My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1385

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1385

Letting out an inward sigh, Sophia knew that nothing could be done about this problem. Just like how Justin could not bring himself to accept Lola, Cooper could not accept Callum and Cade. As such, Sophia, who was leading a happy life, started to worry about Cooper.

After the big group photo, the younger people wanted to take more photos. Thus, Cooper, Theo, and the other elders took their cue to leave.

The siblings, Sophia and Linus, stood next to each other to take a photo. Once that was done, Sophia nudged Carmen and whispered, “Can you bring those two similar-looking guys over to take a photo with Mommy?”

Carmen did as she was told. Running over to them, she looked at Callum and said sweetly, “Mister, Mommy wants to take a photo with you.”

The brothers were talking to each other in a low murmur. When they heard Carmen, they automatically looked at each other. “Your mom really wants to take a photo with us?”

She nodded. “Yes, yes.”

Despite feeling perplexed, they still went over. After all, Callum had stolen tens of thousands from Sophia. He did not think that they would be able to be on good terms again, so when she took the initiative to invite them, they went over right away.

Seeing them approach her, Sophia moved slightly to the side. The four siblings stood in a row with Linus and Sophia on one side, and Callum and Cade on the other. Meanwhile, Carmen remained in the middle as usual.

Sophia could not help but marvel at her twin brothers. Even though she did not like their father, they were still her brothers who had the same mother as she did.

Anna was having a conversation with Cooper outside of the crowd when a glimpse of her four children standing together caught her attention. They might have had different fathers, but they were all her children. They had her features and carried her genes. She could not help but gaze at them with a great amount of tender love in her eyes. “Look at how beautiful my children are!”

Cooper was also aware that they were taking a photo together. He did not respond and changed the topic instead. Still, he did not stop them from taking a group photo. He did not like Anna’s sons, but he did not stop Sophia from associating with them. Even though Cooper had nothing to do with them, they were still Sophia’s half-brothers.

After the photo, Carmen asked enthusiastically, “Mommy, why do those two misters look exactly the same?”

Sophia answered, “Because they’re twins! Mommy and Uncle Linus, and Daddy and Aunt Celine are twins too!”

Carmen pondered with pursed lips, then asked, “If both Daddy and Mommy have a twin, then why don’t I have one?”

When she brought that up, Michael felt heavyhearted. He had imagined over and over again that Sophia would have twins. After all, both of them carried the genes for it.

However, Sophia only had one child. During her pregnancy, the examinations only found one child. And later, she also only came home with one child. Quinton claimed that there was only one during the delivery too.

Michael felt depressed as though someone had hidden his other child somewhere else. At the same time, Sophia was already bent over and talking to Carmen in a gentle tone. “You won’t understand some of these things, sweetie. You’ll know when you’re all grown up.” She added, “They’re my brothers, so you can call them uncle from now on.”

Looking back at them, Carmen called, “Uncles!”

They returned a smile. Hearing the word ‘uncle’ left them deeply moved.

The perfect wedding eventually came to a close. Although Sophia and Michael were still engaged in unlawful cohabitation, their state of mind changed after the wedding.

Cooper still lived with Sophia, and Linus still came over to eat every day. There was not much of a difference in their lives compared to before, except that Cooper was even meaner to Michael now.

In the past, Michael often slandered his father-in-law. But, once he put himself in Cooper’s shoes and thought of the apricot beaded bracelet on Bailey’s wrist, he could not help but squirm in anguish. He asked Cooper to take that bracelet back from Bailey countless times, but Cooper did not seem bothered. He even looked pleased whenever he talked to Bailey! Since his daughter was not the one being taken away by Bailey, he did not feel the pain!

In contrast, Cooper thought that Michael was being too sensitive. Carmen is still a child. What does she know? It’s completely normal for friends to exchange gifts with each other! He’s too paranoid!

But now, Michael was so frightened that he was about to get a heart attack. Soon, he was not going to be around anymore, but the three apricot seeds on Bailey’s hand only filled him with overwhelming concern. He feared that when he woke up from his cryogenic sleep in a few years, Carmen would already have her own child while she was still young.

Every day, he had nightmares of Carmen giving birth to a baby as a teenager, and that the baby looked exactly like Bailey. In order to fulfill his own dying wishes, he started to monitor Bailey’s every move in secret to find an opportunity to get the bracelet back. Otherwise, he would feel unsettled even when he was frozen.

It was too dangerous for Bailey to have that bracelet in his possession. Every time he saw the bracelet, it would possibly remind him of Carmen. Without the bracelet, he would forget about Carmen in just a few days. Even though everyone felt like Bailey was a great figure, to Michael, he was just a deadbeat who sold insurance.

Bailey had also come to Bayside City to establish a branch of Adams Enterprise here. Like the Michels, they wanted to have a share of the market in Bayside City. In this big nation with over a billion people, they could make tons even if they sold insurance casually.

Alas, Michael found out that Bailey got a membership at Audistin and was working out there. At the same time, he also frequented the indoor basketball court at Bayside University that was open to outsiders.

Michael sent Nathan over to keep watch. Nathan had been associated with Bayside University for a decade and was well-connected with the people. Since he often went there to play basketball, he was familiar with the place.

“That’s him! The green-eyed goblin who has Carmen on his mind! If you see him around campus, make sure to teach him a lesson. Also, remember to get that bracelet back to me.”

Nathan glanced over the picture that Michael had sent to him and the bracelet strung with apricot kernels. He could not believe that someone had their eyes on his baby sister who was still a child! They even have a token of love! This is unforgivable! Nathan was also fuming with anger. That green-eyed goblin better not show up in front of me.

In just a few days, however, Michael received a sudden call from Nathan. “Come here now. I’ve caught the green-eyed goblin.”

Michael exhorted, “Beat him up!”

But Nathan sounded hesitant. “We have an unexpected situation. I think you should come and take a look.”

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