My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1377

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1377

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1377

However, Sophia felt that Michael was overthinking. “Carmen is still young. I just want her to make more friends. What are you thinking? Besides, it’s normal for girls to have feelings for boys…”

Still, Michael stood his ground. “That ‘old man’ Bailey’s intention isn’t right. Look at his eyes. He always looks sketchy.”

Lying in Michael’s arms, Sophia adjusted into a comfortable position. Resting her foot on his leg, she rubbed up and down.

“Hubby, if it weren’t for Bailey, Carmen might not have been able to come back. I think he’s brave and daring. He’s not bad.”

Instantly, Michael protested, “Huh; he has already seen through the situation. He knew the Yard twins were pushing themselves against the wall and that was why he took action. If it was under normal circumstances, he would never have done that because he would’ve been afraid of offending the Yard Family and the Edwards Family.”

Staring at Michael’s anxious expression, Sophia couldn’t help but laugh. She reached out and caressed his furrowed brows.

“Look at how worried you are. Your wrinkles are coming out…”

She turned over and lay on top of Michael’s body. “Look at you. Why are you in such a hurry? Aren’t we here by your side?”

She thought Bailey was a decent boy. And, that it was good if he were to develop an interest in Carmen in the future.

He had a bright future. Although he was indeed sharp-witted, if he was fond of Carmen, his intelligence would become the best weapon he could wield to protect Carmen. She also hoped her son-in-law would be someone clever so that Carmen wouldn’t have to suffer too much.

Michael glanced at Sophia. He looked like he wanted to say something, but he swallowed his words and said nothing.

He was afraid that he would leave them one day. What would happen if the mother-daughter pair were secretly fooled by others?

He couldn’t consider Bailey as a fifteen-year-old boy. He was a deep and unpredictable one. When he passed away, Sophia and Carmen would definitely be no match for Bailey.

True love?

True love is bullsh*t!

The reason Bailey is trying to get close to Carmen is definitely because of money!

Quickly, Michael said, “Anyway, I really don’t like Bailey. He’s too calculative at such a young age and that makes my scalp prickly. You have to be careful. He’s not that simple. You can’t consider him a kid anymore.”

Yet, as he turned over, Sophia had already fallen asleep. She remained lying on him with her hands still on his neck.

Michael gently turned her body to position her face upward so that she could sleep more comfortably. Immediately, Sophia clung to him like a cat. She wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her face in his chest; she proceeded to sleep like a baby.

Unlike her, Michael couldn’t sleep for a long time as he stared at her. It was as if the thought of losing her would materialize as soon as he closed his eyes.

In her dream, Sophia dreamed of a beautiful and juicy cherry growing on her meat blanket…

The incident of the Yard twins had been forgotten by the public. Jordan was afraid to make a big deal on behalf of them even though he knew the plane was shot down by a surface-to-air missile. If it wasn’t the Michel Family who had done it, it was definitely the Fletcher Family. However, he was afraid to argue and had to keep his grievances to himself.

Besides that, the dispute between Jordan and the Fletcher Family had also come to an end. Christine was rehabilitating in the military hospital. Since she was now rich, she got herself the best doctor and paid for the best facilities she could get. Her condition was getting better. The Bishop Family and the Evans Family had been sent away. After being intimidated by power, they finally knew how big the world was. In the end, they went back to their rural hometown and behaved themselves.

The Fletcher Family was disappointed by Stanley’s flash marriage. The fact that Stanley continued to live with Sean upset the Fletchers even more.

Nevertheless, they could not do anything even if they were upset. They had already beaten and scolded him. Still, he was their precious child. There was no way they would beat him into a fool. Stanley’s parents were ready to have a male daughter-in-law. Yet, there was no news of that from Stanley’s side for a long time.

They were so worried for him.

Soon, the news about Nicole’s marriage spread out to the public like wildfire. It quickly replaced the news of the Yard twins as the new headline.

Everyone knew about Nicole’s dark history. After she went public with Sam, everyone started to count down to the date they would break up.

However, they didn’t break up. Instead, they kept a low profile and got married. By the time the public found out about it, their wedding ceremony had long ended.

The public even thought that the wedding was fake and that they had divorced a long time ago.

Every celebrity in their right mind would want to hold their wedding ceremony in a grandiose fashion. It would be even better if they could invite everyone from the entertainment industry. On top of that, to be able to marry someone like Sam, their guests would have included the big shots from the political and business worlds. This was the perfect opportunity for her to show off. If it were someone else, they would have broadcasted every aspect of the event including when they changed their undergarments.

Yet, Nicole had been lying low. No media was present at the scene, and no one was showing off their invitation letters.

Later, Nicole’s marriage became a legend. Many people heard about it, but none actually saw it. ‘Insiders’ even revealed that the pair had already broken up a long time ago. A celebrity like Nicole, who had won Oscars on numerous occasions, was still just a mere actress. She was just a plaything amongst the elite.

They believed that Sam was just messing around with her. There was no way they would get married because their families were not of equal social rank. They would not get together since Sam wasn’t stupid.

The wedding ceremony was just a rumor Nicole’s team spread out in order to save face.

However, Sophia knew that the pair had indeed tied the knot with each other.

Nicole and Sam’s wedding ceremony was held on a private island in international waters; only thirty invitation letters were sent out.

The Edwards Family sent out Lucy; Harry represented the Winston Family; Michael represented the Fletcher Family; and Cooper went on behalf of the Mitchell Family. They were some of the closest friends of the couple. Sam’s parents died when he was young while Nicole was an orphan. Thus, only her younger sister attended the wedding. Apart from those people, there were no more extra seats.

They held a Western-style wedding ceremony, and Nicole’s wedding dress came from a brand under the JNS Group. She collaborated with a designer to come up with the dress.

Carmen and Hope attended the ceremony as a flower girl and a page boy respectively. On the first day of the ceremony, Michael had brought the whole family to the island so that Carmen could join the rehearsal.

Carmen was dressed in her finest clothes. With a garland on her crown, she looked like an elf. She had to carry a flower basket, sprinkle flower petals, and hand the rings out to the couple.

Michael and Sophia stayed and watched the rehearsal. Although it was only a small ceremony, Nicole and Sam took it very seriously. They rehearsed several times for every step of the way, striving for perfection.

Sam was so nervous that he got his line wrong a few times. This old man in his forties was a little nervous since he was getting married for the first time.

However, Michael’s attention was only on Carmen. She was dressed in a flower embroidered bubble dress, and she had a garland on her crown. Her dark hair draped around her like a waterfall, and she wore a pair of white boots. She looked just like a flower fairy in her gorgeous outfit.

She was indeed a pretty little baby who grew up adorably.

Nonetheless, after the rehearsal started, a helicopter landed on the island. Bailey, who was dressed in a black trench coat, walked out from the airport with a cold and charming face. On his way to the guest room, he happened to pass by the wedding scene and saw the crowd who were rehearsing.

At just one glance, his eyes found Carmen, who was glowing dazzlingly in the garden.

His gaze seemed to be attracted by the faint light…


Taking two steps forward, Michael quickly pulled little Carmen into his arms and hid her with his body from Bailey’s ‘leering’ eyes.

Why is this old man here?

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