My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1388

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1388

Since a group of idols was playing basketball, it was not strange that they had attracted plenty of onlookers.

Bayside University was Michael and Harry’s alma mater, so the two of them were often seen in school—up to the point where the students were no longer surprised to see them. At this moment, students who had nothing to do had gathered around to watch the game.

The two teams played with all they had. Sitting to one side, Sophia ate jellies, chocolates, and roasted seeds as she watched them battle it out.

During half-time, Michael quickly gathered his teammates to discuss strategies to defeat their opponent. The score was currently tied, so they had to be more aggressive than they were in the first half.

“All of you, take on the other three; leave Bailey to me!”

As they talked about the tactics they would use, Michael turned and saw the other team huddled together, discussing strategies as well. To his horror, he watched as Carmen scampered over with a bottle of water in hand. Giving the bottle to Bailey, she said sweetly, “Bailey, have some water!”

Bailey thanked her before accepting the bottle and taking a few small sips.

Boom, boom, boom!

In just a split second, thunderbolts struck Michael’s world. For the third time today, his eyes darkened, and he barely restrained himself from unleashing fury on Bailey.

Everyone understood right away. No wonder Michael wanted to have a go at Bailey so badly today!

Fortunately, Sophia had the good sense to bring Michael water, and she even gave him wet wipes to clean his face.

“That’s quite enough. It’s highly inappropriate to mistreat a kid and glower at him like this. Many people are watching!”

Gritting his teeth, Michael’s gaze was fixed on Bailey as he said in a low voice, “Stay out of this.”

Just watch; I’m going to end him today!

The second half of the game began. Michael had gone mad and focused on Bailey alone. With no consideration for his teammates’ assistance, they constantly lost possession of the ball.

In the end, they lost to their opponent by several points.

When they summed up their experience, everyone blamed Michael for being blinded by hatred. He didn’t care for teamwork, and he completely ignored the strategies they had decided to use, choosing to focus on Bailey instead.

When the match was over, it was already time for dinner. Sophia suggested, “Let’s go to Crimson House! It’s Uncle Taylor’s treat!”

Michael had lost a battle today; he didn’t manage to get the bracelet back and had caused his team to lose instead, so he was more than willing to pay for this meal. That was until Sophia enthusiastically beckoned Bailey over. “Bailey, let’s go eat together! The world’s best actor is buying!”

Bailey’s expression was cool as he responded, “That’s fine. I still have other plans—”

Before he could finish, Sarah cut in, “What other plans could you have at this hour? Come on; let’s go. Someone’s paying for it; it’ll be a waste if you don’t join us!”

Carmen chimed in excitedly, “Yeah, let’s go, Bailey! It’s Daddy’s treat, so eat as much as you want!”

With Sophia tugging from in front and Sarah pushing from behind, this second-generation ‘old son-in-law’ was successfully persuaded to follow.

Michael glowered, and for the fourth time today, he wanted to pounce on Bailey.

When they reached Crimson House, Sophia intentionally sat beside Bailey, pampering him and showering him with warmth. Knowing that he wasn’t used to Cethosian food, everyone chose his country’s cuisine; Sophia even went so far as to order Crimson House’s most expensive dish. They ordered more than a dozen dishes as Michael watched on unblinkingly.

She wasn’t even this generous when she treated me to a meal!

At the end of the day, Michael was the one who had to pick up the bill.

He was quickly beginning to see stars.

This day couldn’t get any worse.

As Sophia had invited the ‘old son-in-law’ to dinner, everything was considerably more ostentatious, and she treated him with extreme generosity. It was truly a rare sight to behold, as she was usually stingy and it was nearly impossible to get her to have a sumptuous meal outside. It was hard to believe that she was willing to fork out so much for Bailey today. Everyone just couldn’t help but adore Bailey, the old son-in-law.

It was as if Sophia had forgotten that Michael was paying for the meal.

