My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1400

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1400

As a matter of fact, the Adams family had been in the insurance industry for several generations. As such, they had become giants in the industry. Moreover, those who were in this industry were relentless, had great patience, and not to mention thick skin.

Thus, Betsy was determined to win over Harry after coming back to Cethos this time.

The Adams family was the king of the insurance industry, and there was no insurance that they couldn’t sell. Nor were there any men that she couldn’t get.

Of course, they were also kings of coming up with various reasons for not settling claims.

As expected, Sarah gave in.

At that moment, the three women sat together to negotiate while Hope was still in Betsy’s arms with a sour face, which was littered with lipstick stains.

Betsy laid out her conditions. “Since you’ve given in, I’ll lay out my terms. I want Harry.” Her tone was firm, as if she was saying, ‘You will buy this insurance from me’.

At once, Sarah slammed the table and shot up from her seat. “Dream on, you b*tch!”

Hastily, Sophia pulled her back down to her seat and advised, “I know what you’re feeling, Sarah, but we can work this out calmly. Let’s all sit and talk it out like grownups, alright?”

She held Sarah’s hand and subtly hinted at her while tugging her back down to sit. When she calmed down, Sophia took the opportunity to continue, “As for you, it’s rude to come and grab someone else’s husband like that. How about both of you take a step back and have a discussion on how you’re going to share him. You could each take him on specific days like I said earlier, and let Harry rest on Sundays. After all, he’s not young anymore and his body isn’t as strong as before. If anything happens to him, nothing good will come to the both of you, right? How about a one-month trial? When the time is up, Harry will decide who stays.”

F*ck you, Sarah thought. Without saying a word, she scoffed and turned away.

Meanwhile, Betsy had a look in her eyes that looked like she was considering this idea.

Naturally, she was unwilling to share Harry with Sarah.

However, if Sarah took one step back, she would be one step closer to Harry. Of course, stepping forward wasn’t her biggest difficulty, but getting rid of Sarah was.

As long as Harry was willing to sleep with her for a night, she would be able to keep him by her side for the rest of his life.

Finally, Betsy raised her eyebrow and insisted, “Three days is too little. Harry should be with me on Sundays too!”

Upon hearing this, Sarah almost lunged forward to give her a hard slap.

Meanwhile, Sophia said in a business-like tone, “But Harry is already in his forties and he can’t possibly withstand all the action. Perhaps Sarah could also share her son with you, like his father.”

Hope remained emotionless, whereas Sarah was on the verge of exploding.

Pausing for a moment to think, Betsy then decided, “The child comes with me on weekends too.”

Sophia was already holding down Sarah, whose blood was boiling. “Alright, alright. Well, there’s no use in just talking, so you’ll both have to sign a contract.”

Betsy glanced at Sarah and jeered, “What do you think, dwarf?”

Sarah, who almost exploded with curses, pressed her lips together and swallowed the insults before slamming the table again. “Let’s sign it!”

Suspiciously, Betsy gazed at them for a moment before dropping her guard and smirking.

Sarah is no match for me!

At that moment, Betsy put down Hope to go get a pen and paper…


Sophia was about to grab the child when he instantly slid under the table to hide.

Right then, there was silence between the trio.

“Fck you, and fck your mom too!” Without missing a beat, Sarah leapt toward Betsy like a predator and grabbed a handful of her hair before beating her.

It was only then Betsy realized she had been tricked before clawing at Sarah furiously.

“My mom is Tiffany Adams, so f*ck her if you want to!”

The two women wrestled on the floor.

Meanwhile, Sophia heard someone approaching the door, who clearly heard the commotion going on in the room. She frantically rushed to lock the door before going over to the table, lifting the table cloth and picking Hope up from under the table.

“Hope, go hide in the bathroom. Don’t come out unless Mommy or Godmommy says you can, alright?”

Without saying a word, Hope went to hide in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, there were poundings on the door from the outside, but Michael and Harry weren’t here yet.

Now, the only way to contain the situation was to restrain Betsy.

Unfortunately, even if Sarah was feisty, she could barely hold herself up against Betsy who stood at five foot five and had large breasts. At that moment, Sarah was being held down by Betsy while her large breasts hung over Sarah’s face, almost suffocating her.

Sophia grabbed a steak knife from the table and went over to try and restrain Betsy.

She did not learn the skill of single-handedly snapping a person’s back from Quinton, so she could only hold a knife to Betsy’s neck to make sure they could leave the room safely.

However, when she rushed over with the knife, Sarah, who was pinned to the ground, suddenly gathered all her strength and managed to push Betsy off of her. “I’ll f*ck your dad too!”

Then, they went back to fiercely wrestling again. When Sophia rushed to help, the knife in her hand was somehow thrusted into Betsy’s back.

At once, Betsy let out a muffled grunt and lowered her head in disbelief as she felt a sharp pain on her back. Then, she felt a warm liquid gradually flowing down—she was losing blood along with her life. When she reached to touch her back, she realized there was a knife sticking out of it.

When she fell limp on the ground, Sarah saw the knife.

Curling up on the carpet, Betsy cried in pain as a pool of blood started to form around her. She screamed for help, and even Sarah and Sophia were shocked.

Just then, there was a scuffle outside the door and someone was desperately trying to kick the door open.

Glancing at Sophia’s bloody hand, Sarah instantly lunged forward, pulled out the knife from Betsy’s back and rubbed it on her clothes to get rid of the fingerprints before stabbing Betsy again.

“Fck you, btch!”

Betsy cried for help as she crawled around the room with a trail of blood behind her. Clutching the knife in her hand, Sarah followed her and stabbed her a few more times. Each stab was deep and merciless.

After a few moments, Betsy’s screams became weaker and weaker, until she was finally lying motionless on the ground and became a battered corpse. Her blood and some of her insides were all over the floor, while Sarah was still ruthlessly impaling her with the knife in her hand.

She had had enough!

Since Betsy was already stabbed, the Adams Family would not let them off easily anyway! She might as well kill her!

While Betsy thought that she was competent enough to pry Harry away, Sarah thought she was competent enough to kill this little b*tch!

On the other hand, Sophia was so frightened that she had goosebumps all over her body. Shivers were running down her spine as the hair on the back of her neck stood on end.

In fact, she had never seen this murderous side of Sarah before.

Indeed, Betsy deserved it, but for Sophia who was witnessing Sarah’s ruthlessness for the first time, she was horrified. Despite that, she still had a clear mind. Knowing that the Adams family would not spare them because they had killed Betsy, they had to quickly come up with a strategy.

“That’s enough. She’s dead. Calm down.”

At that moment, Sarah’s eyes were blazing murderously. Presumably, she had been with Harry for a long time and the Winstons’ habits had rubbed off on her.

In fact, Sarah was merciless when it came to her own parents and uncle, let alone a shameless b*tch!

When Sophia went over to pull Sarah away, blood was splashed onto her face. At that moment, the door swung open.

By the door stood Harry and Michael. Upon learning the news, Cooper and Linus came as well, and so did Tiffany and Bailey.

As soon as Tiffany saw Betsy’s battered corpse in a puddle of blood, she almost fainted.

“Betsy! No!”

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