upon hearing that, Carmen quickly took her hand away. While the adults were talking, she obediently sat by the side without saying anything while watching Bailey with her large, black eyes.

She is probably trying to see if I will smile. Bailey glanced at her cool and intelligent appearance. Then, an unprecedented smile graced his lips. It was a gentle smile that was barely perceptible.

In Cethos, there was an inevitable custom when two or more adults were talking with a child present. “Come, sweetie. Why don’t you perform something for Mr. Bailey?” At Cooper’s behest, Carmen hurriedly stood up. She danced and sang for the two of them with a voice as sweet as a nightingale’s. It felt like a pair of slender and gentle hands were gently caressing their ears and their hearts.

Meanwhile, Bailey felt as if a gurgling stream was flowing in his heart. At the same time, it felt as if a warm breeze was blowing in his ears. He felt his entire being becoming calm. This long-lost sense of peace… It felt like Carmen had only just started singing. To his surprise, Carmen had already finished her song and returned to her seat beside her grandfather. However, he had not gotten enough yet.

Cooper couldn’t help but praise Carmen. When he was done praising her, they continued drinking tea. Carmen listened to their conversation, but she drowsily nodded off as time went on. Thus, Bailey brought her into his lounge to rest.

Afterward, only Bailey and Cooper remained by the tea-table. They felt more energized after drinking several cups of tea. Then, Bailey finally spoke up. “Mr. Mitchell, I’m sure you know what I want. I hope you will marry Tiffany.”

Cooper said nothing in response. He owed Bailey a huge favor. That debt of gratitude was something he needed to return eventually. Unfortunately, this debt was not something that could be settled via money or gifts—Bailey wanted him to pay it back with his body.

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