Everyone was in a jolly mood during tonight’s meal, and even Bailey was infected by the bubbly atmosphere, occasionally speaking up. Michael was the only one who ate with a sour feeling in his gut.

After saying their farewells, Michael was too enraged to speak on the way home. As for Sophia and her daughter, they simply leaned on him and dozed off.

When they arrived home, the mother and daughter pair seemed to be in good spirits as soon as they stepped into the house.

Cooper, who was already in his pajamas, was in the living room watching television. Theo was once again watching ‘The Bright Sword’; this was his third time watching the show. Cooper had a sudden interest in the show as well, so he watched it together with Theo.

“Grandpa Cooper! Grandpa Theo!”

Carmen ran in as soon as they got home. Cooper caught her and gave her a kiss, then asked, “Where did you go today, sweetie? Why are you so happy?”

Carmen answered gleefully, “We went to Daddy and Mommy’s school to play today!”

Sophia added delightedly, “Everyone had a great time today! Mikey even played ball the whole afternoon!”

The mother and daughter pair happily recounted the day’s events—it was warm out today, the food they brought was delicious, and the basketball match was utterly intense; at the end of the day, Michael even treated everyone to a big meal!

It seemed that both mother and daughter’s experience today had been completely different from what Michael had gone through.

At this moment, Michael felt some of his tension vanish. He realized that his wife and daughter’s happiness was more important than getting back those three apricot kernels.

Even though he didn’t manage to reclaim the apricot kernels, everyone seemed to have had a good time today.

Sadly for him, his relief lasted less than twelve hours. When he started work on set early the next morning, everyone came over to congratulate him, leaving him baffled.

He turned on his phone, only to see the day’s headline: ‘Shocker! Taylor Murray’s five-year-old daughter’s love affair exposed! The Academy Award winner’s son-in-law turned out to be the young president of the Adams Group!’

Clicking on the news article, he saw pictures of scenes from yesterday at Bayside University. There were pictures of Carmen smiling as she handed an apple to Bailey, Carmen smiling as she gave Bailey water, and Carmen smiling as she looked up at Bailey. She was beaming from ear to ear in every picture and her entire face was as sweet as honey—she looked like she was truly in love.

As he scrolled through the article, Michael’s expression darkened.

While he seethed with anger toward Bailey, Lucy’s engagement party was in the works.

Looking at the invitation, Sophia felt hesitant. The big day was approaching, but she didn’t know if she should go.

Lucy didn’t agree to the wedding in the first place, and to make matters worse, Jordan would probably be there.

Jordan had even sent an invitation specifically for Cooper. No matter how Sophia looked at it, it seemed like a trap, but perhaps she was overthinking it.

It was unlikely that Jordan would create trouble at Lucy’s engagement party. The party pretty much signified a marriage alliance for the Edwards Group, so it was unlikely that he would mess it up.

After pondering over it, Sophia decided not to go.

Unexpectedly, on the day before the party, Callum suddenly sent her a message: ‘Sophia, are you coming to tomorrow’s engagement party? You should!’

Sophia replied: ‘The user you are looking for is dormant. Please transfer 8888 to wake them up.’

‘Yikes!’ Callum sent.

A moment later, 8888 was transferred to her account.

“Wow!” He’s rich, all right!

Sophia hurriedly accepted the money, then following Callum’s previous ploy, she typed, ‘For text consultation, please transfer 1111. For voice consultation, please transfer 2222. For video consultation, please transfer 3333.’

Callum proceeded to transfer her 1111.

Sophia responded: ‘Sorry, the user you are looking for has failed to wake up. Please transfer 8888.’

Callum transferred another 8888 to her account.

Speechless, Sophia replied: ‘I don’t want to go. What’s wrong?’

Callum replied: ‘There’s nothing wrong with that, but did you know that there’s gonna be serious drama tomorrow? If you don’t come, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life!’

Serious drama?

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