My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1387

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1387

The students wanted to give him gifts, so what could he do?

Every day, whenever he left his seat for a moment, he would come back to find his office full of snacks. He couldn’t possibly throw them away.

Everyone proceeded to evenly divide Quinton and Nathan’s trophies.

Carmen picked a bar of chocolate out of the pile of snacks and gave it to Bailey. “Bailey, for you!”

Bailey hesitated for a moment, but when he saw the smile on Carmen’s adorable and gentle face, he couldn’t bear to upset her, so he accepted it.

Upon seeing this, a dark gleam flashed across Michael’s eyes once again as he restrained the urge to lunge at him.

That chocolate is obviously used for courtship! Why did she give it to Bailey?!

Michael tried his best to force a smile onto his face, then said to Carmen, “Carmen, honey, Daddy wants a snack too.”

Still rather disgruntled, Carmen retorted, “If Daddy wants one, Mommy can feed you! Aren’t you guys always feeding each other at home?”

Michael was dumbfounded.

How could his own daughter say such a thing?

His heart fell to the ground with a ‘crash’, shattering into pieces.

He felt as if he was watching the seedling that he had worked hard to cultivate being invaded by a fat and ugly insurance-selling rodent.

Sensing Michael’s despair, Sophia unwrapped a piece of chocolate and fed it to him. To his dismay, the chocolate filled his entire mouth with bitterness.

He thought back to the song that he had sung many years back: ‘The cold wind drifted over and caressed my face; my child’s rebellion is giving me a heartache’.

Meanwhile, Bailey was taking the first bite out of his chocolate. His arm was raised, and the muscles underneath that were beginning to take shape bulged slightly. His tanned, wheatish skin made him appear healthy, young, and powerful—just like a rising sun.

The three apricot kernels that hung on his wrist exuded a special sort of extravagance and strangeness.

Sophia had a fondness for his light brown complexion. Nowadays, fair skin was no longer mainstream in foreign countries; healthy, wheatish skin like his was favored instead. Plenty of people enjoyed sunbathing because they wanted their skin to achieve this shade of brown.

Certain people even had the mentality that a person’s skin tone and figure determined their social class. Foreign eateries mainly served what Cethosians considered to be junk food—high-calorie fried chicken and hamburgers were their staples. As the average person couldn’t afford to hire a private trainer, the foreigners were usually plump and overweight. Not to mention, they worked long hours and had no time for vacation, so their skin was comparably fairer.

Hence, if a person had fair skin and was fat, they were undoubtedly from the lower classes.

Conversely, the rich could hire professional dieticians and private trainers to keep them in shape. With the money they possessed, they could go on vacations to get tanned.

Thus, one could tell Bailey’s financial status and social standing just by looking at his figure and complexion.

Wow, he’s only fifteen, but he already has muscles, Sophia thought as she ogled him.

Michael, on the other hand, was figuring out ways to get the bracelet back. Bailey suddenly stood up and said, “I’m done eating. Thank you for the hospitality.”

With that, he picked up his belongings and turned around to go to the court.

“You only ate an apple and a chicken wing; you should eat more! I still have pork trotters and some lamb shoulder!” Sophia called after him in a hurried tone.

Bailey replied, “I’m going to play basketball, so I can’t eat too much!”

Seeing as Bailey didn’t want it, Stanley gave a ‘whoop’ and pounced on the chance to take it. Chewing on a pork trotter, he exclaimed, “Since the foreigner doesn’t know how to eat your pork trotters, you can give them all to me!”

Michael took a piece of pork trotter as well and tore fiercely into it, all the while thinking to himself, He’s the pig that should be turned into a dish!

Bailey had arrived at the court and was already active. His agile body darted left and right, and he could even shoot perfect three-pointers. He was only fifteen years old, but he was already a little taller than Nathan. At an estimated height of nearly 1.8 meters, he was almost capable of performing a slam-dunk.

Sophia watched him play as she nibbled on one of the chocolates.

If she was a few years younger, and if she hadn’t met Michael, she would have pursued Bailey.

He’s so cute with those long eyelashes, long legs, and that beautiful face… She had the sudden desire to place him under her household register.

Michael noticed that Bailey had taken off his bracelet as soon as he got on the court and that he had passed it to a bodyguard, who was standing to one side.

Michael’s eyes lit up. He cast Nathan a meaningful glance, and the two of them went up to the court.

They couldn’t publicly grab it, and they couldn’t steal it either.

Their only choice was to stay near him, then wait for a chance to take back the bracelet.

On the court, Michael immediately made his way toward Bailey. He and Nathan converged on Bailey from both sides. As long as they managed to snatch the ball from him, they would take turns shoving him.

Bailey could obviously feel the malice they felt toward him. He didn’t know why these two ‘youngsters’ resented him so much, but since they were here, he wouldn’t back down. He would meet their attacks with calmness; it was two against one.

The courage and tranquility he showed were unlike that of a fifteen-year-old kid.

Stanley, who was by the sidelines watching the game, could tell that something was up. He said, “Aunt Sophia, look at my uncle. Why’s he being so hard on the kid?”

Shaking her head, Sophia reckoned Michael had a short fuse.

All Bailey did was eat one of their chicken wings! Did he have to be so hateful?

Carmen tugged anxiously at Quinton. “Uncle Quinton, look! Daddy is bullying Mr. Bailey; go and help him!”

Quinton too felt that Michael had gone too far to pick on a kid.

He rubbed his mouth, then rushed up to the court with excitement.

He hadn’t played ball with Michael before, so this was his chance to see if he could beat him!

Quinton joined in and quickly snatched the ball from Michael’s grasp before passing it to Bailey.

Michael started, “Quinton, you—”

Quinton gave him a sly smile.

With Quinton stirring up trouble, it wouldn’t be easy to mess with Bailey anymore.

“How could my uncle pick on a kid? That’s bullying! I can’t stand it anymore,” Stanley mumbled as he tightened his shoelaces before hurrying over to provide support.

Just now, Bailey was alone against the two of them; now, it was three against two.

Michael was so angry that he nearly ran forward to kick the two of them who were in the way. Turning toward the people on the mat, he shouted, “Is no one coming over to help?”

Sean didn’t much enjoy playing basketball, and he was too lazy to wash his hands every time, but Michael seemed to be sending out a distress call.

Sean could tell that Carmen liked Bailey very much, while Michael didn’t. He always looked like he wanted to beat the kid up.

Sean got up reluctantly, preparing to go into battle. All of a sudden, Celine popped up like a husky, then ran over. “I’m coming, I’m coming!”

Turns out he was asking for Celine’s help!

With Celine in the mix, Michael’s team was further strengthened. His superiority was restored as the game evened out into a three-on-three match.

He had wanted to use this chance to retrieve the bracelet; who knew that he would be so shamelessly defeated by Bailey? Although Michael had the heart and face of an eighteen-year-old, his body was nearly in its forties. He was simply no match for this fifteen-year-old boy.

But his wife and his daughter were still watching, so he couldn’t give in!

Right now, bringing Bailey to his knees was more important than getting the bracelet back.

Everyone on the court was brimming with energy. Stanley, Quinton, and Bailey were up against Michael, Celine, and Nathan. All of them were full of vigor and vitality.

A moment later, Harry and Sarah turned up with their son. “Hey! Why didn’t anyone call us out to play?”

Harry joined them as soon as he arrived. In the end, Sean, listless as he was, was dragged into the game. With the addition of two more people, they could finally form two groups and have a real match.

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