My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1393

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1393

Recently, the Michel Medical Technology Company had established a cryobank and their branch in Cethos had caused an uproar in Bayside City.

Stanley wiped his mouth and glanced around. True enough, the people surrounding them were giving them weird looks.

He nearly wanted to pounce on Sophia and cover her mouth. “Aunt, can you keep a low profile on this kind of matters? It’s so embarrassing to promote it!”

Puzzled, Sophia answered, “It’s not a big deal. I’ve frozen a few eggs too; it’s just an insurance for my plan of having a second child in the future.”

Stanley wanted to retort but Sophia had already started lecturing him. “Mr. Stanley, please allow me to give you a gentle reminder—you’re almost thirty years old and the quality of your sperm will decline if you don’t freeze them now. When that happens, it will be too late to freeze them.”

Stanley instantly blushed when Sophia brought up this matter.

“Aunt, I’m begging you! Can you please keep a low profile on this? Even if I want to freeze my sperm, I will do it secretly. Have you seen anyone pleasantly announcing to the public about them freezing their sperm?”

Sophia stared at Stanley disgustedly.

Nowadays, successful individuals from the upper class regarded their career as their utmost priority when they were young, and many would still not have a child in their thirties and forties as they wished to establish a rewarding career before having children.

However, when they had finally achieved career stability in their forties, many were not able to conceive a child anymore. Hence, the cryobank was founded in the perfect era.

People could save their best quality genes when their bodies were in the healthiest state. Later on when they were ready to have kids at an older age, they could retrieve the sperm and eggs to be fertilized and transferred back to the wife’s uterus, so the baby could be born naturally. This had become good news to many.

Back then, Sophia and Michael too struggled for a long time before successfully conceiving their child. Besides Sophia’s health issues caused by malnutrition since young, Michael was facing problems too. After all, he was already in his thirties at that time and the quality of his sperm was not as satisfactory as before.

They had even frozen their sperm and eggs back then, thinking that a test tube baby would be their last resort if they still failed to get a child in the future.

To Sophia, freezing sperms was just like how she saved Carmen’s milk teeth; both acted as an insurance for the future. Nowadays, many unmarried people from the upper class had saved their sperm in a cryobank and it became just as normal as saving money in a bank.

There was nothing to be embarrassed about!

While Linus thought it was not a big deal, Sean smiled awkwardly as Stanley blushed in embarrassment.

“Do help me to promote the cryobank in your blind dating group chat. There are many older people in the group who are not married. I’m sure they need this service urgently.”

Rattling on, Sophia even started advertising the cryobank. “We’re the first private cryobank to obtain a business license in Cethos. Besides sperm freezing, we provide egg freezing services too. Anyone who volunteers to freeze his sperms can even get a discount. If you’re planning to have a baby but don’t want to get married, we can provide top quality sperms or eggs. Our standards for selection are pretty high, so all the gametes are of superior quality. The business just started not long ago and it’s doing great. Many white and gold-collar workers have come to purchase premium gametes from us. You can ask my brother if you’re not convinced.”

Linus hummed in response.

Sophia continued, “Come on, Stan! Your sperm is normally wasted anyway. Why don’t you donate them to me for some money? The Fletchers’ genes are extremely good. We should establish a steady cooperation in the long term and you’ll have kids all around the world when you get older.”

Her words left Stanley flabbergasted.

All these corrupted, depraved capitalists! They’re even trading gametes; how is that different from human trafficking?

“In your dreams! I’ll never donate the chromosomes passed down from my ancestors!”

Sophia frowned at Stanley’s huge reaction. “They’re going to be wasted anyway. There’s no harm in donating them and what’s more, you can even get some money.”

Stanley was again dumbfounded.

What is she prattling on about?

Frightened by Sophia, Stanley hurriedly fled. On the other hand, Sean thought he could actually give it a try as a plan for the future. After all, it was undesirable for Maisie to be alone.

He didn’t want to get married but he wished to have his own child.

Meanwhile, Jordan had finally realized the disappearance of Cooper and Anna after quite some time.

Silently, he shoved Jordaine’s hand away, which was holding tightly onto him, and went to the lounge.

Anna and Cooper are together!

He could sense a hint of betrayal and adultery.

There were multiple individual rooms in the lounge. Many guests came here to catch up with friends while the attendants served them.

One by one, Jordan flung the doors open but Anna was nowhere to be seen even after checking several rooms.

Jordan, who was normally a calm person, had become flustered at this moment as his rage had overcome his rationality.

“What’s wrong, Jordan?” Jordaine caught up to him and asked.

Ignoring her question, Jordan continued searching for Anna through the rooms. His footsteps and breathing became increasingly ragged and he was at the verge of breaking down, his rationality torn apart.

He could not withstand Anna being together with another man, not even for a second.

At last, Jordan found Anna. He opened the door and saw Anna sitting on the sofa, gracefully sipping tea while Callum and Cade sat on the other end of the sofa. Three of them seemed to be having a good conversation.

Seeing Jordan’s arrival, Anna put down the tea cup and stared at him in surprise. “What’s wrong?”

Jordan glanced around the room suspiciously.

There were three people in the room but four cups on the tea tray.

To whom does the fourth cup belong to?

Who has been here?

Jordan seemed to know the answer.

This lounge was not too spacious and one could cover the entire room at one glance; there were no other hiding spots besides the washroom.

Without uttering a word, Jordan vigilantly walked toward the washroom, wishing he could pierce through the door with his sharp and ruthless sight.

Approaching the door, Jordan then laid his hand on the handle. He had a strong feeling that Cooper was inside the washroom.

He could even hear Cooper breathing.

He must have come here to have a secret date with Anna.

The rest of them remained silent as they watched Jordan’s actions.

Jordaine too seemed to have understood that Jordan came to catch them cheating in the act, so she kept silent and waited for the show.

Meanwhile, Callum and Cade too clammed up as they silently watched Jordan. Callum even put on a puzzled expression and asked, “What’s wrong, Father? Do you need to use the washroom?”

Sitting elegantly on the sofa, Anna remained quiet with a subtle smirk on her delicate features as she watched Jordan attempting to catch them red-handed.

Placing his hand on the washroom door handle, Jordan hesitated to push open the door because he knew that as soon as he did, there would be an unrestorable fissure between him and Anna.

However, he had to lift the veil!

Shuddering, his hand pressed on the handle. However, the door did not swing open as it was locked from the inside.

Furiously, Jordan knocked at the door and roared, “Come on out, Cooper!”

Nevertheless, there was no response behind the locked door.

Why are Anna and Cooper together?

Jordan had devoted his heart toward her in the past thirty years and had given her everything that he deemed was the best. He even assisted her to become the master of Yard Family. Why did she still choose to betray him?

And why must it be with Cooper?

Jordan kicked madly at the door, his rationality completely engulfed by his wrath.

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