My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1391

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1391

Sophia glanced at Jordaine. Though Jordaine was a graceful, poised young mistress, at the very most she looked thirty years old, her eyes filled with vigor resembling that of a young lady. There were barely any fine lines on her face and neck, so how could her son possibly be in his twenties?

Did this woman drink some sort of magical concoction?

Perhaps it was her baby face that made her look youthful. Sarah had a baby face too, and even until now she looked like an eighteen-year-old lolita.

According to Sophia’s estimation, Jordaine should be at least in her forties, yet she was such a great beauty. She must be one of the most gorgeous and outstanding women in Jordan’s harem. Sophia reckoned her level would resemble that of a noble consort, or even an imperial noble consort.

Jordaine even dared to show up without being invited and take Anna’s place.

At that moment, the atmosphere became rather awkward. Initially, Jordan was planning to bring Anna along to torture Cooper; never did he expect that Jordaine would appear all of a sudden and mess up his plan.

Meanwhile, Anna pretended to be upset and left the scene in ‘dismay’.

Jordan wanted to chase after her but Jordaine held his arm and said pitifully, “Jordan, do you think I’ve embarrassed you by showing up uninvited?”

“Of course not!” Jordan quickly cooed. “I’m glad you are here.”

The others could tell that Jordan wished to chase after Anna, but Jordaine did not want him to stay close to her.

Since Jordaine had shown up today, she was determined to have Jordan all to herself.

Soon, Lucy walked over and Jordaine immediately introduced herself. “You must be Lucy. I’m Jordaine. Come over here, Moore; meet your elder sister.”

Apparently, Lucy had not expected this scene to happen.

Where on earth did Jordaine come from? Oh well—she must be another mistress of Jordan’s.

Lucy greeted Jordaine and her son cordially.

Moore did not seem to be as rebellious and disruptive as Ryan and his twin brother, nor did his character resemble that of Callum and Cade’s. Nevertheless, he was not an ordinary man either.

With that, the family met each other harmoniously.

Moments later, the two groups of people parted ways. As the bride’s father, Jordan would naturally have to go greet the guests. Along with his old, ugly son-in-law and his angelic, adorable baby-face lover, Jordan chattered with guests from all walks of life.

Cooper looked at Jordan’s hideous pig-like old son-in-law and thought of his very own. For the first time, he thought Michael’s appearance was indeed quite pleasant.

Holding Jordan’s arm, Jordaine completely deemed herself as the hostess as she introduced herself and their son to everyone they met.

Both Jordan and the guests looked awkward. It seems like this isn’t the woman who was standing by him just now; he has switched his partner after just a few minutes!

Nonetheless, no one dared to dish the dirt and they were forced to act along.

Enjoying the big scene, Sophia started to suspect that Jordaine and Cooper had ganged up.

Meanwhile, Anna and her two sons were chatting with the guests at another spot. She seemed to have deliberately kept a distance from Jordaine, while Jordaine too deemed Anna and her two sons invisible.

Soon, every guest at the engagement ceremony became aware of Jordaine’s existence and that she was Jordan’s lover.

Though it was normal for wealthy families to have plenty of illicit affairs, it was rare to see the hostess and the mistress showing up at the same place like today, and both women’s status were not ordinary.

Everyone was secretly gossiping among themselves and Stanley the busybody was one of them.

“Sophia, did you see that? Jordan changed his wife again! Jordaine… What a cringy name!”

Even Stanley could tell that Jordaine was here to stir up trouble; she became even more dazzling than the bride-to-be the moment she appeared. Carrying herself as Mrs. Edwards, Jordaine completely deemed Anna the fiancée invisible, and Anna was left out in the cold.

Meanwhile, Sean stared at the card from Jordaine.

Never had he expected that Jordaine was one of Jordan’s mistresses too.

Jordaine’s father was the ex-owner of Marks Real Estates—a Cethosian conglomerate—and she was the youngest daughter of her father’s second wife.

Given her identity as the second wife’s youngest daughter, she was destined to be out of the league to become the successor of Marks Real Estates because she had a few elder brothers; on top of that, she was an illegitimate child. However, she managed to defeat her elder siblings and successfully ventured into Marks Real Estates when she was twenty-one years old. She even managed to secure a key position and became the owner of the corporation a few years later.

On the other hand, her competitors passed on one after another in different accidents.

Jordaine was not married throughout the years and only had a son whose father was unknown. In recent years, her son had started making his mark in Marks Real Estates but he had been using another nickname. And so, it was the first time Sean was made known to Moore’s actual name, and the fact that Moore was Jordan’s son.

It was worth noting that her name wasn’t originally Jordaine, and that she had changed her name to Jordaine at the age of twenty-one following an expert’s advice. From then on, there was a twist of fate and Jordaine got her way from being the insignificant young daughter to becoming the person-in-charge of Marks Real Estates.

Everyone said that she had made the right pick of her new name.

Well, it seems like Jordan must be the expert then.

The rise of Jordaine was extremely similar to that of Anna’s. Both of them started off as an insignificant nobody and gradually conquered the top position.

They would not be able to attain such great achievements by themselves. There must be some powerful force backing them up, which was none other than Jordan.

As such, the actual controller of Marks Real Estates now should be Jordan.

Without revealing his real identity, Jordan successfully made use of two women and ruled over two largest overseas Cethosian corporations.

Sean was indeed impressed at his ability.

There were always a few geniuses in this world.

Anna and Jordaine were the two most powerful women among Jordan’s other mistresses. Before this, they were on good terms as Jordan had not appointed an official ‘queen’, and both of them were of the same level. Besides, the two women were geographically distant from each other and rarely had time to meet up, so there were no disputes between them.

However, Jordan had now announced to the public that he was going to marry Anna and they even held an engagement banquet, though it was eventually ruined by an accident. As such, Jordan was deemed to have already appointed the ‘queen’. Naturally, the other mistresses would be unhappy.

With her supreme status, Jordaine was in the same league as Anna. And so, she became the first one to stand out and cause a scene in public.

Obviously, Jordan was put in a difficult position.

In fact, he had skimmed through the guest list for Lucy’s engagement banquet. Since he had invited Anna, he would surely not invite Jordaine.

No one would be able to enter the banquet hall without an invitation letter. So how did Jordaine and her son manage to come in without an invitation letter?

Hmm, this is really interesting…

Just then, Sophia felt her phone vibrate in her purse. Taking it out, she saw a message from Callum.

‘How’s the show, Sophia? Isn’t it fantastic? Let me give you a heads-up; coming up next is something even more exciting.’

With her gossipy side triggered, Sophia hurriedly typed, ‘Please give me a spoiler!’

Callum replied, ‘My father is going to propose to my mother tonight. All the props are ready and it is meant to be a huge surprise. He prepared the most lavish marriage proposal of all in Bayside City for my mother. He even spent tens of millions on it.’

‘Oh my goodness! LOL!’ Sophia replied.

Callum continued with his narration. ‘The drones are prepared to present the diamond ring and engagement gifts. There are up to a hundred kilograms of flowers and all of them were freshly plucked today.’

‘They’ve invited the most popular band and dance group from Europe, who are now getting ready backstage.’

‘Also, there’s going to be a humongous firework show which will light up half of Bayside City. The cost of the fireworks is on average a hundred thousand per second and the show will last for half an hour. It will be more exciting than celebrating the new year!’

‘Actually, fireworks have now been prohibited in Bayside City, so Jordan had to visit many government departments to obtain permission for this firework show.’

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