My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1401

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1401

“Betsy, wake up! Look at me!” Tiffany rushed over and knelt in the puddle of blood. She held Betsy up and frantically shook her, but unfortunately, she was already gone. Her blood was still spurting from her limp and battered body.

In fact, Sarah had been truly ruthless. If the knife was any longer than it was, the carpet beneath Betsy would have had several holes in it.

“Betsy!” Tiffany shrieked miserably as she continued shaking the limp body vigorously. However, Betsy no longer responded. Her lifeless eyes were directed at the ceiling, while her blood continued spurting like a fountain.

Tiffany looked down at her shaky hands that were covered with her daughter’s blood.

It was only then did she accept the reality that her daughter had been killed!

“Betsy! Who killed her? Who killed my daughter?” She turned around abruptly and glared at Sarah who was still clutching the knife.

It was her! She killed Betsy!

At that moment, Sarah was still in her murderous state. Her eyes were still bloodshot and her hand that was holding the knife was still trembling. Fresh blood was dripping from the tip of the knife, still she glared menacingly at Betsy.

Even when Tiffany gazed intently at her, Sarah shot back another piercing stare without the slightest trace of fear or guilt in her eyes for committing murder. Instead, she looked frightening and full of hostility.

In fact, she had wanted to kill Betsy a long time ago and just didn’t have the courage.

When Sophia had accidentally stabbed Betsy with the knife, the sight of her blood gave Sarah the push she needed.

These days, not only did Betsy constantly pester Harry by stalking him, she even snuck into the film crew and drugged him. However, he couldn’t do anything because of the relationship between Cooper and the Adams Family. In fact, Harry was worried that he would make things difficult for Michael if he retaliated against Betsy. As such, he never took any action against her and treated her as just another diehard fan.

The last time, Betsy was forced to squat in the snow for half a day by Bailey as a form of punishment. Despite that, she did not learn her lesson at all.

Instead, she became worse. When she couldn’t physically harass Harry, she would shamelessly send her masturbation videos and nude photos to him.

As it happened, Sarah caught her red-handed several times.

After harassing Harry, she turned her focus to Sarah. She stalked Sarah, deliberately crashed her car, caused trouble at her workplace, and even tried to kidnap her. On top of that, she often called her to harass her and used the Adams family’s name to obstruct her work.

And on this day, she went too far and kidnapped Hope.

Needless to say, this person’s behavior had reached a point of no return.

Furthermore, Sarah even used the Winston Family’s name to intimidate her, but to no avail.

She had planned to kill Betsy for a long time.

Just then, Sophia frantically went to the bathroom and brought Hope out.

Hope kept his indifferent expression on when he came out and saw his cool and awesome father, his domineering, elegant and invincible godfather, and about twenty to thirty powerful guards with firearms. In addition, Cooper and Linus were there as well with the Mitchell and Winston family. His thoughts raced in his little head as he analyzed the strengths of his side and the opponent’s side, and contemplated between playing it cool or crying in his father’s arms.

After a couple of seconds of silence, Hope burst out in tears and cried painfully while he hugged Harry’s leg. “Daddy!”

Upon hearing his son’s cries, anger and heartache appeared on Harry’s handsome face as he caressed Hope’s tiny face. Undeniably, his eldest son had a cold attitude and more often than not, had an unfriendly face that was inherited from his grandfather. Harry rarely saw him cry. In fact, the last time he cried was on his first day of kindergarten.

This was also the first time Harry had seen him cry in such a helpless and frightened manner.

“There, there. Don’t cry.” Harry rubbed his face and it instantly became smeared with the mixture of his tears and the lipstick stain that Betsy had left.

Sophia hurriedly carried Hope away.

Meanwhile, Harry walked toward the bloodied Sarah. The person who had a small frame and was much shorter than him was still trembling, the knife remained clutched in her hand. Through the thin fabric of her shirt, the muscles in her arms were still visibly tense.

At that moment, Harry’s hand found hers that still had the knife in it before he whispered in her ear, “It’s okay, I’m here now…”

Despite that, Sarah’s tensed up muscles seemed to have a mind of its own, whereas her body was still slightly shuddering from her emotions.

When she and Tiffany stared at each other across the room, two pairs of scarlet eyes conveyed their hatred for each other.

With the painful loss of her beloved daughter, Tiffany mourned as her delicate body shivered helplessly. In an instant, she turned from a stunning beauty into an ordinary mother. The despair and anger of losing her descendant almost made her lose her mind.

She glared viciously at Sarah and the knife in her hand that was covered in Betsy’s blood.

After the fight, Sarah’s voice became a little hoarse. When she met Tiffany’s death glare, she snarled, “What are you looking at, b*tch? Keep looking and I’ll chop you up too!”

Despite that, Harry did not stop her.

When he first heard the news, his first thought was also to chop up Betsy.

He couldn’t tolerate her any longer.

In fact, he put up with her every time she harassed him. Since the Adams family and the Michel family were family friends and Michael wanted very badly to marry into the powerful Michel family, he let Betsy off the hook time and time again in order to help his good friend successfully marry into the family.

When Betsy was up to no good, he would approach Tiffany, but she didn’t seem to care much.

In fact, Betsy’s values and character were influenced by Tiffany. However Tiffany acted, Betsy would act the same way. In the past, Tiffany was a ‘professional’ mistress and wrecked countless homes. To her, there was nothing more satisfying than stealing a married man.

As such, not only did she discourage Betsy, she even supported her!

When she harassed Sarah, Sarah had always held back in fear of implicating Sophia.

However, Betsy had started to target Hope.

Surely, her action completely destroyed Harry’s last shred of tolerance for her. Before arriving, he had already spoken to Michael and told him that he might become an obstacle for Michael to marry into a wealthy family.

Since Tiffany had always told Betsy while she was growing up that it was a skill to be able to steal a married man, she should have also told Betsy what would happen if she failed.

On their way over, Harry had decided that he was going to rip Betsy into pieces, and his team of lawyers were already on standby.

As Harry held Sarah’s hand, she felt a sense of security in an instant, and it was only then did she slowly release the knife. It fell into Harry’s hand.

Then, Harry shot a warning glare at Tiffany, who was holding her daughter’s bloody corpse, before snarling at her, “B*tch, this is our last warning to you. If anyone from the Adams Family tries to intrude on the Winston Family again, what happened to your daughter will happen to you too!”

Meanwhile, Tiffany remained silent and motionless as she held her daughter. Just then, the corners of her lips curled up into a sinister smile, but two streams of tears were flowing down her face.

Pointing the knife with Betsy’s blood at her, Harry warned, “Next time, I’ll chop you and that brat up.” As he spoke, he pointed the knife at Bailey as well, who was watching the whole thing.

Just like that, Bailey, an innocent bystander, was caught in the crossfire.

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