My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1375

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1375

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1375

Just when Michael was about to greet them, Carmen took out her personal baby bottle and put it in Bailey’s arm. She said, “Here you go. This is my happy milk. You’ll be happy if you drink it.”

When Michael saw her actions, he almost went mad. That was the milk specially formulated by a nutritionist according to Carmen’s physical development. How dare she give it to someone else so easily! And her personal baby bottle too!

Staring at the warm bottle of milk in his hand, Bailey was stunned for a moment. In the end, he gave it back. “Drink it on your own. I don’t drink milk anymore.”

Beside them, Michael quickly called out, “Baby, come here. Dinner’s ready.”

Carmen ran to her father. Although Michael had carried her away, Bailey could still hear her talking. “Bailey doesn’t want to drink my happy milk.”

“Then, give it to Daddy,” said Michael.

“But, you’re already happy without drinking the milk. Bailey needs to drink it because he’s not happy,” argued Carmen.

Bailey sat on the balcony alone, enjoying the darkness that was enveloping him. His time alone ended when Sophia came looking for him for dinner.

Sophia always had delicious dishes prepared at home. The family’s chef was a retired chef from a five-star restaurant. His cooking skills were exceptional. Besides, Michael was willing to pay big bucks for good food, and the ingredients at home came from their own farm. Therefore, everyone was looking forward to the dinner.

Even Harry, who lived next door, often visited with his family to mooch free meals. Since there were guests today, they prepared even more dishes. The largest and longest dining table had been moved out in order to cater to the number of dishes. There were all kinds of nice dishes; it was a mixture of Western and Cethosian cuisine.

Sophia’s family, Joel’s family, Harry’s family, Stanley’s family, Justin’s family, and Bailey barely fit on the dining table; it was still slightly packed.

Bailey sat between Cooper and Sophia. Sophia, who was very fond of her old son-in-law, had been enthusiastically helping him with his food.

“Try this, Bailey. This replenishes your body, so you can grow taller.”

“Here, try some soup.”

“Just tell me what you like to eat. I’ll get the chef to prepare them next time.”

She took care of him as if he was really her son-in-law, yet Bailey treated her like she was his niece. On the other hand, Michael was watching them bitterly. Sophia had never treated him with such passion before…

In the meantime, Stanley was slurping food like a pig; Sarah was taking pictures of the food with her phone; Justin was helping Celine with the dishes and giving Nathan some vegetables at the same time. When the kids were done eating, they sat aside to chat.

While Poppy was drinking her milk, she asked, “Is that your boyfriend?” She had also seen Bailey. Hmm… He looks quite handsome.

Yet, Carmen was still staring at Bailey, who was sitting beside Cooper, with light in her eyes. She didn’t answer Poppy’s question.

Maisie took a glance at Bailey. Frowning, she said, “He looks kind of old.”

This time, Audrey joined in and commented, “Sour Face looks better than him.”

“Hmph, all men are pigs. They are the same no matter how they look, especially old men with no baby fat,” snorted Poppy.

Discontented, Maisie pouted and said, “But, I think Nate is pretty good. He’s not a pig.”

As if she was a victim of love, Poppy took a deep breath and said, “Carmen, you cannot take the relationship too seriously. Men are liars. The reason they go out with you is to take your toys away from you!”

Recently, Maisie just got dumped in the kindergarten. For several days, the boy took away her snacks and her toys. When he found another girl with more toys, he broke up with her unilaterally. For that reason, she was in her post-breakup depression period. Every time she saw a boy, she felt disgusted. Now, after learning that Carmen was in a relationship, she wanted to stop her. “There is nothing good about men! You have to keep your eyes open.”

Unfortunately, it seemed like Carmen was utterly immersed in the ocean of love; she could not accept Maisie’s words of advice.

All of a sudden, she heard Sophia say, “Are you leaving already, Bailey? Why don’t you stay a little longer?”

Like lightning, Carmen darted toward the door and saw Bailey, who had finished his meal, walking toward the door. Sophia was there to send him out. Immediately, Carmen said in a hurry, “Goodbye, Bailey.”

Bailey nodded at her and marched toward the door. Meanwhile, Sophia got someone to pack a lot of things from the kitchen. Enthusiastically, she said, “Here. Bring some souvenirs with you!”

Helplessly, Bailey accepted the bags of snacks and local specialties from her. Along with Carmen, Sophia went to send him out. When they came back, they saw Michael standing by the door. Nonchalantly, he asked, “Did he leave already?”

Before Sophia could say anything, Carmen answered first, “Yeah! Bailey left already!”

Michael still had a grimace on his face. Daughters and dead fish are no keeping wares!

On the other hand, after thanking Bailey, Cooper thought he should express his gratitude to Louis and Anne too. Although Henry and Ryan were Louis’ grandsons in name only, Cooper knew that the twins weren’t Anna’s children from the beginning. However, something like this had happened, and Louis was pushed and bumped his head. He was old and was admitted into the hospital. Considering the circumstances, Cooper felt like he should visit him.

Cooper and Michael took Carmen to the hospital when they went to visit Louis. Louis had also learned about Ryan’s death at the Yard Residence and Henry’s death on the plane. Jordan had sent people to search for his body on the mountain, but it was nowhere to be found. He would not have survived, but his body would be difficult to find.

As the grandfather of the twins, Louis wasn’t wretched at all. All he wanted to say was that they deserved it. He really didn’t understand how Anna brought up such a pair of evil kids.

Jordan would not let the one behind the twins’ death off the hook. However, the government had already made its final decision. The Yard twins fled after they confronted the military and police; they deserved to die.

As to the identity of the person who made the move, no one had any idea. Cethos did not want to carry out further investigations because the twins were not Cethosian. The plane had left Cethos’ airspace, so Cethos had no say in the matter anymore. Moreover, the Yard Family in Bayside City was not dragged into the matter. As someone who was perfectly clear who his friends and foes were, Cooper felt that this was the least he could do to thank the old man since he would have done the same for them.

During the afternoon, Anne brought food for Louis at the hospital. She was told that Cooper was there. It was unfortunate that Cooper had left with his family before she rushed into Louis’ ward. What was left in the ward was the supplements and flowers that he brought. There seemed to be some of his scent lingering in the air, yet he was no longer there. He came and left in a hurry. In the end, Anne missed him. Secretly, she was hurt.

Louis knew what Anne was thinking. Ever since she first met Cooper, he always found her sitting alone in a daze. Even so, it was clear that Cooper was not interested in her. At first, he thought Anne would stop thinking about Cooper and be cheerful again. Unexpectedly, Anne was attached to Cooper. No man had ever drawn her attention since then.

Earlier today, Cooper had made an appointment via phone call before he came over. Louis had deliberately told Anne to deliver his meal later than usual because he wanted to prevent her from running into Cooper. He was afraid that her love for Cooper would bog her down. Unfortunately, her love was so deep that she could no longer withdraw from it.

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