My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1395

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1395

After the fireworks show ended, Dana turned around and followed Moore into the luxury van. Soon, the car disappeared into the darkness.

“Wait? Is that Dana?”

Sophia’s head was spinning and she couldn’t even walk in a straight line. Her vision was blurry but she seemed to have heard someone mention Dana’s name. However, after looking around, she only saw a figure of a man walking away.

She continued searching around for a while but she couldn’t find anything.

I must have misheard the man. Why would Dana be here?

Later, all of them returned home. Under Sophia’s strong persuasion, Sean decided to freeze his sperms in their private cryobank. Stanley followed them and when he heard that Sean wanted to store his sperm, he blushed in embarrassment and yelled, “That’s disgusting! You guys are sick!”

“Why is it disgusting?” Sophia countered, disdain evident in her tone. “We operate according to the regulations. It’s great technology! Come on; I’ll take you to see our equipment.”

When Stanley heard that Sophia was taking him to see the equipment, he hurriedly grabbed the doorknob in horror and struggled hard. “No! I don’t want to! Please don’t!”

Meanwhile, Michael had joined them; he was also there to have a tour. He and Sophia had frozen their genes long ago but now that they had a cryobank, it was better to move their genes here, so they brought them over that day.

On the other hand, Cooper went home to look for his old work diaries and finally found the receipt from the sperm bank. He made a call and fortunately, the sperm bank didn’t close down so he managed to get his sperm that he had kept there for 30 years.

His sperm was really healthy because they were extracted when he was in his best shape. The rate of successful thawing was high so it was possible that he could have healthy offsprings.

Unfortunately, Anna didn’t freeze her eggs. She was already in her forties and her body was not as strong as before. Even if they had an IVF child, it would be bad for Anna’s health so Anna was unwilling to give birth to any more children, which was why Cooper felt that his sperms were unnecessary. He didn’t want any offspring running around in the future either, so he donated them to science research.

At that time, there was a new project in the medical science field. They were conducting genetic research on ordinary and talented people to test that apart from upbringing, where the earliest differences would appear and whether the genes of an average person could be genetically engineered to create prodigies.

It would be great if a remarkable person like Cooper could donate his genes for research. They had already gotten Linus’ genes and were already researching it.

After Cooper handed his genes over to the research team, he suddenly patted Michael’s shoulder and said, “You should extract some of your sperm later for extra precaution.”

He probably won’t be healthy forever. He can leave but he must leave a sample of his genes behind!

Cooper thought that his own genes were perfect. He was wise and calm but he lacked a little on the physical aspect. Cooper had a great mind but weak limbs.

He was great at academics but he sucked at sports. In fact, there were very few members of the Mitchell Family who were athletic and most of them were elegant academics like Cooper, which was why Justin was the odd one for being in the army.

The Fletcher Family’s genes fill this gap. Michael and Sophia’s child, Carmen, not only had the brains of the Mitchell Family, she also had the physical agility of the Fletchers too. Carmen had been practicing taekwondo lately and she was really talented.

Even though Michael looked a little soft, he used to work in the special forces during his earlier years, which was why Cooper thought if Michael would be gone in the future, at least they had some of his sperm in the cryobank.

Although Michael was over his prime, if they extracted more, they would at least have some that they could use.

Even though Michael knew that his father-in-law had good intentions, as he listened to Cooper’s tone, he felt that he had bad intentions deep down.

Why do I have a feeling that he’s treating me like a goose who lays golden eggs?

“Come on,” Sophia urged. “I’ll take you to the extraction room.”

With that, the two of them went into the allocated sperm collection room. As soon as they entered the room, Michael immediately closed the door and with a devilish smile, he said, “I want you to ‘personally’ collect it!”

Hearing this, Sophia instantly blushed and she punched him softly in the chest. “You disgusting pervert!”

Sean soon finished the collection process and he filled up the forms for registration records.

After he came out from the collection room, the way Stanley looked at him was radically different. For some reason, Stanley felt that there was something wrong with Sean and he was no longer the person he used to know, hence his strange look.

As for Michael, he didn’t come out of the room.

After agreeing to tour around the Michel Cryobank together, the couple had asked Stanley to promote the cryobank on his single friends’ chat groups and promised that they would treat him to dinner, which was why even though they hadn’t come out, Stanley and Sean didn’t leave.

As for Cooper, after he handed his genes to the research department, he sat outside waiting for his daughter.

Half an hour later, everyone was still waiting outside. Sophia, who went in to ‘personally’ collect Michael’s sample, wasn’t out yet and neither was Michael.

Sitting outside waiting, Cooper’s expression darkened and he looked really gloomy. Seeing this, Linus tried to hold back his laughter. Meanwhile, Sean closed his eyes and rested while Stanley laid down and fell asleep.

One hour later, they still didn’t hear anything. All of a sudden, Cooper jumped up from his seat, clenched his fists and got ready to knock on their door.

Linus hurriedly stopped him. “Dad, we cannot disturb the collection process… What if they can’t ‘extract’ it?”

With a grim expression, Cooper sat back down and continued to wait.

It was only after two hours later, when the sky was about to turn dark and the cryobank was about to close, that they saw the door open.

Sophia, who had personally gone in to help with the collection process, was as red as a tomato. Meanwhile, Michael seemed to be in a good mood as they walked out hand in hand.

Sophia then turned to Cooper, who looked mad, and said, “Dad, our work here is done!”

Cooper was obviously furious. He silently stood up and was about to leave but right at that moment, a researcher ran over in a hurry and whispered something to Linus.

After listening to him, a look of disbelief appeared on Linus’ face.

“Linus, what’s wrong?” Sophia hurriedly asked.

Linus didn’t reply; instead, he whispered something into Cooper’s ear.

After hearing what Linus said, Cooper looked shocked. In a doubtful tone, he asked, “Is that even possible?”

Then, he turned his head and said to Sophia, “You should go and have dinner. I have some things to deal with.”

With that, he and Linus followed the researcher to the research center.

Hearing that, Sophia was puzzled but she chose to leave.

Everyone worked hard today, especially Michael. He should be well rewarded.

When they arrived home, dinner was ready and Theo brought Carmen and Maisie home, while the staff in the kitchen were busy preparing the dishes.

However, Cooper and Linus had not returned. They called to urge them to hurry home but Linus told them that they would be back late.

After dinner, everyone watched television in the living room while waiting for the two to return home.

Judging from Cooper’s stern expression, they knew that something bad had happened.

It was around 10 at night when Cooper and Linus finally came home, and the former seemed to be in a bad mood.

After dinner, Cooper hugged Carmen for a moment and went to his room.

“What happened, Linus?” Sophia asked her brother anxiously. Hearing this, everyone hurriedly leaned in close.

It looks like something serious has happened!

With a look of sadness and disgust, Linus solemnly replied, “Dad’s sperm that he kept in a cryobank was switched!”

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