My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1399

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1399

Betsy was wearing a full face of makeup, and a short, low-cut dress that showed off her long legs. At that moment, she was trying to feed Hope, who refused to open his mouth. His tiny face had an icy cold expression.

“Hope!” At once, Sarah appeared at the door and called out anxiously. Hope, who had his back toward the door, turned around and eyed her and the people with her. He was comparing the strengths of his mother and Betsy, contemplating whether to run to his mother, or continuing acting like he didn’t know her.

When he saw Sarah, he realized she only brought Sophia and two little lackeys with her. As such, he suppressed the urge of running over to his mother and remained seated without any expression.

Upon seeing no response from Hope, Sarah was baffled. “Hope, what’s the matter?”

Regardless, Hope was still silent and the atmosphere became tense. On his face, the bright red lipstick stain looked like it had become more distinctive.

Sarah assumed something had happened to her son so she lunged forward while hissing, “Fck you, btch! What have you done to my son?”

However, Betsy deliberately went to sit next to Hope and gave him a kiss on his other cheek, leaving another lipstick stain that matched the first one.

“Your son? Soon, he won’t be yours anymore… Right, Sour Face? You’re my good boy,” She lifted his chin and puckered her lips before leaving yet another lipstick stain on his forehead.

Meanwhile, Hope was indifferent and remained silent. He did not show any emotions, nor did he respond or object.

Thinking he was just shaken up, Betsy rubbed his cheeks and continued, “Come on, son. Call me ‘Mommy’. Say, ‘Mommy’.”

However, Hope remained still and kept mum. No matter what the opponent did, he would remain motionless.

Who knew Betsy would be this shameless. Sophia was baffled yet again by the shamelessness of this pair of mother and daughter duo. Just then, she fumed, “Betsy, let go of Hope. Are you trying to start a war between the Adams and Winston Family?”

Meanwhile, Betsy was holding an emotionless Hope as if she was holding her own son. She curled her lips and giggled, “Start a war? Do I look like I’m starting a war? I’m clearly trying to unite the Winston and Adams Family!”

Looking at Sarah whose face was flushing with anger, she smirked. “Well? Have you considered my proposal, Sarah?”

Sarah snapped, “If you think I’ll leave my husband and son and let you replace me, you can dream on! It’s not going to happen, so just give up!”

In fact, Betsy had been trying to seduce Harry more times than she could count. She would attach herself onto Harry whenever there was an opportunity, and that caused Harry to be at his wit’s end. He would avoid her like she was AIDS. Now, Betsy hardly had the chance to see him.

As such, she turned her attention to Sarah. As long as this pretty young thing was gone and the spot was vacant, she would have a higher chance with Harry. Previously, she used many excuses to force Sarah to negotiate, but this time, she actually kidnapped her son!

Holding Hope in her arms, Betsy crossed her legs before her enchanting red lips spat out each syllable in a sing-song voice, “Fine, then the both of us will carry on with this.” She was not afraid and did not care that she was a homewrecker. In fact, it seemed like this homewrecker was trying to wreck everything with a wrecking ball!

In a smug manner, Betsy challenged, “There’s an old saying in Cethos that goes, ‘When there is a will, there is a way’. Right now, I have a strong will to steal Harry’s heart, and I will come up with many ways to take it. I will grab even the smallest opportunities to get what I want. He can run, but he’ll never be able to hide from me. As long as I’m still around, both of you will never have peace. One day, Harry will be mine!” She spoke with great pride, as if she was doing something truly honorable.

“You!” At that point, Sarah was shaking with anger. Her tiny figure looked like it was about to explode anytime. Indeed, even if Harry was unwavering, it would still be extremely annoying to have her linger around like a fly.

Recently, they had gotten sick and tired of Betsy. Not only did she harass Sarah and Harry, she even went as far as to kidnap Hope. Sarah was contemplating leaping forward to fight this foul woman, but since Hope was still in her hands, she couldn’t act recklessly. She had to get the child to safety before doing anything else.

Settling down, Sarah took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself as best as she could. With a calmer voice, she said, “Didn’t you say you would let him go if I came? Well, I’m here now. If you have any problems with me, come to me. Leave my son out of it!”

Betsy had already poured herself a glass of red wine and was sipping it slowly. She placed the glass before Hope and said, “Here, son. Have a sip, you’ll like it.”

Hope, whose face was covered with lipstick stains, glanced at Sarah and remained motionless.

Despite being ignored by Hope, Betsy was not angered at all. Instead, she smiled devilishly and held him closer to her. “Yes, I did say I would give him to you, but didn’t I ask you to bring Harry along? When the three of us are done with our dinner as a family, I’ll return Hope to you temporarily.”

What? Temporarily? Every word she spoke was dripping with arrogance. Sarah tried very hard to hold back her screams of frustration and said through gritted teeth, “I will never let you see my husband!” There is no way I’m going to step down! Betsy can dream on if she thinks she can sleep with my husband!

Yet, Betsy still had that emboldened demeanor. She had one hand around an indifferent Hope while she delightfully ate with her other hand. It seemed like she was waiting for Harry. As long as Harry wasn’t here, she would not let go of Hope.

What a b*tch! Sophia cursed internally. At the same time, she was worried for poor Hope who was being held hostage. It’s okay, Harry and Michael will be here soon. They were stalling while waiting for their arrival. Sophia peeked at her phone and saw that Michael had shared their real-time coordinates, and that they were already on their way over.

On top of that, Michael also sent a message that said ‘Harry is furious. Protect the child and yourselves.’

Harry is furious. Protect the child and yourselves? The message behind this sentence meant that… Harry was going to kill her! It seemed like Harry’s patience had reached its limit!

At once, Sophia glanced at the frenzied Betsy and the child who was trapped in her arms before shifting her gaze to Sarah, whose tears were welling up from anger. Her mind raced. No matter what, I have to get the child away from Betsy before the fight breaks out! As such, Sophia suggested, “How about this? Let’s each take a step back, okay? Sarah, think about it. There really isn’t any issue with lending your husband to someone else to sleep with, right? Come one, let’s sit down and talk.”

Upon hearing this, Sarah gaped at her in surprise. Meanwhile, Sophia was already tugging her to sit at the other side of the table and acted like a peacemaker. “There’s nothing you can’t negotiate, right? Come on, let’s negotiate. How about this—on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Harry belongs to Betsy, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, you get to have Harry. On Sundays, you’ll both share him.”

Share him? Over my dead body! Sarah was foaming at the mouth.

When Betsy saw that they seemed to have given in, she smiled proudly and gave a command to the bodyguards in the room. “You may leave us.”

As instructed, they left the room, leaving the four of them at the table. Sophia and Sarah were sitting on one side while Betsy was sitting on the other side with Hope in her arms.

At that moment, a plan was forming in Sophia’s head…

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