My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1390

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1390


Knowing Cooper must have felt depressed, Sophia quickly walked over to him. His little sweetheart wanted to lighten up his mood.

However, Cooper seemed to be unperturbed as he smiled at her.

“I’m fine, darling. Go talk to your friends. Don’t worry about me.”

Nevertheless, the tinge of disappointment and dismay in his eyes was unmistakable.

That being said, Cooper already had a plan.

Sophia knew he was sad and it made her want to stay by his side all the more to keep him entertained. Tiffany too quickly came to fawn over Sophia and it turned to be a harmonious chat among the ‘family’ of three.

Even so, there were some who simply would not allow Cooper to be this lighthearted.

“Cooper, you’re here!”

Jordan’s ardent voice emerged from the crowd as he held Anna’s hand and walked spiritedly toward Cooper. It seemed like he had recovered from the grief of losing his sons.

Looking calm and indifferent, Cooper greeted him, “Hi, Jordan. How are you?”

Greeting each other enthusiastically, the two men were like brothers who had not met each other for years even though the last time they met, Jordan’s son had abducted Carmen and they were at daggers drawn.

Back then, Cooper really wanted to take Jordan’s life on the spot.

Even so, he would not kill Jordan in a self-destructive manner no matter how much he wished for Jordan to die. He knew he would be in deep water if Jordan had died back then. Cooper didn’t want to get himself into trouble just because of a wretched man. Moreover, his family and loved ones would be implicated too.

Till now, the cause of Henry and Ryan’s plane crash remained unknown.

Cethos had shirked their responsibility. After all, the accident happened beyond their territory, so the government had no intention to bother with it.

The plane crashed in a small country in West Asia and the Michel Military Group happened to be the largest weapons manufacturer for said country.

Investigations revealed that there was a malfunction in the plane engine, causing it to crash into a snow mountain.

However, Jordan knew the plane was shot down by a missile and the mastermind was either the Fletcher Family or Cooper.

To him, there was no difference between the two.

The hatred Jordan had toward them for killing his sons was irreconcilable and a blood feud had started to rage between them.

Holding Anna’s hand, Jordan walked toward Cooper while he guffawed. “Annie and I are so glad that you’re here, Cooper!”

With her hand being clutched by Jordan, Anna greeted Cooper with a smile. On the other hand, Tiffany leaned closer to Cooper. She felt sorry for him and didn’t want him to be embarrassed. She thought she looked much more attractive than Anna, and that she was a better match for Cooper.

Besides, Tiffany wanted to make Anna realize who was the one qualified to stand beside Cooper.

And so, the four of them greeted each other with a grin on their faces.

Nevertheless, only they themselves knew what was on their minds.

Just as Sophia was depressed to see her parents forcing a smile on their faces, she saw Callum and Cade, who were standing behind Jordan, wink at her. It seemed like they were signaling something big was going to happen and were asking her to get ready for the show.

Cheering up, Sophia gazed back and forth to seek the ‘big show’.

However, before she could spot anything special, Jordan held Anna’s hand joyfully and announced to Cooper, “Today is Lucy’s wedding ceremony. After this, Annie and I are going to replan our engagement banquet too.”

Cooper’s smile faltered upon hearing these words, though he had made every effort to resist his disappointment and distress deep down.

Jordan seemed to have not noticed it as he looked at Anna affectionately and murmured, “Last time, our engagement ceremony was interrupted due to an accident. I’ll definitely not allow anyone to disrupt our ceremony this time.”

Before Anna could say anything, a crisp voice emerged behind Jordan.


There was a sudden change in Jordan and Anna’s expression upon hearing that voice. While both of them seemed surprised, Jordan’s expression was complicated—a mix of shock, anger, astonishment, and even awkwardness.

Secretly glancing at Cooper, Anna noticed his lips subtly curving upward into a complacent smile.

Anna seemed to have perceived something as she gave Cooper a mysterious, quick smile while the others’ attention was attracted toward the voice.

“I’m here, Jordan!”

The appealing female voice most probably belonged to a woman in her twenties. While Jordan turned around to look for the young lady, Anna quickly stood aside and pulled out her arm from Jordan’s hold, thereafter keeping a distance from him.

Here comes the big show!

Holding her breath, Sophia could see from the gap between Jordan and Anna that a young lady, who seemed to be in her twenties, was walking toward Jordan with a sweet smile on her face.

Looking noble and gorgeous, the lady had fair skin and beautiful eyes, looking extraordinarily angelic. With a pair of dimples in her cheek when she smiled, she gave off an extremely pleasant aura.

The lady glided toward Jordan. From where Sophia was standing, she could see the lady standing in between Jordan and Anna, and was moving closer to him. She then swiftly held Jordan’s arm and with that, she had delicately separated Anna and him. Though it appeared to be just a casual posture, Sophia could sense the lady’s aggressiveness.

“Jordaine, what brings you here?”

Jordan was surprised to see the woman with a pair of dimples.

The lady named Jordaine answered, “I came for a business talk and decided to drop by.”

It seemed like she was an unexpected guest who came without receiving an invitation.

Nevertheless, not only was Jordaine not ashamed of turning up uninvited, she even obtrusively stood in between Jordan and Anna, replacing Anna as she introduced herself to Cooper in a self-assured manner.

“Hi, you must be Cooper! I’ve seen you on the parent-child show. I’m Jordaine Marks from Marks Real Estates. This is my card.”

Cooper, Tiffany and Sophia each received a card from the woman. Sophia glanced at her name and position written on the card, Jordaine Marks, Regional President of Marks Real Estates.

Jordaine… Jordan… What a cringy name!

As such, Ms. Jordaine’s identity was becoming increasingly obvious.

“I’m Jordan’s lover.”

Pleasantly introducing herself, Jordaine pretended to have not seen Anna—who stood next to her—and was the only official fiancée declared by Jordan. In contrast, the woman arrogantly presented herself and usurped the hostess’ role while Anna was left aside and deemed invisible by Jordaine.

Sophia stood off to one side, her eyes wide.

So this is the big show Callum was asking me to watch—to see Jordan getting into trouble!

Right after Jordan announced his engagement with Anna, here came a mistress. This had caught him off guard and he looked extremely awkward. Obviously, Jordaine’s status was not ordinary. As the person-in-charge of an overseas prominent Cethosian conglomerate, she was probably one among Jordan’s many mistresses who could be deemed to be in the same league as Anna.

Even Jordan was reluctant to fall out with her.

At the same time, Jordaine clearly intended to stir up trouble by showing up unexpectedly today.

This is getting interesting! Sophia exclaimed to herself excitedly.

Meanwhile, Cooper had started shooting the breeze with Jordaine. After introducing themselves, they exchanged their cards and even introduced their children to each other.

“This is my daughter, Sophia, and my son, Linus.” Cooper presented Linus and Cooper to Jordaine.

Standing behind Jordaine was an adorable man who had a baby face and a pair of dimples, which was similar to Jordaine’s. Taller than Jordaine, the man appeared to be in his twenties and he seemed to be Jordaine’s older brother. After all, a brother should show up in this kind of setting to back his sister up.

“This is Jordan and my eldest son, Moore Edwards.”

Jordaine introduced the young lad standing behind her.

With that, Sophia was rendered speechless.

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